An open conference of the Scientific and Medical Network with the CENTRE FOR CROP CIRCLE STUDIES

Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road,
London W14. Tube: Baron's Court

16th June 2001


Chair: Diana Clift, MA, M.Phil. Council Member SMN

9.OOam Registration

9.30 Carol D’Arcy Cochrane, Chairman of the CCCS
Introductory remarks: ‘The Work of the CCCS’

9.45 Andy Thomas (author of Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery)
Crop Circle Overview

10.15 Terry Wilson, BSc., MSc., CCCS Scientific Consultant (author of
The Secret History of Crop Circles) The Scientific Study of the Crop Circle Phenomenon

10.45 Coffee

11.15 Dr Eltjo Haselhoff PhD, Dutch CCCS
A Dutch Scientific Approach to Crop Circles

11.45 Scientific Colloquium

Jim Lyons BSc., MSc, CEng, MIFE (CCCS Scientific Consultant 1994-99)
The Subtle Energy Paradigm

12.00 Montague Keen (CCCS Scientific Officer 1991-94) 
The Biophysical Work of Dr Levengood

12.15 Dr Roger Taylor MSc., MVSc 
Electromagnetic Effects

12.45 Panel discussion: Dr Haselhoff, Jim Lyons, Montague Keen, Dr Taylor and Terry Wilson
Chaired by Diana Clift

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Lucy Pringle (author of Crop Circles: the greatest mystery of modern times) 
Human and Animal Effects. An Interview with Diana Clift

14.30 Matthew Williams (perpetrator of the 2000 Bishops Cannings’ hoax) 
Man-made Crop Circles: an interview with Marcus Allcn (Nexus Magazine)

15.00 Tea

15.45 Michael Green, RIBA, FSA (President of the CCCS)
A Metaphysical Approach to the Crop Circle Phenomenon

16.15 General Discussion

17.00 Close


Admission will be by ticket only, price f25 (students and UB4Os £ 8) inclusive of coffee, tea and YAT Please apply on the form opposite. You are strongly advised to bring your own lunch, although there are a few shops and cafes nearby.

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Lake House
Nr. Dorking
Surrey RH5 5NS

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Diana Clift, MA Oxon, MPhil,AIPTI

Trained in Neurochemistry; Teacher; Writer; Researcher in Environmental Science; Former Council member of the CCCS and actively involved in studying the physical and psychological effects of crop formations in humans and animals. Council Member of the SMN.

Carol D’Arcy Cochrane, Choirologist FDip

Chairman of the CCCS and actively involved in all aspects of the Centre’s work since 1991. Teaches and practices personal and spiritual growth through dream analysis. Carol also studies and works with many other aspects of metaphysics, including dowsing.

Andy Thomas

Editor of the monthly crop circle journal SC and a founder member of the Southern Circular Research Team. Author of Fields of Mystery and Vital Signs: a Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery. He has alto produced a metaphysical study dealing with attempts to communicate with the crop circle makers, Quest for Contact.

Jim Lyons, MSc, CEng, MIEE, CCCS Scientific

Consultant (1990-99)

Jim is an aeronautical and electrical engineer, formerly

with the Aerospace Industry with special responsibilities for operational research and aerodynamics. He specialises in fluid dynamics and human computer interactions and their relationships with consciousness studies. The application of this work to the study of subtle energy fields and biofields has led to his interest in the crop circle phenomenon. He is currently a Senior Honorary Fellow at Hull University working on models of human, consciousness.

Terry Wilson, BSc., MSc., CCCS Scientific


Author of The Secret History of Crop Circles. Studied

Environment Science and Social Research as Plymouth

University. Interested in Philosophy and the Arts

Dr Eltjo Haselhoff, MSc, PhD

Studied experimental physics at the University of Twente, where he obtained his MSc degree in 1987. specializing in higher power laser physics. He obtained his PhD in physics at Los Alamos Labs n the USA specializing in free-electron lasers and high current electron beam accelerators. Eltjo is an active field researcher studying Dutch and foreign crop formats.

