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What follows is, to me, the most important story to come out of the 1997 Crop Circle Season. And what makes it perhaps even more special is that it occurred in conjunction with the Grand Finale Formation of the Year ...

Below is the transcript of an interview I conducted and videotaped with two Circle Researchers from the Czech Republic this past Summer. I met them in the Circles in 1996. When they recognised me in the Milk Hill 'Koch Fractal 2' this year on the morning of its Arrival, they came over to say hi ... and to inform me of an extraordinary experience their group had shared the night before.

In the transcript, the woman is "Z" (Zora) and the young man is "P" (Prokop). Among the group members was Zora's sister and another Czech woman who were inside the Formation with us within calling distance; there was a total of eight or nine Czechs in their group, though I only spoke directly with Zora and Prokop. I've reduced the transcript to its essence, and have added in brackets phrases to assist with the flow of the story. Some pieces of information came out later in the interview which I put into chronological order. Otherwise, Zora and Prokop describe in their own words their story of what they and their group saw during the pre-dawn hours of darkness on the morning of August 8.

I think theirs is an important story for it strongly parallels the story John Wheyleigh and his video footage presented to us last year. The following are points that both accounts hold in common:

So with the groundwork laid, here's the 1997 story in the witnesses' own words, as I recorded it inside the Milk Hill Formation that sunny morning:

1: Okay, Prokop, you've just told me you saw something quite interesting last night. Would you begin your account?

P: Okay. The Day We Saw the Lights! First of all, it was raining, so we thought we'd get back to our car, but then we slept all night near Adam's Grave, like between those two hills ... Adam's Grave and Knap Hill. And we saw a Light like from orbital stations [satellites] that go through the sky like you see during Summer.

And it was really strange: Sometimes the Lights would go in specific shapes [patterns], you know? [He turns his left palm to face the sky, and with two extended right-hand fingers pointing toward his palm but not touching it, he traces the paths of the Lights. His fingers indicate that the Lights travel side-by-side as he moves them smoothly and continuously from the base of his palm toward the tips of his fingers and a little beyond, make a u-turn toward the left, and cross the heel of his palm, stopping at his elbow.] They were moving two of them, yes, side-by-side ... and in a triangle also! [P extends a third finger toward his palm indicating that at some point the Lights formed a triangular pattern.] And they had different levels, also! [He gestures by horizontally slicing the air in several places as he reports there were different levels.] They shined sometimes really intensively! Then they just stopped shining, and then they flew out. And what was really strange that I saw was the Light was moving like that [again, palm up, fingers trace the same pattern from heel to beyond fingertips to elbow] through the sky, and then went back.

I: Down and back. They made a loop ...

P: Yeah ... We saw that just for one hour ...

I: How long did the Lights last in the sky? For an hour??

P: Yeah ... they shined for five seconds ... not more, I think.

I: Is that your guess too, Zora? About 5 seconds?

Z: [She nods 'yes'.]

P: I saw, like, really two fast shines, like they were racing after some object, so I said to myself that it may be some asteroid. But then I saw these Lights moving ... just one the first time, and then [in] those formations [patterns]. Yeah.

I: How high would you guess these Lights were? You said they weren't as high as a star, that they were lower than stars ...

P: I'm not experienced in saying, like, "one kilometre ..." [I don't really know ...]

I: You said that these were larger than stars. How large do you think they were?

Z: [gestures with her cupped hands about eight inches apart, smiles and shrugs]

P: I'd say that these were just round circles here. They could be big or small, I can't say. Round.

I: Do you remember anything else that the Lights did? They went down and back ... did they do anything else?

P: Yeah. The Lights went like ... here's the track [palm up, he traces their path again]. And they suddenly stopped shining. And they also went all the way through the sky, not just one way, but above us. [He zigzags his index finger randomly in the area immediately in front of him, but not over his extended palm where the previous action had taken place.] Above our heads.

Z: There were no stars. There was cloudy sky.

P: Yeah.

I: What did you see, Zora?

Z: We slept on the other place, and we saw something different. [The friends had split into two groups as they were preparing to go to sleep.] They [Prokop's group] went to the top of Knap Hill, and me, my sister [Zora points to two others inside the Formation with us] and others went to Adam's Grave. And we want to sleep there, but it starts to rain. We slept at Adams Grave, but then it starts to rain, and we packed our things ...

I: What time did it start to rain?

Z: Oh ... I don't know.

P: Well, it was close to midnight ...

Z: ... and we go back to the car, and ... we saw one huge Light in the sky - no other stars, just one Light [Prokop nods his head in agreement] - and it wasn't so high like stars, but looks more like balloon, very brilliant. And it's getting whiter, whiter [as she describes this, she cups her palms toward each other in front of her and moves them farther apart each time she says "whiter"] then fading [she moves her hands closer together when she says "fading"], then again whiter, whiter ...

I: So their brightness varied as you watched. How much time was there between when it became very bright to when it became dim?

Z: A half minute, or less ... not long. And then it fades and was gone. And we think it could be an orbit station, but we didn't know. We didn't see any other star, so we didn't know. And then we find them [pointing to her friends] and go back to the car, and go to sleep in the car. And open the door because it is warm, and [we were able to] look through the door, on the south side. And we saw the same thing twice again during the night.

I: WHAT! You saw all three passes???!

Z: Mm-hmm. I just wake up and saw huge Light shining into my eye, it wakes me up. I saw two Lights really, but I thought my eyes were still sleepy and [I tried] to see only one Light there, but I saw two. I thought my eyes had a problem because I had just come awake, and [there] seemed to be something wrong with them [she thought the Lights were out of focus, and was trying to focus better]. And I moved my head [she tips it to one side as she looks up, then tips it far back looking upward toward an eleven o'clock position] to try to see only one, but there were two. I think my eyes were playing tricks! And then it faded. And this happened three times over the night ...

I: How soon after you saw the first set of Lights did you see the second and third?

Z: I don't know, because it was still dark. Perhaps about one hour? Because [I was dozing], each time I was going to sleep and waking up. But the last two [sets of BoLs] were [seen] one after the other. The first one happened, we saw it just before we visit them [indicating Prokop], then we go back to [our] car, we go to sleep. And then I wake ...

I: Because the Light shining in your face awakened you ...

Z: Yeah.

I: Did you hear any Sound with any of these Lights?

Z: I think I heard something, but I'm not sure. [Zora asks her sister and friend if they'd heard anything, and they both say they hadn't.] But I woke up in the dawn, and I think I have to wake up and go to have a look, go [up] to Adam's Grave to have a look [around]. And I think I will not go because I will be tired tomorrow! So I didn't go ... next time [I will]! Promise! [laughing at her missed opportunity]

I: Would you try to describe the Sound that you think you heard? Was it a loud "Boom!", or a high-pitched sound ... ?

Z: [She moves her hands in front of her from eye-level lower and lower, in jerky movements, then asks Prokov a question in Czech.] Not too high [-pitched] noise. If you have a [grocery bag] full of food and dump it out, the [items] fall one after the other. The noise is together, but then it stops.

I: So, a one-time noise made of a grouping of little noises...

Z: One time, yes.

I: Did you have a dog or cat with you?

Z: No.

I: Well! That's quite a wonderful story! Thank you both very much for sharing it with me!

This interview was recorded on August 8, 1997 by ilyes inside the Milk Hill

'Koch Fractal 2' (the Grand Finale Formation of the Season) in Alton Barnes.


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