The Distinctive 'Perimeter Stalks'

The next two pages present a few of the infinite variations in the angles of inclination, as well as in the thicknesses and spacings of the bundles standing along the perimeters of the Circles, Rings, and Paths.

Groupings of stalks along the perimeter will all lean at the same angle, and will all contain a similar number of stalks. The same pattern of 'lean' is usually repeated throughout the entire Formation.

In some Circles, the perimeter stalks bear witness to two distinct angles of the WindTubes' exit. One set of bundles along the perimeter may lean at a steeper angle, while the second set (in alternating bundles with the more severely angled stalks) will be closer to the upright position. Each bundle in the same 'set' will appear 'fractally similar' to each other rather than identical ; that is, the patterns of 'lean' will appear visually similar, as fractals do. The spacings of the bundles along the perimeter will be consistent: all those at the steeper angle will be approximately the same distance apart, while those bundles leaning less severely will also be evenly spaced.

Photo below: Roundway (c) 1995 ilyes

Note the beautiful 'corn dolly' centre, and the consistent angle-of-lean in these (especially skinny) perimeter bundles.

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This standing tuft was in the terminus of the serpentine shape (the end closest to the motorway). After the second day, it had been destroyed by 'visitors'. The 'busy' Perimeter Stalks here contrast sharply with those in the Roundway photo, above.

Photo below: Litchfield (c) 1995 ilyes

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