This page presents several Crop Circle videos on YouTube which may help the original copyright holder to track down their material and take action if they want to remove their material from Youtube. Also it gives viewers to this page a chance to see what is available on YouTube regarding Crop Circles.


The Human Calculator

Military helicopters intercept UFO over crop circle, amazing!

Adventures in a crop circle - Part 2


Orbs - Barbury - Crop Circle

UFO crop circle calendar

Spectacular Crop Circle in Switzerland

crop circle

Témoignage OVNI dans crop circle

Passage de la moissoneuse sur le crop circle

survol par l'armée du crop circle de waterloo

Avis d'un medium - crop circle waterloo

Crop circle waterloo - Renaissance

Théorie de la planche en bois - crop circle Waterloo

3d face in crop circle

Méditation dans le crop circle - Waterloo

Enquête club ORION crop circle Waterloo

Bouddhiste thaï sur le crop circle 2 - Waterloo

L'armée survol et photographie le crop circle

Vue du lion de Waterloo - Crop Circle

Crop circle (trondheim)

Strange symbol crop circle

Ambiance dans le crop circle

The Burham Pointing Star, Kent 2006

Crop Circle (walk about)

The BlueBell Spinner

Graskreis bei Münsingen

Hand-shaped crop circle

Noeud coudé et allongé dans le crop circle

Crop Circles BBC documentary

Crop Circles not Manmade

TV's Sunrise - Crop Circles

Crop Circles of 2004

Crop Circles 1

Crop Circles 2

Crop Circles 3

Crop Circles 4

Crop Circles 5

Crop Circles 6

Orbs creating crop circles


UFO: who makes crop circles? (Belgium!)

Crop Circles on Google Earth

The Crop Circle Ship - Blueprints in the Crop Circles

The Origin Of Crop Circles

The Truth about Crop Circles

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