Centre For Crop Circle Studies (CCCS)  North American Contacts

Doug Rogers has agreed to act as Co-ordinator for the CCCS in North America.

Doug lives in Connecticut and can be contacted by phone on 203 426 9463 or by fax on 203 426 3918 

All reports of crop circles or formations can be sent to Doug for onward filing to the CCCS International Data Base in England. Information on Local, National or International crop circle activities may be obtained from him as well as information on the CCCS and its activities. 

The North American CCCS is being set up to ameliorate some of the drawbacks of time and distance involved in the dissemination of information concerning one of the Worlds Greatest Mysteries. It is hoped that this will help to cut back on the costs of hard-copy information and to promote an interest into researching of the genuine phenomenon without the media hype or debunking so prevalent in todays society. 

This new facility will enable all North Americans to access a local collection of all the sources currently available. It will speed up the access to current information on crop circles and the, often very technical biological and physical research, that is trying to unravel some of the strange aspects of this intriguing phenomenon.

 If you have an interest in this phenomenon, why not contact Doug and get him to put you on his contact list?

The US Crop Circle Reporting Number which is: 1-888-461-2227

George Bishop

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George Bishop

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