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As a crop circle videographer for entering his twenty first year with the circles, Peter has taped more crop formations than anyone else -- even more than the BBC!   Originally believing the circles were created by angelic entities, he first made the pilgrimage from America to England in 1992.  That summer he saw the mysterious balls of light in the sky over Alton Barnes, and had other strange experiences which convinced him to quit his computer animation job and become a full-time circle investigator.   

Over the years his opinion about what makes the crop circles changed, however.  At first certain that many formations were too large and complex to be made by people in the middle of the night, he gradually figured out how they could in fact be created by teams of dedicated artists with surprisingly simple tools.   He tested the basic methods, and eventually “deconstructed” even the most complex designs.  In recent years he has become a professional circle maker paying the farmers for the crop he uses.  He has made several formations for TV documentaries and corporate logos.   [Click here to email for info.]

His change of heart has certainly not endeared him to the community of circle Believers.  They view him as a traitor who has sold out and become part of the Dark Government’s UFO/crop circle cover-up!   

“Most people who figure out how the circles are made just drop out quietly and pose no problem to the Believers,” he explains.  “However, I’ve stuck around and unfortunately become a thorn in their side.  I didn’t plan it that way -- I was just having so much fun playing detective and making circles myself, that I couldn’t go away.   Besides, when I started to research the phenomenon my intent was to bring the truth to the World.  The truth turned out to be something other than what I expected, but I’m still dedicated to Truth.

“Standing up for my Truth has cost me dear.  I lost many friends, and the sale of my annual videos nose-dived.   The circle fundamentalists have even accused me in UFO magazines and on the radio of being a CIA agent (!).  It’s really funny -- and even flattering, in a strange, left-handed way.   

“Some people ask me, ‘If you believe the circles are made by humans, why do you still come here and video them?’  Well, two reasons: 

 “Surprisingly there is still a LOT of mystery —  strange lights in the fields at night, telepathy in the creation of the designs, circle visitors affected profoundly, and much more.  Just because humans are flattening the crop, doesn’t mean that there’s no magic involved.  In fact, in a way this just as wonderful -- I mean, WE are the ETs!   

“But deeper than that, I’m convinced that an esoteric Muse is working through many of the artists, guiding their work at night.  You know many great artists, poets and even General Patton credits the Muse for their inspiration.  I think She is an intelligence that looks out for humanity, giving us gentle nudges to keep us on the path towards our destiny. That’s why the designs are so powerful that millions of people have had their lives uplifted by these ‘spiritual machines.’ They function like Tibetan mandalas!

“The other, more mundane reason I still love the circles is because I’m sure that they will be regarded in the history books as one of the most original and unusual art movements of all time.    Someday I expect to read, ‘At the close of the 20th century and the dawn of the 21st, beautiful, authorless patterns spontaneously appeared in the landscape which attracted a worldwide following.  The sacred geometry of these “Temporary Temples” conducted energy which profoundly affected visitors emotionally and spiritually, even causing unexplained physical effects.  The stunning patterns made headlines every summer, and people came to England from around the world to see them.’   

“That’s how the future will regard this phenomenon. 

“I’m proud to have been involved in many ways with this exciting phenomenon.  My video footage has been featured in television documentaries on four continents.  My diagrams of the designs are in books and on countless T-shirts.  My own crop formations are mistaken for alien communications.  And of course, I’ve documented hundreds of pictures of the circles on my website.” 

We must point out that Peter “tweaks” all of his website pictures using PhotoShop software,  adjusting color and contrast, hiding ugly walk lines,  and sometimes  altering perspective.  But he respects the designs of the circles and virtually never changes their designs.  

In addition to pictures of the circles, Peter’s “Rogues Gallery of Croppies” on this website is the largest collection of portrait shots of circle researchers and artists on the Internet.  

Peter has stopped making and selling his annual videos, but his footage of the crop formations, stone circles and the landscape, from the air and ground, is available for TV broadcast at a reasonable per-second rate.  Individuals wishing to see his best shots from over the years should purchase the CircleSpeak DVD, which has lots of his footage, as well as excellent interviews with believers and artists alike.  

And his archive of over 200 classic circle diagrams is available on CD directly from him [Click here to email for info.]

You are encouraged to download Peter’s images from here for your personal use.  If you use them in a book or to make T-shirts, or for any other commercial use, please ask permission.  Peter generally requests only a few samples of the product you make.  If you want to display his pictures on your website, feel free to use a few -- but please give proper credit and provide a link to this page.



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