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About An Hypothesis: The Transmission of a Crop Circle

This monograph was completed by ilyes just before she left for England's '96 CropCircle Season. It is a copyright work; please honour her efforts and do not print hard copies. Short sections of text may be excerpted for electronic transmission without further ado. Bound and signed colour copies of the monograph are available upon request.

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The entire 21,000-word, 17-colour-photo monograph will be serialised over the Winter and Spring. I'm not sure yet what the uploading intervals will be. Check in weekly to ensure that you don't miss any installments!

For maximum visual clarity when reading this paper:
* 'Stretch' your browser so it fills your screen.
* Fonts recommended are sans serif : Verdana, Arial, Helv, Courier, Geneva (Set fonts under Options / General Preferences)
* Fonts NOT recommended are those with serif: Times, Times New Roman, Palatino, etc.
* Please excuse the 'shouting' when some text is both underscored and bold - my browser does not recognise underscores, and not realising that some do, I asked that those words be accented in bold. I realise they will now appear both bold *and* underlined on some browsers. I did not intend to shout at the reader, and apologise for the overemphasis.


the Monograph text: 1996 ilyes

the colour Storyboard panels: 1996 Peter Sorensen

the Sri Yantra graphic: 1995 Patrick Flanagan

all other b&w Formation graphics: Peter Sorensen

'Cowdown - tracks' photo: 1995 Steve Alexander

2 colour photos of the West Stowell 'Galaxy' lays: 1994 Ruben Uriarte

b&w Hungerford 'Turtle': 1991 David Parker/Science Photo Library

Birling Gap graphic: 1994 Barry Reynolds

all other aerial and lay photos: ilyes

Miscellaneous Notes Regarding the Monograph

Because the book's spacing does not reproduce precisely in this medium, there are gaps at the ends of some lines at the bottoms of some pages. Though it may appear as though words are missing, the sentences are continued on the following text page.

A sentence may be continued after a page or more of photographs. In the book, the appropriate photos or graphics are placed as closely to the text they illustrate as possible. On screen, loss of this juxtaposition is less than ideal, but necessary.

Five Appendices are an integral part of the monograph. While it might be helpful to consult various of them during your reading, because of space constraints some will, of necessity, be included at the end of the serialisation; others will be posted on ilyes' HomePage on this website.

A Huge Thank You

Without webmasters Mark and Stuart's personal support and incredible dedication, this serialisation of my monograph would not be happening. I'm indebted to them both, and greatly appreciate their friendship, unfailing sharing, and perseverance. I am in awe of what they've accomplished with this, the best CropCircle website in the world, and am delighted to be a part of it!

- ilyes

National Coordinator

Centre for CropCircle Studies / US Network

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