Boskovic, Czech Republic. Reported 28th June.

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Flying by compass readings: the new crop picture at Boskovic on June 28, 2014 and a “Viking Sun compass” 

The new crop picture which appeared near Boskovic, Czech Republic on June 28, 2014 certainly shows some kind of “compass”. When studied closely, it seems to resemble most closely a Viking Sun compass (see  

Its “western point” is even aligned in the field slightly north of west, where the Sun sets near Boskovic during late June (azimuth about 290o).  

Fourteen different “rectangles”, and one “open circle” of standing crop near its centre, code for two different overlapping numbers of “360” (degrees on a compass dial) or “365” (number of days in a solar year): 

Two groups of “rectangles” which say “3” or “6” were drawn rotated clockwise by 20o from the “western point” of this “compass”. Thus they also now align with where the Sun sets in late June, along the horizon at this particular latitude (about 20o north of west).  

Some of those “rectangles” were drawn with slightly altered length, because they also code for another number “3.14” or “pi”. It was specified cleverly by a partial Morse code, which reads out-to-in along the two rings in a clockwise direction. (For a more detailed description of this “pi” code, please see another essay below.)  

Subtle shadings of flattened crop within the “open side” of this crop picture suggest fast motion from lower right to upper left, as shown in the slide below (see  

Might a star-shaped UFO be flying soon by “compass readings and the Sun”, as sea-faring Vikings did long ago? One can see many electrical supply towers in the field near this crop picture, as if to suggest that they are using electromagnetism to fly.  

When we study the broad field location of this crop picture on Google Earth, we can see right away that it was drawn near a large “compass needle” in the landscape:  

At a more detailed level, we can see that it was drawn near some “buildings”, plus a “man lying face down” on the left, and a “bird” at upper right:  

The current interpretation of such detailed landscape features remains speculative and poorly defined.  

We suggested in another essay below, that those symbols might be a metaphor for “Theseas and the minotaur”, because a second reverse Morse code in the centre seems to read “Theseas”, while its central shape looks like a “labyrinth”. Many other labyrinth-style crop pictures have appeared across England and Europe during June of 2014. 

In any case, we seem to understand now the basic artistic metaphor of this Boskovic crop picture, which is that of a “Viking Sun compass” used to help a flying UFO or airplane “navigate”. Why the crop artist chose to show this particular field image on June 28 in the Czech Republic, nobody (yet) knows.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

Appendix 1. Two partial Morse codes were found near the centre of a “Viking Sun compass”, which was drawn in crops near Boskovic, Czech Republic on the night of June 27, 2014 

The centre of this crop picture contains 14 “rectangles” of standing crop along two “rings”. Those “rectangles” specify primarily two numbers of “360” (in degrees) or “365” (in days) as noted above. Quite remarkably, the centre of this crop picture also contains two other lucid codes in Morse, thereby bringing the total to four!  

First by reading clockwise from out-to-in, we can find a partial Morse code for the number “3.14” or “pi”:  

This code seems appropriate for any field image which contains “circular” shapes.  

Next by reading in reverse, anticlockwise from in-to-out, we can find another Morse code for “6-27”, which matches the night of June 27 when this crop picture appeared:  

In summary, the central region of that Boskovic crop picture contains four different overlapping codes, all of which make perfect sense in terms of its metaphorical content and date of appearance. There is no indication at present that it was made by local humans here on Earth. Its high (or even formidable) intellectual content would seem to suggest otherwise.

P.S. The new crop picture in Boskovic does not appear to be a “NATO star”, or a “star of Sumeria”. Nor does it seem to send us a “message of distress”, as others have suggested recently with good intent.

Appendix 2. The landscape near a new crop picture at Boskovic on June 28, 2014 shows two different “arrows”, one small and another large, to suggest where that “compass UFO” might be headed!  

We were unable to understand the full meaning of landscape imagery near that Boskovic crop picture, just by studying aerial photographs from Google Earth. Fortunately an excellent drone video was posted which shows everything clearly (see  

The crop picture was drawn adjacent and parallel to a “small arrow” in the landscape, which is formed by a nearby pond:  

That “compass UFO” seems to be headed locally toward some nearby buildings, while a large “bird” watches at upper right:  

Six different pairs of telephone poles run from bottom to top, just below the image of that “bird” in the slide above. They give the impression of a two-legged bird “hopping” (please see the drone video for close-up views).  

When we study the landscape near this crop picture on a much broader scale, using Google Earth, we can see a second “large arrow” which points in the same direction as the “small arrow” (drawn in blue):  

Both “arrows” and the “compass UFO” point west-northwest towards southern England. This is certainly an interesting insight into the minds of those crop artists! What does the future hold?



Man made crop circle: Boskovic, Czech Republic. Reported 28th June 2014

There are some inconsistencies with the crop circle reported from Boskovic.



Berat Sancar

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