Is the Answer Really "Blowin' in The Wind"?

March 10 '97 Greetings, Circle Networkers!

I received a tape from Peter today which is a dub of one he made in the Swindon studio straight from John's original - it's an NTSC dub directly from the PAL.

This is the first time I actually saw where that 3rd BoL comes from - 'way back behind the *2nd* hedgerow! It actually splits on-screen - not off-screen, as I first thought. It splits about mid-way over the right-hand side of the Formation, with the fainter BoL inside (closer to the centre of the main Circle); they leave the frame in screen-right, then return and continue their loop.

What I see is a blade of grass bending and rising in slo-mo as it's buffeted by gusts of wind. I've stood on that hill, and can attest to the fact that it's *very* windy up there...

I still know little about video technicalities (though I've augmented my understanding at least threefold in the last several months!); but it seems to me that motion, as it pertains to a blade of grass being tossed by wind gusts of varying speeds within feet of the camera lens, might be expected to appear quite differently from that of the BoLs in the next sequence. The Lights are travelling at an estimated 80-200mph and appear to be totally unaffected by said wind, for their circuit around the Crop Circle is remarkably smooth. (Indeed, I believe that the BoLs somehow *generate* and transmit their own very 'special' Wind [in the form of WindTubes, actually] into the Formations to lay the crop as soon as it's softened by the Heat ... but I believe that *this* Wind is another story, and one I've recorded in the monograph...)

At any rate, I'll be sending this 'new' tape to Jim Dilettoso for his evaluation.

Is the answer really blowin' in The Wind? "YES!", I maintain! But I believe that it's a very different wind from the one that Peter's referring to!

I do believe that folk will probably be working on this Video Enigma in 2012... ;-)

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