Montague Keen

Montague is an international journalist on agriculture and water Conservancy. He was formerly head of the parliamentary and regal division of the National Farmers Union, and has farmed on the Essex-Suffolk border for 30 years. Monty is a Council Member of the Society for Psychical Research with interests in survival and crop circle studies. He was the CCCS Scientific Officer from 1991-94 and published an early study of the phenomenon in 1991 Scientific Evidence for the Crop Circle Phenomenon.

Dr Roger Taylor, MSc., BVSc, PhD

Rogers past research was mainly on fundamental immunology. He is now interested in the effect of non-Hertzian or ‘scalar fields on instruments, biological systems and structure of water He is science editor of ‘Caduceus’. He is interested in field effects associated with crop circles and is a former Council member of the CCCS.

Lucy Pringle

Former Vice-Chairman of the CCCS, she is currently chairman of UNEX Unexplained Phenomena Research Society). Her interest in crop circle phenomena has been concerned with studies on physical and psychological effects on human beings and animals, a field of research in which she has worked closely with Diana Clift. Author of Crop Circles: the greatest mystery of modern times, she has written and lectured widely on the subject.

Matthew Williams

A self-designated ‘land artist’, he claims chat, with collaborators, he has been responsible for making many crop formations in recent years. In lectures and privately he says that he believes that there is a genuine phenomenon with strange psychic effects winch he claims to have experienced personally. His activities in the fields of Manor Farm, West Overton led to a prosecution by the farmer resulting in him being fined for committing criminal damage.

David G Hope

A respected member of the farming community in West Cambridgeshire, he was tenant farmer at Manor Farm near Peterborough for many years. Between 1990 and 997, when he retired, David’s fields were the scene of many crop formations and strange psychic effects which both he, members of the local ‘lying club and crop circle investigators observed.

Marcus Allen

He is UK Editor of Nexus Magazine. His concern with the unexplained and paranormal encompasses the crop circle phenomenon, so in 1994 Marcus produced a seminal paper on hoaxing Behind the Hoaxers —Physicist Scientists, Stompers and the Secret History of Circlefaking, and has been a leading investigator in these studies ever since, Earlier in his career Marcus taught as a school teacher in India and subsequently was in private business with a multi-national company.

Michael Green, RIBA, FSA

After qualifying as an architect, Michael specialized in the conservation of historic buildings. As an archaeologist he directed excavations of Whitehall and Westminster palaces, and for 35 years excavated a Roman Town, Duroviquvilla, in East Anglia. He lectured in ‘ancient symbolism’ at the Institute of Archaeology, London and it was in this capacity that he became interested in the crop circle phenomenon. He founded the Centre for Crop Circle Studies in 1990 as a research organisation and has held the posts successively of chairman and president. He has written, lectured and broadcast widely on the subject over the years.

The Centre for Crop Circle Studies

The CCCS was founded by Michael Green and the late Ralph Noyes in April 1990 in the belief that the crop circle phenomenon offers remarkable challenges to understanding which will only be met by drawing on a wide range of insights and expertise in many different fields, The principal objectives of the CCCS are to encourage this interdisciplinary approach and to ensure it is sustained by sound research and reliable information. In furtherance of these objectives the CCCS has established a comprehensive database containing the numbers, types, geographical distribution and incidence, worldwide, of crop circle occurrences, together with other factual information that seems relevant in the light of research. It has undertaken numerous studies, the results of which have been published through its magazine The Circular. Is encourages all those who have a serious interest in the phenomenon and share our objectives to join the CCCS or to affiliate with it,

Centre for Crop Circle Studies

P0 Box 32034, London NW1  1ZW Visit us at


The Scientific and Medical Network is an informal international group consisting mainly of qualified scientists and doctors, together with psychologists, engineers, philosophers, therapists and many other professionals. The aim of the Network is to deepen understanding in science, medicine and education by fostering both rational analysis and intuitive insights. The Network was founded in 1973 and now has more than 2.000 Members in over 50 countries. It questions the assumptions of contemporary scientific and medical thinking, so often limited by exclusively materialistic reasoning.

Scientific and Medical Network

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