Etchilhampton Hill 2006 matches exactly an "astronomical gravity wave"

Since the discovery of an amazing star-shaped crop picture at Etchilhampton Hill on August 15, 2006, there has been continuing speculation as to whether it might represent an ancient Mayan hieroglyph, namely the "day sign Lamat", or something more scientifically advanced, namely an "astronomical gravity wave"?

We show below two pictures of the "day sign Lamat", as found on Mayan potteries from 500 years ago. That hieroglyph does show fourfold symmetry like that of the crop picture, but otherwise the resemblance seems quite remote.

Next we show the schematic picture of an "astronomical gravity wave" as taken from research websites (LIGO or GEO 600). It shows an almost exact match to the crop picture found at Etchilhampton Hill, where an "originally round ball" has been deformed elastically in either of two different directions, whether up-down or left-right.

Those two directions come from the mathematics of general relativity. Furthermore, the many "fine lines" seen in that crop picture commonly are used to represent "inertial paths through spacetime that become curved under the influence of gravity".
Therefore, it now seems certain that the crop picture found at Etchilhampton Hill on August 15, 2006 was intended to represent an "astronomical gravity wave". But why would anyone bother?
If made by human fakers, say from some university physics department, it could conceivably have been meant to increase public perception of their subject!
Alternatively, if made by the "crop artists" (whom some believe to be a small group of advanced scientists from elsewhere), it could have been meant to inform us that an "astronomical gravity wave" is now approaching Earth, as illustrated by this vivid picture from the LIGO website:
Will some of those gravity-wave detectors go off soon, when an astronomical gravity wave passes through our Solar System for the first time in all of modern recorded history?
If so, then its "advance notice" in crops could never be explained by Einsteinian physics, because any gravity wave travels through space at light speed c. Hence we could never receive a light-signal to notify us of its presence, before it actually reaches us.
Could there be another level of physical technology, beyond what we possess on Earth today, where faster-than-light travel becomes possible? Might that be what the five "wormhole" crop pictures shown earlier in 2006 were trying to tell us? If so, then we should know soon.

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