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"The closest we get to this in the natural world is positive phototropism or sun-seeking which takes several days. We commonly find a bending feature in CFs but it is not phototropism as it is always present early on day one when it occurs which proves beyond any doubt that this is an unnatural event. This stalk is about 1cm in width,  mature and very brittle"!

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Riddles and Rhymes

By Lucy Pringle.

The Final Interview

The Ansty Mystery

Personal interview with Karen Price

Saturday 24 September 2016

© Lucy Pringle  

Professionally Prepared Report on Ansty  2016 CC. A 'Must Read'.

 I have in my possession a report obtained from a large company of chartered surveyors and at some cost to myself. This level of professional testimony would stand up in any court of law and should be taken very seriously. The company's integrity should never be doubted.

 It was not long into our meeting when it became quite evident that the Ansty CC would be totally impossible to achieve within the parameters and implied modus operandi described in the 'Earthfiles' report.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Basic Requirements' Reviewed: Part 2

Basic Requirements needed for Accurate Construction of a Pattern in any  Standing Crop. 

"This is an upgraded version from a technical point of view. It will show that the man-made hypothesis is simply not credible. (Document to follow soon.)"

Reference Ansty CC in particular. Each of these symbols alone would take ages to construct accurately and would need to be always first-time perfect. A sense of continuity would need to exist between each character.  

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Some Common Misconceptions within
 Crop Circle 'Folk-Lore'.

Since I regard myself as a serious and independent CC researcher this piece is not about keeping (G1) people happy, or even sad for that matter. I am not, as has been the case for many contenders historically in the CC community, part of a sub culture that is sometimes interdependent on other members for business reasons, cliques or social groups. Loyalty bias cannot and should not sensibly apply within this unique and unprecedented arena. It is merely about attempting to recall and report observations noted in the field. To understand the CC phenomenon properly one needs to understand the human responses associated with it.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

'What a Wonderfully Uplifting Way to End the 2016 Season...

We really couldn’t have asked for more.
2016 was a very challenging season in some ways and in my case was mostly due to weather as I literally battled with the elements living in my van for weeks. But that is not important now. CC numbers were a bit down but the overall quality of CCs remained good. Right at the end of the season, as so often is the case we had a true gem, the Ansty, PYO CC 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

'The Brighter Futures Radio Therapy Appeal'

Paul Jacobs of the CGI group posts us this great news regarding their fund raising for 'The Brighter Futures Radio Therapy Appeal' as they have reached the grand total this summer of £4590 from the collections at the 2 crop circles at Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK, Thanks also goes to the farmer James Hussey (seen on the left in the photo) for his full support and cooperation. Also in the photo is the Brighter Futures representative Cloe and Paul himself. - Well done to one and all!

'Probability Anomaly' in Reigate Alien.

' There are many of course, that are not quite'up to speed' with the subject of crop circles, that will say this CC is fake. Such a striking image will be just too much for some. However, we...' 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Children and Crop Circles


Well, I’ve been living in a field here for nearly six weeks now and still not quite gone ‘ferrel’ ..not yet anyways! One thing that has struck me though working on the front line here on Hackpen Hill for all this time, as well as other CC locations is how open new...

Paul Jacobs (CGI)


Voyage in destiny-part five

Crop circles and the entry into the third dimension, or the great transformation man is facing 

Text by Francesco Alessandrini-Udine-2011 

Destiny places “knowledge” among the priorities of my work. This text, the fifth in a series, is dedicated to what some Masters of Light of a high level have been transmitting to me for several years.  It represents a chapter of my voyage into knowledge; a knowledge that comes from a wider vision of worldly things than that which is normally available to man. This book talks about crop circles, of the fact that they are messages and how I was taught to interpret them.  I also argue against current opinions about who makes them and why and how they are made.  The story then goes on to the interpretation of a specific circle at Bagnaria Arsa, that was made recently in Friuli, Italy, the region where I live. Its message establishes the entry into a phase of great transformation that man of our time is facing. I describe this transformation and the consequences it will have on humans and life on Earth.  Finding that after a period of “demanding” change, as all changes are, a new man will inhabit the Earth, a man endowed with greater emotional balance and with additional powers.

'Handover of Money' to Brighter Futures chief fundraiser Jennifer Green from CGI yesterday. We handed over £2019! - 18th July, 2016.

