An Hypothesis:

The Transmission of a Crop Circle

The Sound That Manifests

According to a dictionary, to "vibrate" is to resound. Our physicists confirm that everything in the manifest Universe is in a state of vibration at the sub-atomic (quantum) level; further, that quantum particles/waves are the building "blocks" of matter.

The Energy of Manifestation is Sound.

We humans do not have the range of hearing necessary to "listen to the sound" of a tree or a shoe; nevertheless, at the quantum level, each sings its song of vibration/resonance.

Our world cultures are permeated with teachings about this Primordial Sound/Vibration. Common terms our western scientists use which convey the concept of this Sound-Which-Manifests include the Big "Bang", and the background microwave "noise" or "echo" believed left over from it ... The Creation stories of the Aboriginal people of Australia relate that the world was "sung" into existence ... Thousands of years before Christ, the Vedic rishis of India were teaching that the world is Sound. Eastern philosophies acknowledge the syllable/vibration "Om" as the Sound of Manifestation. The visual representation of the Om vibration is the pattern known as the Sri Yantra mandala*... The Bible asserts in John 1:1, "In the beginning was The Word ... and The Word was God" ... Genesis 1:3 states, "And God said, `Let there be Light` " - which affirms that the ancient teachers understood that vibration (Sound) precedes manifest existence (Light) ... Cymatics is a field of study in which Sound/vibration is used to generate shapes ... According to an article in the April '96 Scientific American, the potential of "acoustic waves" to power nanotechnology devices is being explored ... In The Crop Circle Enigma (pg. 110), George Wingfield shares a lovely channelled poem from the CircleMakers which begins, "Where I be is all around. Listen hard, you'll hear my Sound..." Later in the poem we are urged again to "... listen hard for every Sound ...."

I believe that this Sound that's referred to in the above examples, this Sound Which Manifests, is the same Energy the CircleMakers focus to generate and hold the templates of our Crop Circle.

*The entire Sri Yantra mandala arrived as a Formation in the Steens Mountain area of eastern Oregon in the United States in 1990. It contained 13.3 miles of lines. The Om glyph itself arrived just below the huge Telegraph Hill Formation (England '95). According to Circle researcher Nancy Talbott, Sanskrit scholars to whom she showed the Om photo confirmed that the Pattern in the field depicted a regional variation of the written character.

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