Boorowa, Lachlan Valley, Nr Yass, New South Wales. Reported 23rd November


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Updated Monday 10th December 2012



Images Rosco Williams Copyright 2012

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A new crop picture near Boorowa on November 23, 2012 shows a “Seed of Life” inside of a nested “Vesica Piscis”, and bears a striking similarity to the map of a total solar eclipse, which was watched by millions of people over northern Australia at sunrise, ten days earlier on November 13, 2012

·         “The most famous example in nature of a Vesica Piscis is during a total solar eclipse. Then the Moon's apparent size is the same as that of the Sun. As the Moon moves to cover the Sun, at a certain moment in time it forms a Vesica Piscis. In some ancient cultures, the Sun was regarded as a male god, while the Moon was regarded as a goddess. That Vesica Piscis geometry symbolized an opening or gateway between two polarities, through which creation can take place” (see Vesica_piscis)

·      A new crop circle near Boorowa, Australia (just northwest of Yass) was first reported on November 23, 2012. By then it appeared quite old, and could have been made one or two weeks earlier. Ostensibly it shows a “Seed of Life” from sacred geometry, drawn at the centre of a nested “Vesica Piscis”:

Careful measurements from an aerial photograph, kindly taken by Rosco Williams, suggest a series of integral ratios for the diameters of its five primary circles as 8, 8, 7, 6 and 4: 

This crop picture also bears a striking resemblance to the map of a total solar eclipse, which was watched by millions of people over northern Australia at sunrise, ten days earlier on November 13, 2012 (see Solar_eclipse_of_November_13,_2012):                                                                                                

In fact, that crop picture pointed in the field toward sunrise in the east, exactly where the total solar eclipse began (see  

A schematic movie of the November 13, 2012 solar eclipse may be seen here: 

What do you think? Was the Boorowa crop picture made in relation to a total solar eclipse?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC LMB 1982-1986, CSIRO Australia 1987-2010)  

P.S. With many thanks to Troy Byrne, Jo Bryne and Rosco Williams.  

The Eclipse over Australia heralded a new age of Enlightenment with its 'Flowering of Life' optical effects

Art work by JW

Location: Boorowa, Lachlan Valley, Nr Yass, New South Wales.
Map: APPROX  (near more precise location for map)
Crop: Wheat?
Description: Flower of Life?
Discovery: Reported 23rd November 2012
Name: Jim Peyton
Status: Waiting for field report and aerial images. Anyone in the area can confirm this event with more images inside and outside

Just wanted to share an interesting set of coincidences I discovered with the Boorowa, Australia formation from November 23rd. On the night of January 23rd this year, I made a geometric form with the golden ratio on my computer using Microsoft Paint. I see things visually-spatially and like to tinker with tangential orientation. The design I created had its blank version finished at 10:10 PM, and its finished colour version finished at 2:01:22 AM.  The Boorowa formation appeared exactly 10 months later to the day. It shares the same central 6-lobed asterisk formation created by the overlap of a hexagonal circular arrangement.  The two design files and a picture of the Boorowa formation are attached. The Boorowa image is from Crop Circle Centre:-  

Marina Sassi sends us in her collage within which expresses her thoughts about the recent Australian crop circle with her covering text - 'A Jump dance between Earth, Moon and Sun, at the rhythm of the Eclipses and Full and New Moons.. as seen from the Earth and from the Moon .. WOW :-D .. the Eclipse dance of the year 2012.. the last Eclipse dance of this Mayan Sun

Tim Francis has located for us (see Satellite photo) the exact field of the recent Australian crop circle at Boorowa, Lachlan Valley, near Yass, New South Wales. Reported 23rd November. He also points out the probable positions that 3 photos were taken from the road.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike