This un-presupposing formation near Pewsey on the 27th of July has caused no end of trouble for our internet friends because the farmer has threatened to pursue legal action if the location of the formation is published on the Crop Circle Connector's website.   I think this is a lot of hot air -- and downright wrong-headed -- so my personal page may be the only one which locates the circle as being on top of Martinsell hill.
I DO NOT believe that a pissed-off farmer should get away with limiting what is clearly free speech, telling websites not to publish the location of circles.  I DO appreciate the farmer's desire to be free of croppies invading his land, but that must be subservient to the public's right to know.
In fact, if crop circles ARE a communication from a higher life form (whatever your belief), then it would be a huge mistake to restrict this information just to spare a landowner from the minor damage of people walking on his land.

Peter Sorensen

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Peter Sorensen