Wormhole technology, Crabwood, Crooked Soley and other crop artist-human interactions

Last summer in Wiltshire, a series of technically-advanced "wormhole" crop pictures appeared. One of these is shown below, along with its theoretical interpretation: 

This particular picture shows how two different regions of "flat" spacetime may be joined by means of two "singularities", through their narrow end-junctions or "pinch", to form a "single wormhole". A single wormhole may then be used to travel instantly between two distant locations in spacetime, regardless of possible concerns for a limiting travel velocity of light-speed c.
Other crop pictures from the summer of 2006 showed two or four-wormhole combinations known as "Roman rings", used theoretically to facilitate time-travel. Another showed a "ringhole", where a single wormhole has been stabilized by space-time twisting ("topology"), in order to create say a long-term stable series of wormholes on many different worlds, i.e. "stargates".
If these particular crop pictures were not made by local humans (indeed, there is currently no reason to believe that any of them could be "fakes"), then one might reasonably conclude that the mysterious, usually invisible "crop artists" have wormhole technology.
In practical terms, what does that mean? Fortunately we can explain the concept quite easily, because Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter wrote in 2000 a controversial science-fiction novel entitled "The Light of Other Days" (from Amazon.com):


From their editorial review:"The Light of Other Days follows a billionaire, journalist, and the billionaire's two sons. It is the year 2035, and all four help to develop a new technology that harnesses the power of  space-time wormholes, in order to see anyone or anything, even light years away through space. Next, his sons figure out how to look back through time."

Or from a private review: "When Hiram's corporation invents WormCams, privacy becomes a thing of the past. Photons can be channelled through artificially-maintained wormholes from anywhere at all. David extends his father's invention, by looping out those wormholes through light-minutes or eventually light-years, so that the images transmitted through them are of the past only a few minutes ago, or else of the past thousands of years ago. Anybody can now watch the historical Lincoln, Christ, or their grandparents."

I would argue that, even before 2006, quite a few crop pictures from 1990-2005 could be interpreted more precisely, if we were to presume that the crop artists have wormhole technology. For example, why do many crop pictures appear near ancient megalithic sites; where the daily uses of those sites 5000 years ago (say Avebury Ring as a stone observatory) may be reflected in the symbolic meaning of a modern crop picture today?

In order to explain this novel concept in greater detail, I would like to discuss two well-known crop pictures from August 2002: namely Crabwood and Crooked Soley. Then we will briefly summarize its possible relevance to other "crop artist-human" interactions.

Crabwood of August 15 was one of the most famous crop pictures in modern history, but no one could really understand its message. As shown in two pictures below, the schematic face of a "grey alien" was drawn within a large "rectangular box" that contained 60 horizontal lines, just as for an early "mechanical" TV image, chosen in the 1930's because we use 60 Hz AC power. The variable width of each line then creates different "gray scales" (modern TV screens use far more lines to give better pictures):

Next, that rectangular box with an alien face was carefully aligned so that it would point at two, nearby TV-radio towers. This was as if to say: "Yes, our new crop picture is really meant to represent the TV image of a grey alien." In other words, those crop artists can only see the alien "from a distance", where the word "television" means of course "seeing over a distance".


Now in one lower corner of that rectangular box, the crop artists also drew a "spiral disc" which contained an elaborate, ASCII-coded binary message as shown. I have omitted all concerns for punctuation or capitalization here, for increased clarity, especially since the last five bits of an ASCII code give one of 26 letters in the English alphabet.  
In summary, the crop artists sent us a brief "computer recorded message" on CD or DVD, to accompany their TV-type image of a grey alien. Was Crabwood really alien-made? Many investigators thought so then, and continue to think so now. I list below a highly-condensed version of their observations:
A woman who lives in a farmhouse near the field reported that either a helicopter or generator was heard making loud noises in or above that field, between 12.30 and 1.30 AM on 15 August.
Three women who were staying at a campsite near the radio masts reported that, during the night of 15 August, they saw an amazing display of dancing lights over the field: darting about, spiralling down to the ground then back up again, before quickly disappearing like shooting stars.

