The Light

Where do the Sound, Heat, and Wind quanta come from?

This is where I think the "Amber Balls of Light" and "Silver Spheres" fit in. Folks have reported seeing amber or golden Lights over areas in which Circles were discovered the following morning. That bright Lights play a part in the transmission process makes sense to me, for Light is information. Extraordinarily bright Light is also a hallmark of MASER energy. I think those little spinning Silver Spheres, like the ones captured on Steve Alexander's and the von Durkheim's video footage, are the source of the MASER and Wind Energies.

Scenario: Coherent, "intelligent" Energy "materialises" into our three-dimensional reality as an Amber Ball of Light high up in our atmosphere [storyboard panel 1]. It is manned by extra-dimensional Intelligences. As it descends to the field below, it transmits the SoundBarrier/template. Once Sound is "holding" the shape of the Formation-to-be, the Amber Ball of Light "sends out" the spinning Silver Spheres. The Spheres are programmed to work together, and they take up their "stations" hovering at crop height as they're released into the field. When all Silver Spheres are in position, they emit the MASER and Wind packets. Perhaps a single Sphere controls the Energies for a single track; maybe one Sphere is responsible for co-ordinating all 3 or 4 tracks of a single Path. On the other hand, maybe one or two Spheres lay an entire Formation; or perhaps 18, 27, or more might be required for the largest ones (like the "Half-Mile" Formation of '94).

After the Lay: The Energies Exit

Once the crop is laid, no additional Heat packets are emitted from the Spheres. The microwave energy within a Formation begins cooling immediately.

The Tubes of Wind leave evidence that they exit in several different ways: In a Circle or Ellipse, they may spiral in to the "centre"* and leave via its standing tuft; if there is no central tuft, they exit from along the perimeter wall [see storyboard panel 4, pg. 18].

When they leave via a central standing tuft, they help explain the finding that upright stalks in a central tuft exhibit a higher percentage of cellular change than the laid stalks at their bases. Although the Heat quanta have cooled substantially by exit-time, repeated warmings of the cells in these tuft stalks by the residual MASER Energies carried by the WindTubes as they launch themselves skyward from the upright stalks might well account for the cellular alterations documented. In essence, the standing stalks receive a cumulative dose of the MASER heat as the WindTubes, still carrying moisture warmed by the microwave Energy, leave, one after the other.** We have not found blown nodes in the stalks of such standing tufts, only cellular changes, indicating [continued on pg. 19]

* In almost all Circles, the "centres" implied by the swirled lays do not coincide with their geometric centres.

** The Spring '96 issue of The Circular, CCCS England's Crop Circle Journal, carries a fascinating story recounted by Roy Dutton. Roy writes about the creation of a pair of Rings which was witnessed in daylight by 2 Japanese boys in 1991. As the boys watched, according to Roy's account, "a pillar of 'transparent white steam or smoke' [was] generated downwards from beneath the hovering [glowing orange object]. The pillar revolved and grew wider towards the base, 'giving the impression of a trumpet.' When the base came into contact with the grass, a flattened ring was produced, about 30cm (12") wide ... Immediately after the [grass was flattened], the 'trumpet' was retracted and the object shot back into the sky." When 2 concentric Rings were created, "the trumpet was deployed and retracted twice during the process". When it produced the inner Ring, "it was much narrower and more dense than the one responsible for the outer Ring." I was especially interested in one of the young men's comments that he felt "a warm wind and drops of water on [his] face" as he watched the grass being whirled down. As he stood transfixed, he reported that he simultaneously heard a "low alternating sound" transliterated as "gu-on, gu-on."

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