Fantastic news! 'Handover of Money' to Brighter Futures chief fundraiser Jennifer Green from CGI yesterday. They handed over £2018 - 18th July, 2016. Most of the money was raised at the crop circle at The Ridgeway, near Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, UK. Reported on the 23rd of June, 2016. The fund raising goes on at the recent crop circle below and near the Hackpen White Horse. We all pass on our sincere thanks to the farmer James Hussey for generously supporting this charity appeal by letting visitors contribute when giving access to his land to visit these 2 crop circles.

Earl of Haddington obituary

John Haddington who has died aged 74 was one of the great pioneers of crop circle research.  When he was first told about the crop circles in Wiltshire and Hampshire in 1987 he took an immediate interest and made frequent trips from his home in Scotland to photograph and investigate this strange phenomenon which gripped the attention of so many people at the time.

John was one of the founder members of the CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies) that some of us formed in 1990 to see if we could find answers to what it was that was producing crop circles mainly in barley and in wheat in the south of England.  Although the emphasis was on scientific research, there was much speculation at the time that the agency behind many of the circles was something of a spiritual nature and might be uncovered by dowsing or by making contact with the entities responsible through seances or, perhaps, channeling.  With that in mind John and I once flew to Malta to seek answers from George de Trafford's group of psychics who were based there.

Of course the CCCS were aware in the early 1990s that many of the crop circles in England were the work of hoaxers and some believed that it was possible to distinguish between the genuine phenomenon and man-made field art.  Sadly this proved a lot more difficult than was thought.  The atmosphere today is a lot different from the halcyon days of crop circle research in the early 1990s when scientists and mystics alike were totally convinced there was a genuine crop circle phenomenon completely separate from the mischievous antics of furtive human circlemakers many of whom were known to us.

John Haddington was a great friend of John Michell --the radical-traditionalist author and antiquarian-- who was also one of the founders of CCCS and the first editor of The Cerealogist, the crop circle magazine to which John was a frequent contributor.  

John George Baillie-Hamilton was born on December 21st 1941 at Mellerstain House in Scotland which later became his family home and estate.  He was educated at Ampleforth and then at Trinity College Dublin. After university he hitch-hiked in many parts of the world including South America and Australia, exercising his considerable photographic talents. 

He made use of these too to instil some magic and mystery into English Heritage's guidebook to Stonehenge in a project commissioned by Sir Jocelyn Stevens.

John sat for 13 years in the House of Lords until reform deprived him of his seat in 1999.   Besides his interest in crop circles he was a naturalist and conservationist and he founded the charity Save Our Songbirds (SOS) with its magazine The Bird Table.   John managed Mellerstain, the great house in the Scottish Borders and the Mellerstain Estate for many years and together with much support from his second wife Jane played a full part in Border affairs.   He is succeeded by his son George as 14th Earl of Haddington.  He married first, in 1975, Prudence Rutherford-Hayles (dissolved 1977); and secondly, in 1984, Jane Heyworth who survives him with son George and two daughters, Suzie and Isobel.      

George Wingfield

'The Hackpen Badger Sett Mystery'

"There is sound reason to believe the Hackpen Hill Shark CC sits precisely upon the exact location of the 'Dreamcatcher' CC of 2013. If this is indeed the case I feel it may be significant in some way. As I understand it to be thus far, all in the genuine CC world is utterly considered and deliberate." 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

July 1, 2016

It has taken CGI five long years to get to this point of confirmed cooperative working practice with a growing number of Wiltshire/Dorset farmers. This process was an uphill struggle in some ways (naturally easy in others) as pretty much all of the old school G1 front-line contenders wanted nothing to do with CGI choosing not to promote or support our initiative despite a detailed knowledge of it’s brief. Instead the plain and simple truth is that they pursued a course driven by greed, ego, control and self promotion that ended in predictable failure...an irony in some ways as this sentiment does not seem to tally  with most visitors I have met. CC people seem to be of a more spiritual, soulful and wholesome nature. Let us hope that the 'penny will drop' more positively in the future.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Mylye Crop Circle

This Crop Circle occurred amidst a background of controversy, which, OK I have to admit, is not that unusual in this subject. Because the reporters seemed to be playing games, self-promoting and were not immediately forthcoming with details, location and photos etc people naturally started to...

