Geibs’ fields near Wilbur. Washington. Reported 24th July

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All aerial Images Rod Hoekstra Copyright 2012

Kite Aerial Photography of Crop Circles, near Wilbur, Washington, USA, Aug 2, 2012

I am extremely excited to present these kite aerial photography images of crop circles in Eastern Washington. Last night I came across a news story that said that crop circles had shown up in a fairly remote part of the state, and I thought about it all night and this morning after getting a few things done in Seattle I threw my KAP kit together and drove east. The drive was about 4 hours, and I had no idea if I was going to get good wind, good lighting conditions, or even whether or not the farmer had already harvested the field. I was extremely fortunate in that everything worked out perfectly, and I got this and several other good images. Crop circles in Washington are quite rare, this is the third one in roughly the same area in about as many years. Personal opinions about how these are formed varied a great deal with the people I spoke with in the area. When I arrived someone was just leaving and muttering about microwave radiation. Others were convinced young kids had done it, and one person thought the farmers themselves had done it. Regardless, I was very excited to have the opportunity to see crop circles, something I've never been able to see before in my life.

All aerial Images Rod Hoekstra  Copyright 2012

The wind conditions were very good, a little bit of variability, but not much. At one point the wind died completely, I had to haul in my quite very quickly in order to not land it in unmolested wheat, and when I was able to launch it again later the wind direction had shifted. There are close up blurry photos of trampled wheat during that segment.

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Technical Details:
6' Rok Kite
Canon S90, using CHDK
Brooxes Simplex Rig

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Washington farm is the latest site of mysterious crop circles

‘We had aliens attack us … you know, I guess,’ farmer Greg Geib says with a laugh.

By Anthony Bartkewicz / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS  Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 12:45 PM 

What caused the massive crop circles on a field at Greg Geib’s Washington state wheat farm?

What caused the massive crop circles on a field at Greg Geib’s Washington state wheat farm? “We had aliens attack us … you know, I guess,” he told KHQ-TV. Greg’s wife Cindy thinks “it would be kind of cool if it really were aliens,” but doesn’t seem to think it’s likely. The elaborate designs were pressed into the Geibs’ fields near Wilbur, Wash., last week. Whoever – or whatever – made them strikes area fields every year or two, according to local farmers. “I guess this year it was our turn,” Cindy Geib said. Though some people believe that crop circles are the work of visiting extraterrestrials, the phenomenon began in the 1970s when admitted hoaxers Doug Bower and Dave Chorley started carving the elaborate designs into British farmers’ fields.

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Six smaller circles around larger central circle appears to be this wheat pattern first reported by Spokane, Washington's KHQ-TV on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.  The farm owners, Cindy and Greg Geib, live five miles north of Wilbur. They confirmed for KHQ-TV that there were no tracks leading across their wheat field to the pattern. The  formation is off Highway 174 about ten miles south of the Grand Coulee dam in  Washington, which the Bureau of Reclamation says is the largest hydropower producer in the United States. To date, no aerial images of the wheat pattern have been taken. Image © 2012 by The Wilbur Register.

Image (AP Photo/The Wilbur Register, Courtney Ruiz) Copyright 2012


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In the aerial view of the Wilbur crop circle we are drawn to the main image of 3 overlapping circles fused by a triangle from the centre point of each circle.  Triangles geometrically are the most stable formations in nature and in architecture. That a triangular shape should fuse these circles together implies that the 3-circle combination could be one space craft, the triangle holding the whole thing together as one object, further symbolizing one solitary craft. In the sky people have often seen 3 bright lights appear together. The illusion is that there are 3 ships or 3 "suns", as reported out of China in 2010. Please see report below.  However, my sense is that the positioning of the 3 lights reveal the 3 end-points of one triangular craft--with only the lights at the points, lit. See photo below.

Three suns in the sky or UFOs?


It looks pretty fake to me, but you decide for yourselves. “Look! UFOs are coming!” With that cry, citizens of Leshan City saw a peculiar sight in the sky around 10 p.m. on July 26, reported by Sichuan Online. Three round illuminated discs shined in the sky, lasting for more than 10 minutes before disappearing.

Comment on Wilbur crop circle continued:

The circle directly in front of (or below) the "craft" could symbolize a planet--maybe our earth that the ship has come to visit. The two smaller circles connected to the 3 fused-circle design which have been called Mickey Mouse ears, could symbolize that the actual craft responsible for the crop circle originated from a binary planet-system which is not uncommon, although we are still left not knowing which one!

Barbara Tomczyk

The 'Triquetra of Eternity' fragments the Pyramid when the Sun, Venus and Earth align

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