Another woman, whose farmhouse borders the field, saw stalks of wheat from inside that crop formation which were slightly singed. At 11.30 pm on 15 August, she was surprised by a strong smell of burning.

None of the wheat stalks were broken; they were all bent at their bases.
Within the ASCII disc, not even a single seed-head was missing from any standing clumps of wheat. In ripened crop, those seed heads become fragile, and any movement of a tightened rope will flick them off.

So perhaps Crabwood 2002 was an authentic alien message to humans on Earth; but if so, what does it mean?

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises"

Many investigators have heard rumours that the USA goverment, during a Cold War with Russia, signed a secret treaty with those grey aliens: where the USA would be given certain types of advanced military technology, while the aliens could establish bases on Earth and conduct scientific experiments. Rumors also have it that the supposed "military technology" never worked; while the grey aliens, once established, became free to do whatever they please. This would include enforcing media secrecy on the entire UFO-crop picture phenomenon.

The modern "crop artists", apparently in possession of wormhole technology, seem to confirm those rumours as true. Even if currently in residence around a distant star, they would be able to use wormholes (just as in Clarke's science-fiction novel) to look far out into space, or even back into our past, and thereby see (as a TV-like image) some grey-alien military leader, while making a secret deal with the USA government. Why else would they show us a grey alien "on TV", and align the entire picture so that it points toward two TV microwave-relay towers nearby?

"Much pain but still time."

Using those same wormholes, they would also be able to study our past at English megalithic sites, and look into our most probable future. According to them, it looks bleak. However they would never send us these messages, if our future were not still changeable. What would be the point?

"Believe: there is good out there. We oppose deception."

What do they mean here by the word "good"? Let us consider what Whitley Streiber was told by a paranormal visitor in 1999 (excerpted from his book "The Key"):
"Who are you?"
"Michael, or should I say Legion? I represent the good."
"Who are the good"?
"Those who seek mankind's (spiritual) ascension."
"You were meant to have the capability to leave your planet by now, since it will soon cease to support you. But something happened to change all that: a Jewish couple died in the Holocaust, and it was their child who would have solved the secret of gravity."
"Who are the ones who do not mean us well?"
"You already met them in 1985 (the greys)."
"Crop circles are not hoaxes?"
"No, they are real."
We can find another message similar to Crabwood 2002 in the Old Testament Book of Daniel (Babylon, 570 BC):
Gabriel, the man whom I had seen earlier, came to me in swift flight. "The prince of Persia withstood me for 21 days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help. Now I have come to explain what will happen to your people in the (distant) future:
"The king will do as he pleases, for what has been (pre-)determined must take place. He will honour a (military) "god of fortresses", unknown to his ancestors. He will attack mighty fortresses with the help of that foreign (alien?) god, and will honor those who acknowledge him (them). He will make them rulers over many people, and will distribute the land for a price (reward)."
"At that time, Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress, such as has not happenned from the beginnings of nations."
Let us now construct a plausbile scenario for the origins of this crop-picture phenomenon. The Arecibo radio-telescope message went out in 1974, and might take another 100 years (say) at light-speed c to reach a wormhole-capable civilization around another star. Once they receive and decode that clever message, they decide to investigate, and travel by wormhole to Earth; only to find that most of our modern civilization was already destroyed in 2050 (or say 2012) by some catastrophe: say extreme greenhouse warming, or a gravity-wave from space.
Quite concerned for us nevertheless, as a spiritually advanced or "good" species, they choose to investigate further. Thus, they look carefully into our past and possible-future timelines, with the goal of alleviating or preventing such a catastrophe. Unfortunately, they find that around 1950-1960, some of our national-tribal governments made a secret pact with a militarily-oriented, alien "grey" race who are not so spiritually advanced as themselves. The greys promise us advanced weapons but give us nothing, while they continue to conduct experiments on all Earth forms of life. The greys also know about many near-future problems for Earth, but say nothing.
The spirtually advanced "good" race (or collection of races) finds there is not enough time to send a "radio reply" message from their distant star to Earth, say to the SETI people, before catastrophe strikes. Their radio-reply would not arrive at light speed c before 2174! But having wormhole technology, they decide to do something else. They decide to send picture-messages in yearly agricultural crops to the people of Earth, using remotely-controlled devices sent through their wormholes (most of these appear within 10 km of Silbury Hill). They have no access to radio or TV communications on Earth, which are under govermental and/or grey-alien control; so crops will have to do.
Recall how the rectangular box at Crabwood points directly toward two radio-TV towers, while the message says: "We oppose deception." This would seem to indicate that modern radio and TV could themselves be deceptive. For example: "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq", or "Doug and Dave making crop circles after leaving the pub", or recently at Chicago O'Hare Airport:: "bad weather".
Now as if Crabwood of August 15 were not enough, another spectacular crop picture appeared two weeks later on August 27 at Crooked Soley, only 50 km from Cambridge, which is one of Earth's centres for scientific research:
From a literature review of the book "Crooked Soley" by Allan Brown and John Michell: "This short-lived masterpiece (it lasted only a few hours before harvesters moved in) was beautiful and finely-crafted. The crop pattern was made up of 1296 'curved squares'. In 504 of those squares, the crop was left standing, so as to depict a closed-circular, double-helical DNA of three turns. The other 792 squares were flattened."