Paul Jacobs for CGI.

'Over the past few years there have been varying levels of confusion over who is collecting for what at CC events, whether they be in Dorset or Wiltshire. Just to make...'

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Embarking on the 2016 Season

CGI flew and reported the Silbury Hill CC 28th May which is the latest addition to a ‘family’ of CCs in that area.

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

“Crop Circle Diaries”

A New Patty Greer Film 2016

After a “Contact” experience in a 2007 UK Crop Circle altered the course of her life, Patty Greer co-produced 8 UFO movies in record time with no training or experience through telepathic communications. “Crop Circle Diaries” offers an accumulation of Greer’s most astounding experiences in more than 100 UK Crop Circles. William Levengood was a top scientist presenting valid research on Crop Circle for decades. Penny Kelly was Levengood’s (unknown) lab partner for the last 15 years of his life. Together they discovered that seeds hit by Crop Circle frequencies produced 30-400% more food/biofuel per plant, with up to 75% more nutrition! They also discovered Crop Circles are coming out of the Earth in counter-rotating plasma vortices! Their findings were so evolutionary for humanity that rumors were created & Levengood was black-listed in the scientific community. His work was suppressed for decades, then he passed away in 2013. Levengood re-appeared ‘from the other side’ in 2014 in a paranormal encounter with witnesses present. He introduced Patty to Penny Kelly who is finally coming forward with the REAL science in this film. Penny explains the origin of Crop Circles while Patty takes you into the fields with cameras. “Crop Circle Diaries” weaves the wisdom & experiences of 2 women & a brave scientist who intimately understood Crop Circles! It's time for the Real Story to be known!



A novel “multiplex” binary code was shown to a UFO contactee “CJ” in late 2015 or early 2016: will a similar “multiplex” code be drawn soon in crops by the same friendly ET’s? And might this new binary code be of interest to our computer industries here on Earth?

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew

An Intriguing Proximity. 

Coincidence or Significance? 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

What’s Wrong with Crop Circle Reporting Today?

by Eric A. Vasallo


Simply Building Bridges...with Harmony in Mind.

It is generally felt that the intent behind CCs is far more than just a pretty pattern.  

For most people their focus in CCs lies within the actual pictogram and maybe     speculating on possible meanings held therein. But for most this is sadly an ‘armchair’ perspective...

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Two crop pictures in Italy near Torino Airport on June 23, 2015, or Cavallo Grigio on June 30, 2013, were among the most complex in modern history. Each showed multiple binary codes. Once solved in detail, some of these codes warn urgently against deceptive extra-terrestrials who “bear gifts” in the fashion of a “Trojan Horse”. Other codes suggest that friendly extra-terrestrials may return to Earth in the near future, possibly within 6 years. Such friendly extra-terrestrials seem to be communicating with us at present by drawing “crop pictures” in the fields, just as a computer would write binary images on a hard disk.

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Dear skeptics: how can this “curved DNA” crop picture have been made using “rope and boards”, if there was no central “hole” for a “pole”?  

By Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

A Humourous short film by Chris Thomas

"A short comedy/sci-fi film we made for this year's Homespun Yarns showcase. homespunyarns.tv We hope you enjoy it! Cropped is about a group of UFO enthusiasts who clash with their cynical crop circle tour guide. When night falls the group have to set their differences aside when the mystery of the crop circles is revealed".

2016 Crop Circle Calendar

£12.00 + postage

2016 crop circle calendar – Photographs by Lucy Pringle

This is the only calendar containing photographs of this year’s crop circles.

It has secure ring binding and is a very high quality production. It makes a wonderful Christmas present for family and friends. You will find that you will never want to throw it away!

Lucy sends calendars all over the world and deals with orders swiftly. Please see her link: http://shop.lucypringle.co.uk/product/lucy-pringle-crop-circle-calendar-2016/

PHI Reunited (Part 1)

By Rieks Schreuder

The Alien Face Crop Circle

A second look

By Michael Barber 

NEXUS magazine

The next edition of the NEXUS magazine has a several page article on this years crop circles with great photos by MrGyro and Lucy Pringle within it - 'Crop Circles of 2015: a global phenomenon' More details: https://www.nexusmagazine.com/…/vol…/nexus-vol-22-no6-detail


Crop circles of crack and secrets

By zhebyucong


2015…The Year of Transformation!

