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The Crop circle Calendar for 2006 is the latest in a series of calendars produced by the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group since 1996. It is in a larger format to emphasise the exquisite beauty of the best formations of this year. With a wealth of landscape views, overhead pictures, ground shots and diagrams, it is designed to bring the wonder of the phenomenon as it unfolds in Wiltshire into your living space.

The Calendar features colour photographs, a black and white drawing and geometry of a crop circle on each page. It also gives information about the moon cycles and ancient Celtic festivals. Available by order.
This year a French Version is available for the first time.

Available Now

Please place your order now to be in time for Christmas

For more information or order forms please send a SAE to:- WCCSG, PO Box 939, Devizes, Wiltshire. SN10 1XD. England.


The Spiral Magazine

The spiral is the monthly newsletter from the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group that aims to inform its readers of Crop Circle events in and around the Wiltshire area, forthcoming monthly lectures in Wiltshire, reports, diagrams and any other news.

The magazine is published eleven times per year (with a joint December/January issues), for the final week of the month. Members of the WCCSG receive a free copy as part of their membership subscription.

Anyone else interested should send their name and postal address, along with the appropriate subscription (to cover variable postage) - in British Currency only please, drawn on a bank with a British branch. Please make Cheques/postal orders payable to "Wiltshire CCSG" - to:

The Spiral
PO Box 2079
Devizes SN10 1US

Tel: 01380 739 966

The Spiral Subscription Rates

The annual subscription is 12.50 for 11 editions of the newsletter. (It is distributed free to UK-based WCCSG members)

For subscriptions only. postal charges must be added to the actual edition cost, giving total charges as follows:

UK 12.50 plus 11 x 26p 15.36
Europe 12.50 plus 11 x 26p 15.36
USA 12.50 plus 11 x 1.30 (airmail) 26.80
Australia 12.50 plus 11 x 1.51 (airmail) 29.11

(other countries on a pro rata basis, dependant on airmail postal charges) All subscriptions enquiries/requests should be sent directly to the Group Secretary - Dereka Dodson - See the above address

Cheques & postal orders only please - sterling cash notes accepted - but sent at own risk. Remember to include your post code (or equivalent, if abroad).

Issue Number 102 DECEMBER 2004 / JANUARY 2005 Price 1.50


Editorial: Francine Blake
Light in the Dark of Winter
Traditional midwinter festivals in Europe
New Year's Resolutions for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet  
Unknown Energy Surges Continue to hit planet, global weather systems in Chaos Sorcha Faal, and as reported to the Russian Academy of Sciences
Gallery of Pictures  
Letters to the Spiral  
Forthcoming Events  

A Collection of Crop Circle Greeting Cards

The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group has produced a series of Greeting Cards for all occasions from a collection of original water colour paintings.

By Philippa Coxall

Guiding Lights: Roundway formation 1995

Snowflake: Olivers Castle light sequence over formation August 1996.

Energy Field: Stonehenge Spiral Formation, July 1996.

Wolfgang Schindler geometry coloured by Francine Blake.

Beckhampton Spiral 1995

Barbury Castle 1991

Celtic Cross 1988

By Francine Blake

Bythorn Formation 1993

Cheesefoot Head 1995

These cards can be ordered by post from The Crop Circle Connector, WCCSG, P.O. Box 939, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 3TA or purchased at meetings, lectures and events. Available either singly 0.45 each or 4.95 for the series of eight designs. Add 1.50 P&P for each series of eight.


Francine Blake

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