Supporting evidence in regard to Longwood Warren: two comets and a wormhole

Because interpretation of "Longwood Warren" has remained controversial, I searched the CCC archive for supporting evidence. Might any other crop pictures from June or July 1995 describe the break-up of comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3?  
Yes, that seems to be the case. Although some old photos were not clear, I easily found two "short-tailed expanding comets" and a "wormhole" :




"Danebury" and "Punchbowl" both show what appears to be a comet with a short tail, in the process of break-up or expansion; while "Shore" shows part of a space-time wormhole, using three-dimensional perspective of a style that later came to dominate the summer of 2006.
Now here is the really amazing fact: that particular comet remained in the glare of the Sun (as seen from Earth) until late August or September 1995; and so Earth-based astronomers did not learn of its break-up until two months later, or long after these particular crop pictures were made (in June or July).
How could the "crop artists" possibly have known? Well, that is presumably why they also showed us a "wormhole", in order to explain! You see, wormholes may be converted easily into time-travel devices, as first noted by Kip Thorne and colleagues in Physical Review Letters 61, 1446-1449, 1988:
Red Collie 

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