 Crop Circles: Phase Two.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

The Brighter Futures Appeal working alongside Paul Jacobs and The Core Group Initiative (CGI) with crop circles. 'THE EAGLE' Crop Circle  to raise money for Radiotherapy Unit at Swindon Hospital is going well. CGI has now boosted the fund by over £5000 in around a month and we are now going for the almost unthinkable big 6K as we have about a week before harvest. Please help by donating a few pounds to...('JUST GIVING'' ) which could just make all the difference or text SWIN29 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070. Whether you personally believe in Radiotherapy as a treatment is not the point here. For someone who has cancer, this Unit will bring HOPE also which is everything. Travelling all the way to Oxford can be a nightmare!  

Finding God in Grain:  Crop Circles and the Construction of Spiritual Experience

Interview Guide 

Marcia Ghidina

Department of Sociology


Shirley MacLaine Colin Andrews July2015

Crop Circles 2015 - Circle Chasing (Inside MrGyro)

Video  www.MrGyro.co.uk  Copyright 2015 

“ Polygons Hidden in Plain Sight” in Crop Formations

Geometrical proof of the paranormal origin of many current and historical Crop Formations. 

By Jack Sullivan

The Eagle has landed!! 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

The Eagle CC at Uffcott Down is now all open and posts removed.
e keep being asked for photos so we have decided to laminate
some aerials and offer them at the gate for donation to help with the fund

Uffcott, Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd June.

Image Lucy Pringle Copyright 2015

We did speak to our dear friend James Hussey, the farmer of this CC field at Uffcott. He informed us that his wife Gill had sadly passed away last November and wished for all donations to go direct to The Radiotherapy Unit at Great Western Hospital via the links given here; Gill Hussey is fundraising on Just Giving for The Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund rather than through any other fundraising agencies. Alternatively, any groups that wish to visit this CC should bring donations (larger amounts) direct to him in person at the farm, others to leave a generous donation of at least £3 per head in the secure box provided within the CC. James told us any future CC he has on his land can be managed by CGI to raise funds for this worthwhile cause. We feel our presence is not so needed on this occasion. 

We (at CGI) got to  know the Husseys well since managing a CC of theirs at Hackpen Hill three years ago and so naturally it was with utter shock that we heard the news. We felt the CC itself was extremely poignant being in the form of a ROSE, a symbol of love placed on their land by the Makers and a wonderful tribute to Gill's memory. Of course non of us could possibly appreciate the significance of the design before the news was told. If I had any reservations regarding the interactive nature of the CCs before, they are now gone! 

Please watch the attached YouTube. https://www.justgiving.com/Gill-Hussey with Rory Bremner. 

Please, an appeal to ALL WILTSHIRE FARMERS. An idea to view Crop Circles as a resource rather than a nuisance? Perhaps think twice, then once more before cutting a CC?...but said respectfully; we understand your position. However, if managed well and free of charge, eg. by CGI, it WILL make a difference to people like Gill. At the Hackpen Hill CC around £2400 was raised. Swindon desperately needs this Radiotherapy Unit as Oxford is such a distance!  

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

James Hussey has just informed Crop Circle Connector that there are envelopes at the at the donation box. Could British Nationionals please fill out their address if they are UK tax payers as the tax will be added to the donation by the Inland Revenue and then place their donation in the envelope along with this information.


Not… Business as Usual! 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)  

Statement by Paul Jacobs and the other members of the CGI team. - Latest Farmer Position in Wiltshire.

Green Street, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 19th June.

Despite strenuous negotiations and talking to many farmers, including Mr Farthing and Mr White, in the traditional Wiltshire crop circle areas. The farmers have told us that any CCs that occur within the domain (i.e.. near Avebury) and from Hackpen Hill right through to The Sanctuary on the A4) will be forbidden, denied access and immediately destroyed. THEY DO NOT WISH FOR, NOR ARE THEY ASKING FOR DONATIONS from any fund raising organisations. Sad news but at least we now know definitively the farmers position, at the very least just here. 

All we can do here is to respect the farmer's wishes.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Core Group Initiative 2015.

