The bundles the WindTubes create range in size from a few to up to forty or fifty stalks. The Winds' spinning around the bundles immediately cools the stalks enough to allow them to begin "rehardening" into their reoriented positions. After they've been laid, most bundles immediately "unwrap" almost completely as they cool; others break apart after being trodden upon. But determined observers will find at least a few wrapped bundles in all the CircleMakers' Formations. If, when visiting a Circle, no bundles are as visible as the ones in these photos, gentle partings of the surface lay will reveal them somewhere beneath.

Cherhill Formation (England '93) "The Flow"

A veritable "river of wheat" whose flow is turned by the SoundBarrier. Note the breath-taking seedhead alignments. The perimeter stalks display 3 distinct consistencies: 3 thicker groups of stalks are spaced almost evenly along the perimeter; the in-between wisps lie at a different but consistent-to-themselves angle; even the four stalks facing against the flow are all angled similarly to each other. The tracks on the left are more clearly defined than those on the right, which appear here to merge as they approach the perimeter.

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