More on Those Magical Balls of Light: 
Eyewitness In Holland Watches Circles Manifest

A young man (for privacy purposes, I'll refer to him as 'D' -- he's in his 'teens) who's been visited by, and has had some rather extraordinary interactions with, Balls of Light on numerous occasions in past years has very recently experienced encores. On Sunday (Jun 6), he was awakened and Guided to look out his window where he watched 2 pinkish/purple Balls of Light appear in the family's large backyard field of wheat and move toward him; as he witnessed the unfolding scene, the BoLs merged, then manifested 2 Circles, one 12', the other 30' in diameter. Incredibly, several days later, another BOL made its presence known to him and repeated the Event, manifesting an even larger Circle before his eyes. All three Circles are in the same field.

During one Transmission, D described hearing an electrostatic 'crackling' discharge as he watched a
BOL directing Energy toward the ground, in which area a Circle immediately formed. After the Circle was completed, the young man reports that the BOL simply 'went out'. He immediately went into the Circle, and discovered that the stalks in the Formation were still radiating heat. Crop from these Circles is being sampled and the stalks and controls will be sent to Dr WC Levengood's Pinelandia Labs for analyses.

Members of D's family as well as visitors to their home have witnessed various Balls of Light outside their glass doors. On one occasion last year, a
BOL blackened the (aluminum? tin?) roof of the birdhouse on the back porch as well as singed a roof rafter, then stopped in mid-air mere inches from the astonished young fellow's nose as he pressed it against the glass sliding door and watched in amazement. The BOL radiated its intense Light in front of him for a few seconds, then suddenly and rapidly moved away and out of sight. On the deck beneath where it had been spinning was discovered a white powder which upon analysis was determined to be magnesium.

These Events were related to me by Nancy Talbott of the BLT research team, and I thank her for sharing them with me.

- ilyes
National Coordinator
Crop Circle Research International
Jun 12 '99

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