The Core Group Initiative or CGI was launched 4 years ago and seems to be going from strength to strength. It’s key value is one of respect for the farmers and the land on which they work. We regard unauthorized access as unacceptable and old fashioned. This is the very thing that has caused so much trouble in the past commonly resulting in the farmer cutting out the CCs. We believe the CCs are encouraging us towards a higher level of consciousness of which respect is primary.
Read more HERE

by Paul Jacobs. (Founding member of CGI and crop circle researcher

The Secret History of Crop Circles

by Terry Wilson

I thought I'd drop you a line and ask if you would be happy to give a mention to the new edition of my old book, "The Secret History of Crop Circles"? I think your readers might be interested to know it's available again - it's almost impossible to get hold of the original paper edition, which was published by CCCS many years ago. The new edition is only available on Amazon, for downloading to Kindle, and has been expanded. I have attached an image of the cover, in case you want to list it on your site. Amazon advert is here, by the way:- www.amazon.co.uk

No need for ‘permits’, tickets or licences!

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)

 Will the legendary Quetzalcoatl ever return, and if so when? Some crop pictures suggest “three years” after December 23, 2012 when the Mayan Long Count calendar ended, which might mean late 2015 or early 2016. Yet can crop pictures really reveal future events? by

by Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Colin Andrews rushed by ambulance to Yale Hospital with rare condition. Intensive Care update.

Immediate Release:

On Wednesday 25th, March, Author-Researcher, Colin Andrews was taken by ambulance with a very rare and potentially lethal condition called Ludwig’s Angina. He was rushed into Intensive care at Yale Hospital, Connecticut where a surgical team was assembled from among the best in the United States, based at the prestigious University ‘Yale’ hospital. He was placed in Intensive care and is making remarkable progress.

He has been declining media interviews and public presentations for some while, suffering significant fatigue. Multiple abscesses and swelling exploded across his throat, mouth and neck immediately following a tooth extraction last week.


Colin will be recuperating for some while.

Ludwig ' s Angina - Turner White



Contact: http://colinandrews.net/Contact.html

Colin Andrews Website: www.ColinAndrews.net

‘Energy Leak’ in Crop Circles

A more in-depth look at this apparent anomaly. 

By Paul Jacobs (CGI)   

Update for December 2014. Real paranormal crop pictures versus those commissioned by National Geographic or the “QI” TV show: how do they compare? 

I am writing to let you know about a Crop Circle song that has gotten quite popular online. Gregg Brown wrote it and performs it and has been an avid follower of crop circles since they started.

Gregg has been a social and political activist in the Bloomington, Illinois area and is always finding ways to help mankind and the Earth. The song is from his CD, "Another Time, Another Being." 

Terri Zink

CGI Update. 03/11/2014

A ‘Save the Crop Circles’ Appeal

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Lucy Pringle's 2015 Calendar
Now available!

My new 2015 crop circle calendar is now ready. It includes six wonderful circles from this summer's events. You will find all the information on my site.


The 2012 Hackpen Hill Formation:  A Spatial Paradox

by Sarah Susanka

A Summary of 2014, looking ahead to 2015.

Healing Time for Wiltshire?

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Defibrillator for  Dorset!

I have recently been informed by the manager  of the Sixpenny Handley farm estate that a good portion of the monies collected by CGI  this summer  will  go towards a defibrillator (AED or Automated External Defibrillator)  fund, the device to be kept in or nearby  the local Post Office. This is exactly what I’ve been talking about… translating crop circles into something tangible, positive and practical for the local community. I said we would be very glad to collect additional monies to realise the purchase should the estate have another CC next season. For those who don’t know what a defibrillator is, it is a device to shock the heart out of spasm should anyone go into cardiac arrest. The main hospital is in Shaftsbury some distance away so early intervention like this usually makes  all the difference between life and death. I feel very encouraged by this development as you can imagine. If people can equate CCs with something of real value rather than a negative they may be far more tolerant and things in the future could go much smoother.

by Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Yesterday Stuart Dike of Crop Circle Connector congratulated Paul Jacobs of the CGI group for all their hard work in bringing the farming community in Dorset together with crop circle phenomenon so as people can visit the circles with the farmers permission. This is very hard and dedicated work carried out by Paul Jacobs. A breath of fresh air unlike the dreadful situation in Wiltshire. More information about the latest crop circle (which is still in very good condition) that Paul and the group are managing for the farmer can be found on this Crop Circle Connector link: six penny

The Love Affair is Over! 