Even the leading hoaxers or "Circlemakers" said about Crooked Soley "It's a massive ring which depicts a 360-degree, three-dimensional representation of twisting DNA. Interestingly, the formation's center is located between tramlines in standing crop, as you can see from aerial photos. There is no trace in the crop. Now how did THEY do that?"

I have taken such comments directly from their website, only changing the already-capitalized word "THEY" to boldface type.

Okay, so everyone (except maybe the Skeptics Society) seems to agree that Crooked Soley was not human-made. But why would those crop artists decide to draw an intricate picture of closed-circular DNA on August 27, 2002, only 50 km from Cambridge? What would have motivated them to do so, just two weeks after Crabwood? Here is my personal account, as a leading DNA scientist who happenned to be visiting Cambridge for a small scientific meeting only days later.

I first heard about Crabwood on August 16 or 17 in Las Vegas, where Roger Leir and I were visiting Colm Kelleher of NIDS. Colm came to the airport with a copy of the report from Linda Howe's Earthfiles in his hands, and exclaimed: "It was made from the air!" Later I flew onto the East Coast to visit family and friends, then passed through JFK and Heathrow on my way to Cambridge, where we were holding a small meeting of experts in early September to discuss (mostly) DNA and chromosomes.

Cambridge, England hosts the world-famous MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, which has won 12 Nobel Prizes, and was where most original research into complex biological structures was done. Max Perutz invented there the method of "multiple isomorphous replacement" to solve the first protein x-ray structures, for example myoglobin and hemoglobin. He worked for Lawrence Bragg, while his students included James Watson and Francis Crick (as well as Margaret Thatcher, about whom he would "shake his head").

A research group run by Aaron Klug in the same laboratory spent many years investigating the structures of viruses and chromosomes (or parts thereof). Most relevant to our discussion here, his group analyzed the detailed structure of the "nucleosome core" of chromatin from 1975-1995, after first growing single crystals in 1977. Their results appeared in Nature (London) many times, often on the cover.

Personally I worked with that research group during the 1980's, and knew everyone involved. Much later in September 2002, I took the bus up from London to Cambridge to attend a meeting there, and stayed with an old friend who had first grown crystals of the "nucleosome core" (as well as "transfer RNA"). The meeting went well without any surprises, but then after flying home in late September, I noticed in a magazine at my local newsagent that the very subject of our meeting had appeared nearby in crops, only a few weeks before! No one knew, and none of my colleagues could have been involved. (With "crop circles"? Are you serious?)

