The Red Lion Inn, Avebury's only public house was first built in the early seventeenth century, but its didn't became a public house until 1822 when a licence was granted. It has been extensively modernised in recent years to accommodate for the increasing amount of visitors to the site, and is always a popular place for the dedicated crop circle investigator, as you travel the area.  

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The Inn is situated almost directly in the middle of the Henge on the sharp bent in the road, which leads to Swindon and Beckhampton. It’s a thatched building with exposed timber on the outside, but the rear of the building is of a more modern construction catering for the restaurant and further Bedrooms. It has two bars, and a popular restaurant situated at the rear, with an open original fire place in the main bar area, and exposed beams throughout the building. 

The Inn itself has a history of ghostly occurrences. There have been many stories about horse-drawn wagons on wind-swept nights stopping outside of the pub. Probably the most common ghost would be its own Blue dressed lady seen within the bar area. In the early eighties the bar was closed down for the night, when a custodian of Her Majesty's Government was helping to clear away the glasses. A woman emerged from the rear of the building crossed the main bar, and left through the front door, her blue dress rustling at she moved. The custodian was surprised to find a customer still within the building and went to check the door. It was as he left it twenty minutes earlier ... locked from the inside.

The Red Lion is also caters for Bed & Breakfast, with a number of rooms available at reasonable prices. The views from many of the rooms look out onto the Stone Circle itself, which is a wonderful site as you open the curtains each morning.


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