The farmers of Wiltshire have made it quite clear that they have had enough.  Thirty years of invasion and disrespect has taken its toll.  The ‘Makers’ are increasingly taking their work to more fertile ground, knowing that the Wiltshire ‘love affair’ is over and no longer tenable.  I believe the farming community is quite aware that as a result of this position the Wiltshire tourist industry will indeed suffer. As enterprises such as B&B, pubs, hotels, tea rooms and merchandising will lose trade as a result.   

CGI respect and support the farmers wishes and make recommendations where appropriate, which they find helpful and thank us for.  The goose that laid the golden egg has now had its day and it looks like all the folks that exploited the Wiltshire CCs will have to review their position.  Also a so called ‘permit scheme’ fronted by a Dutch woman and an Australian guy seems to have been the catalyst for this change.  These people played right into the official hands driven by ego and self-interest. 

All the sycophantic support afforded to said folly scheme are now left looking quite ridiculous as their misguided hopes and dreams from more money and popularity have been flushed right down the proverbial ‘Swanee River’ in a very leaky boat indeed.  These are merely observations that all this really does seem like the stuff of black comedy, where some appear to take themselves far too seriously!  The genetics of this long term in-bred, self-interested, sometimes tribal culture really does now seem to be just a little bit old fashioned.  Perhaps its time for some new DNA, some ‘new blood’ with a fresh new approach - self-aware and perhaps of a more spiritual nature.  There is one thing we can all know, be in no doubt, it is the Makers that are in charge here. No matter what we do or little schemes that we try to assert, it will be them that makes the final choice.   

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

Reflections upon Wiltshire from a Dorset Perspective.

I’ve been ensconced down in Dorset for a week now doing CGI work at the gate. The energy down here is pure and joyous. There are no undercurrents or people with agendas to speak of and the locals have embraced this amazing CC event with a fresh and untainted perspective, welcomed it and are incorporating it into their social calendar. The farmer’s mother baked me a cake yesterday, which gives you an idea. It is so refreshing and a great relief after all the political nonsense that has prevailed in Wiltshire for so long and came to a head last season. Nonsense is still persisting this season as all the precious contenders fight to protect their own interests. It feels very sad.

Being away and having an opportunity to reflect is useful as one is not caught up in the heat of it all. I see something unravelling, falling apart, something that is well overdue. It is common knowledge within the CC community that which is brought unto the CCs is amplified, made more and this now actually seems to be happening in Wiltshire. There have been no credible or significant CCs up there to date and the one they did get their hands on has now been trashed by persons unknown. A long time trader and mis-informer has now been made to look a complete fool and put into a position whereby he is operating out of a metal cargo container in the grounds of a well-known pub in The Vale which …wait for it…has a black shop window mannequin standing on the roof! This I find quite disturbing actually despite sounding amusing. This setup hardly resonates well with the spirit of the CCs as it feels and looks very ‘dark’. A scheme to peddle so called ‘crop circle permits’ just refuses to work for a second year after being advised from the beginning the formulation was quite unworkable. This scheme was media hyped and not surprisingly backed by all the long-time people with vested interests who are now I imagine, or should be, becoming  somewhat  disillusioned by this folly.

 So, Wiltshire wise, the house of cards really does seem to be a ’falling down. Most of the front line characters involved except WCCSG,  I have to say seem to be more interested in themselves and money than the evolution, beauty and message of the CCs. None of them can see the sense of CGI, or have conveyed this to me and have never shown an interest, yet it is the scheme that is working well. I find this very interesting.

Dorset on the other hand is all positivity and light…all good energies. It’s almost as if the Circlemakers have had enough of all this ‘people nonsense’ and are choosing to place their work where people are more receptive and untainted by bad energies. Like darkness and light, love and hate the light and love, in the long run as we all know, will prevail. Perhaps this shift is the real meaning of 2012, a renaissance towards more purity, a rebirth.

The best laid schemes o’mice and men often go awry! … Robbie Burns.. 

Paul Jacobs (CGI)