S A N D  C I R C L E S







Brean Beach, Somerset, UK on 6th July 2013.

Created by Julian Richardson assisted by his team, Mirka, Stuart Dike, Paul Burton and Sue.
Photo Julian Gibsone.

This awesome sand circle was created on the 6th of July by Julian Richardson and his talented team, Stuart Dike, Mirka, and Paul Burton, with the help of Sue. As I have just got back late tonight having filmed this sand circle all day I am going to have to go to bed having transferred as many postings as I can tonight. Here is one of my still photos of this amazing sand work of art. Check out Julian Richardson's previous photo albums: www.facebook.com

"Time and tide wait for no man!" An amazing aerial kite photo shot by
Paul Burton of the demise of this awesome sand circle.

Photo Stuart Dike.

Thanks to Roger Wibberley  for the video.

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