two views of
The Torus: Primordial Energy of the Universe

 fboljpeg.jpg (38920 bytes)

from video captures from John Wheyleigh's Oliver's Castle footage. (Movie file download)
Allow your eyes to focus into 2a and compare it with 2b.
Then note the stunning similarity between 1a and 2b.
When I compare Patrick's perception of the BoLs with the toroidal forms
of this 'solar flare', I find the similarities incredibly exciting!
Excellent work, Patrick! Bravo!

The 'Balls of Light' (BoLs) that Transmit the CropCircles are not
spheres as much as they are Toruses, pre-programmed by the CircleMakers
to release the SoundBarrier, the MASER Heat, and the WindTubes.

The walls of Sound separate field from Formation and restrict the
Heat and Wind to within them
The Heat and Wind sent out from
the Toruses are the Energies which actually lay the crop

Please see my monograph, and Patrick Wilson and Charles Cagle's websites
for additional information on (respectively) the  Transmission of a Formation,
the BoLs, and the Energies of the Torus.

With huge thanks to John Wheyleigh, Charles, and Patrick, each of whose
independent research has helped me manifest graphically
what I've been unable to draw.


Nov 29 `97

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