The Deepening Complexity of 
Crop Circles
Scientific Research & Urban Legends

by Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Ph.D.

Published by Frog Ltd., Berkeley, USA
Appears in Spring 2001

Key Note

The Deepening Complexity of CROP CIRCLES describes the crop circle phenomenon (the world wide appearance of geometric patterns in farm fields and other land areas). The scope of the book is limited to the evident and reproducible characteristics, which  are accessible from a scientific point of view (except for one, stand- alone chapter). This first popular book on crop circles written by a scientist is based only on scientific evidence. The valid scientific research is written in such a way that the  general audience can easily understand it. Rather than presenting a comprehensive overview of the crop circle phenomenon in all the aspects,
the book teaches the reader how to approach a controversial subject systematically, efficiently, and critically. 
It demonstrates flexible thinking yet always keeps traditional science firmly in mind. Although the book mainly discusses aspects that can easily be verified by anyone, many findings are quite spectacular. These are all demonstrated in an abundance of  photographs, diagrams, tables and graphs. The book is printed in full colour throughout. 

The market for this book includes:

? General adult audience
? Scientists seeking to expand their knowledge
? Followers of crop circles and alien phenomenon

Author Information 

The author has a Ph.D. in theoretical and experimental physics. He lectures world wide on crop circles, also for scientific audiences. He recently published a peer-reviewed scientific paper related to the crop circle phenomenon (to appear in Physiologia  Plantarum 110), as a comment and a support to the earlier publication by Levengood and Talbott (W.C. Levengood, N.P. Talbott, Dispersion of energies in worldwide crop formations, Phys. Plant. 105, pp. 615-624, 1999). 


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