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Brean Beach, Somerset, UK on 25th June 2014.

This sand art epic was created today, the 25th of August, by Simon Beck with the assistance of Jim Mallinson at Brean Beach, Somerset, UK. Simon's covering text -
'Today was forecast to be a good day and so I set off to Brean Beach despite a large amount of rain on the rainfall radar. The intention was to draw a reproduction of the John Lennon memorial in NYC's Central Park, to be the biggest drwg I have yet made on the sand, a tad short of 200m in diameter.

I said that if the rain ruined the attempt it would indicate that the Lord did not want world peace, but he does want peace (and he controlled me to accidentally type "peach" just then) and it remained dry enough for a successful drawing even if he didn't delay the tide as one would have wished.

Thanks also to Jim Mallinson for 5 hours help. Too bad I didn't have a charged battery for my personal stereo. The 'imagine' song was going thru my head the whole time I was on the beach! Much as I agree with its message I never want to hear it again!

Please, everyone, spread this photo as much as possible.

The fact that the sea wall has got in the way of the drawing symbolises that whereas John would have been delighted about the fact that Russia is no longer seen as the enemy, other walls have been built, particularly the intolerance some Russians are showing towards other Russians. The duplication of the letter 'I' is a plea to one country in particular to cause fewer innocent victims in its legitimate efforts to protect its own people.

I am delighted to read in the "trending" news to the right of this screen the following

"Israel, Palestinians agree to long-term cease-fire......" Lets hope the source ( the LA times) is right. - Simon Beck's link:www.facebook.com

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