In order to explain the precise scientific meaning of Crooked Soley, I will have to show a few simple diagrams, which we use to teach the basic aspects of DNA. First we need to identify its "sugars" and "base pairs". As shown in two diagrams below, the yellow squares in Crooked Soley represent DNA sugar rings, while the pink squares represent DNA base pairs:

Next, by looking at another diagram shown below, we can see that Crooked Soley was drawn correctly as a "right-handed" double helix, rather than "left-handed" (green squares):

Finally, one can see where the "circular coiling" comes from at Crooked Soley: because DNA in our chromosomes wraps or coils about many little "protein balls" (central blue letters) as its first stage in condensing to form a "metaphase chromosome" (as studied say in pregnancy tests):

Now we are almost finished, and can look at a "real" nucleosome core (from Karolin Luger at Colorado State), rather than a schematic one as drawn in crops:

The real nucleosome core contains about seven turns of DNA for every full "superhelical" turn, rather than three as shown at Crooked Soley, and shows more details of the central "protein ball". Yet its qualitative similarity to the crop picture seems obvious.

Now we come to the big question: supposing that Crooked Soley, like Crabwood two weeks earlier, was made by a benevolent, extra-terrestrial race, how did they learn about details of the nucleosome core structure, its detailed analysis for twenty years in Cambridge nearby, and a small meeting on the subject to be held just two weeks later (around September 12) by experts on the subject; some of whom would be certain to see that crop picture, and wonder about a logical connection?

I would argue that "only by wormholes" could such a feat become possible. C.S. Lewis in his book Miracles (1949) said that a "miracle" happenned whenever some other unseen world intersected with our own. By his standards, both Crabwood and Crooked Soley would indeed qualify as "miracles".

To conclude, simply by drawing a crop picture at Crooked Soley, and allowing various scientists to see it, the crop artists were able to change our current timeline by a small amount. If this brief article is read widely and understood, then those changes will "ripple out" to alter our timeline even further. And in the next season 2007, if more crop pictures appear which are taken seriously by the general public, and not regarded with excess skepticism as "fakes", then our timeline may change substantially: to move away from its currently destructive path, which the crop artists can clearly perceive as "much pain but still time."

But it is always important to remember that they may only be watching us from a great distance, using "the light of other days". If anything constructive is to be done about our current problems, we must help ourselves.        

                                                                                                                        Red Collie

Appendix. While studying this mysterious crop-picture phenomenon, I learned that at least a few other crop pictures also provide evidence for "crop artist-human" interactions.

For example: (a) Colin Andrews praying for a "Celtic Cross" late at night, only to have one appear nearby on the next morning; (b) discovery of a four-degree misalignment of the Earth's magnetic field in some crop pictures, only to have a "four-degree-misalignment" crop picture shortly appear; (c) discovery of four geometric theorems in crops by Gerald Hawkins, thereby permitting him to deduce a fifth theorem, which appeared in crops the following summer; and (d) a visit by Alan Holt to Wiltshire in 2000, where he silently asked the crop artists for some clue to advanced physical technologies, then the famous "bar magnet" appeared two days later. His comments concerning that event are reproduced below:

"The precision and intricacy of that pattern were stunning. Even the farmer in whose field the pattern had appeared was overwhelmed. He indicated that there had been other patterns in his field before, yet he had still harbored doubts concerning who or what made them. With the appearance of this pictogram, he knows now that it is a true mystery. From his perspective, there is no possibility that it was made by humans or our technology, and I agree with him.
While in that pattern, I recalled the thought which I had sent out, asking for a pictogram to appear which would provide some direction for my future research activities? One has to conclude that, whatever intelligence is responsible for these patterns, it has connections with human consciousness. There is truly an astounding phenomena unfolding in England today, and elsewhere in the world. It seems unfortunate that unscientific thinking, as well as deliberate disinformation, have been spread by a naive press worldwide."
Seven years later in 2007, I could not express those sentiments more accurately. And now, thanks to the crop formations of 2006, it appears that the answer is not "New Age mysticism", or "hoaxers who claim to make everything", but "wormholes".
Or if you like science fiction, should we call them "WormCams"?

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