India: Star Tetrahedron Mandala!

February 1, '97

Greetings, All!

I have some very exciting news this morning, courtesy of Colin Andrews!

We've received our first-ever report of Crop Circles in INDIA!

Through a scientist who's apparently been studying India's Formations for the last TEN years, we've learned that in 1987, India received a 500m (1500', or over 1/4 mile across) Star Tetrahedron (6-point star) Formation, within a Triangle. It arrived in a wheat field - near the President's palace! To date, the scientist estimates that they've received approximately 2000 Formations in the country. Colin relates that the eminent scientist served as an advisor to the President of India, and in the current issue of his CNINews newsletter Michael Lindemann (from Colin's report to him) adds that the scientist had "briefed" a "high-ranking" Indian government official about the 1987 Formation. I have no additional details. Perhaps this Season we'll be able to discover more from this gentleman, for according to Colin, he is hoping to arrange for a visit to the UK this Summer. No, we don't have any photos yet ( I wonder if they also received the 5-pointed Star Formation in '87? ) We now have reports on: the Star Tetrahedron (India 1987), the Sri Yantra* Mandala (US 1990), and the Star Tetrahedron and Bythorn Mandala (UK 1993). I've a strong feeling that the five-pointed star [is, was, or will be] out there in India somewhere, too.

(*As you may know, Oregon was Gifted with the Sri Yantra Mandala in 1990, in a dry wilderness lakebed east of Steens Mountain. It consisted of 13.3 MILES of lines, each 10" wide and scored to a depth of 4 inches.)

Actually, I think before the Circle Makers are finished with their Program we may all receive 3 of each kind: a Sri Yantra, and both the Five- and Six-Pointed Stars. (To my knowledge, no one yet has received the magical 7-pointed Star ... )

I wonder where the other 'Star' Formations were, or will be? in Australia, in the Outback ... ? Tibet? perhaps in China, near the White Pyramid ... ? maybe in the sands around Giza ... ? Will *each* continent eventually receive all three Patterns?

If you have any information on (and especially photos of) Crop Circles which may have arrived in India, Africa, Siberia, Russia, Australia - actually, anywhere in the world - rather than assume we already know about it, please contact me. (If you're accessing my HomePage to read this, there's a 'pen' at the bottom of this page.) I'll be happy to swap aerial photos of UK or US Formations for ones we don't have.

Your assistance in further passing on this information is very much appreciated. Thank you kindly!


- ilyes

National Coordinator

Centre for Crop Circle Studies / US Network

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