From symbols in the fields to symbols on man

by Don Fabio

 I'm sure that even people who have been interested in the crop circle phenomenon for many years never stop being amazed in front of the harmonious and extraordinary patterns etched in the soils all over the world. We've learnt a lot of the first formations which have appeared since the sixties; and yet we haven't the slightest idea of what's expecting us! I've been personally involved in a singular and astonishing event which raises new doubts and stimulating questions. 

01) Photo o the symbol the day after its appearance: notice the redness of the skin around the darker lumps. 

Up to now the pictograms have appeared in the fields, on the ice, on the water, in the desert... but we never would have expected to see this kind of symbols appear on the skin of a human being!!! And yet, this is exactly what happened last year to some young people who almost had direct contact with some balls of light (BOLs). It sounds like science fiction, but it's real! The crop circle phenomenon has extended to the most spiritually and intellectually developed creatures on Mother Earth: the human beings! 

It is clearly an extremely delicate issue which really surprised those who received the gift! Many of the people involved in this phenomenon are probably feeling amazed and afraid at the same time, so that the first thing they do instinctively is to avoid talking about it, fearing to be considered mad visionaries and self-injurers. 

02) Photo of another symbol that became visible a few hours after its appearance: notice the redness of the skin around the lumps that have not yet become darker. 

This article has been written for two reasons: 

1)To help a great number of people get familiar with the further development of the geometric and symbolic signs sent by the balls of light

2)To invite those who experienced a close encounter with the balls of light not to be afraid and to come out into the open, to share their extraordinary and at the same time traumatic experience with researchers and scientists. 

I had the opportunity myself to talk with the people involved and I could verify the nature of the signs, tattooed on the people's skin, with my own eyes and hands. It looks like the symbols raised small portions of skin, forming a clear image. The formation of these symbols seems to follow a precise path: 

03) Symbol that appeared in the winter of 2005. 

First, the people see the ball of light and approach it

Then, they feel attracted by it and wish to get closer, even to touch it (but they couldn't touch it, even though they were really close to it)

A few hours go by

Finally, the skin where the symbols are forming gets extremely hot and the people feel a sharp and intense pain

The symbols form gradually, leaving the skin red

After a while, the pain becomes lighter and fades when the redness disappears

After a month the symbols disappear, leaving a barely perceptible scar

But what's most astonishing is that the people which were close to the balls of light become aware that they now have a sort of sixth sense: the parts of the body where the symbols appeared, react and get warm in the presence of people with particular problems, like emotional difficulties and nervous breakdowns. 

04) Another symbol that appeared in the winter of 2005. 

Seemingly, the appearance of these symbols on the skin is quite similar to the mechanism with which it has been proven that Crop Circles form: first of all the fundamental contribution comes from the energy contained in and freed from the ball of light, which near the area (whether ground, or a particular area of the human body) causes the area to slightly heat up and forms in a few seconds a symbol or group of symbols.

What remains to be solved is if the energy of the ball of light was actually destined to human organisms, or if maybe only by mistake the pictogram that was to form in the fields instead took shape on the persons skin!? As a matter of fact, lets not forget that encounters with these balls of light have always taken place in open fields, in farming areas! Maybe the intelligence of the ball of light was majorly attracted by the person rather than the field. Furthermore, we should not exclude the possibility that these symbols can influence in some way the DNA of the person who bears them, catalyzing the normal evolutionary process of mankind! Remember the genetic modifications the crops underwent after a crop circle formation: as the genetic characteristics of the grains changed, maybe also the human genome could change if exposed to the energetic irradiation of a ball of light.

05) Symbol of man for Chinese culture. 

From a symbolic point of view, the images are clearly destined to convey a deeply anthropological transformation message; the different symbols that appeared remind of the human being, the upside-down Y is a symbol that is dear to eastern cultures, which recall human nature; particularly interesting is the extra line next to this symbol, which could indicate the coming of something new for humanity, as the development of new potentials that have remained inactive of centuries in man.
The T, or
Tau is a symbol familiar also to us westerners, very significant for St. Francis of Assisi, who made the Tau become the main symbol of the Franciscan order! The Tau represents the union between matter and spirit, represented by the horizontal dimension (immanent) and the vertical dimension (transcendent): the intimate union of the immanent with the transcendent gives shapes to the human being, who incarnates the antithesis of the opposites. Humanitys fundamental role and also the most difficult challenge, was able to balance and harmonize body and soul integrating the opposites: making two become one! As St. Thomas says in his Gospel.

06) Tau symbol. 

Certainly the human being has a fundamental role in the transformation process the world around us and man are experiencing maybe the time has come for us to bring ourselves into play, to admit what our true and essential duties are and act consequently!

I think this news tied to the balls of light has opened a new chapter that deserves attention and deep research, for this reason, I invite anybody who has experienced this in first person or who knows people that have had and experience similar to the one we just exposed in the article to share, when possible and in respect of peoples privacy, what they know about this phenomenon.

07) Symbol of man in Tibetan culture.

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