The Long Man of Wilmington, East Sussex, United Kingdom. Reported 3rd July.

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Updated Thursday 10th  July  2014


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A long, tall man comes with love from the stars: who could it be?  

As shown in two slides above, a new crop picture appeared on July 3, 2014 near Wilmington, Sussex. It showed a “five pointed star”, just below a huge “jester figure” in the landscape. Both the “five pointed star” and a “jester’s hat” were traditional symbols for Quetzalcoatl in ancient central America (see time2007e or or Even more remarkably, a “feathered headdress” for Quetzalcoatl appeared in crops near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009 (see  

When we study the Wilmington landscape more closely, we can see two additional symbols near the crop picture itself. These would be the “Long Man of Wilmington” (see Long_Man_of_Wilmington) and a large “heart” shape:


Any sober person might conclude, after studying all of these various symbols, that a “long, tall man” is coming “with love” to see us, bearing a “jester’s hat” and “five pointed star”.  

A pentagonal shape within that crop picture matches the relative orbital locations of Venus, Mercury and Mars on July 3, 2014, the day when it appeared: 

Our visitor from the stars seems pretty good at astronomy! Quetzalcoatl taught the Mayans everything they knew about astronomy, especially concerning sky motions of planet Venus.  

This new crop picture also resembles the US Pentagon building in Washington DC. Now we can see a new, five-pointed star at its centre:  

A crop picture at Gipsy Lane on June 6, 2014 (the anniversary of D-Day) told us in Morse code “NO MORE WAR”.  

So many interesting clues! This long, tall man who comes with love from the stars, wearing a jester’s hat on his head, and a five-pointed star around his neck: who could it be?  

Native American legends tell of a white-skinned, bearded man who travelled among many tribes to bring about peace 2000 years ago. This spiritual hero was known as Quetzalcoatl (the “Feathered Serpent”) to most people, or as Kukulkan to the Mayans (see El_Castillo,_Chichen_Itza). He eventually left central America after living there for many years, but promised to return, sometime after his Long Count calendar would end on December 23, 2012.

In Book X of his History, Fray Bernardino de Sahagun described the departure of Quetzalcoatl from Teotihuacan as follows (translated here into simple English):

"The wise men did not remain long. They carried off the books, paintings, crafts, and castings of metals. Before they left, they summoned all who would be left behind. They said: ‘Our lord, the protector of all, says you must remain here. He goes far away, and we will go with him. Yet he will come back to do his duty. When the world becomes oppressed, our lord and master will return, to help bring it to an end’ ” (see

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)




Yet another exciting crop circle has appeared in Wilmington, England. Although, the figure is composed of a pentagon-pentagram dual, which has been the dominant figure this year for some reason, the vertices of the pentagon and pentagram are aligned for the first time (at least so far). Another important feature of the Wilmington crop circle is that it is three dimensional. It depicts a star either it is coming toward us or going from us through a “tunnel”. Thus, the direction is difficult to predict. However, if we consider the environmental key – the Long Man of Wilmington, we might be able to make a guess.

The figure resembles a man opening the curtains and entering into a (theater) scene (source: Wikipedia : Long_Man_of_Wilmington).

Can we assume that “somebody” is about to enter into the “scene” 192 days after the appearance of the Chualar crop circle (appeared December 31, 2013)?


In the comment above, I took the liberty of asking the following question: Can we assume that “somebody” is about to enter into the “scene” 192 days after the appearance of the Chualar crop circle (appeared December 31, 2013)?

Today I stumbled on the news that “a strange pyramid discovered on an asteroid”.  It appears that a very large and black colored pyramid was built on the asteroid 1999 RQ36. The identification was made by the scientist at the ISRO labs – an Indian Space Agency.

Perhaps the crop circle from Wilmington was made to imply the incoming asteroid 1999 RQ36. The short message from the Chualar crop circle suggested that “even the blind will see the approaching object to the camera”!

Video link :

News link :

UPDATE 10/07/2014

The news and video were an hoax.

Berat Sancar

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Louis & Jeanne Coeur


Hello friends,
this crop circle is the 3rd of a series of crop circles which does not fit into the - 2014 - Stop the War - series. 

And only with this 3rd crop circle of a 'pentagon' the things look more clearly now.
This time CC-makers have drawn some 'wave-forms' into the pentagon which spread out from the 5-pointed star in the centre. 

I thought a longer time about its meaning. But finally I have found a pretty likely relevance so to say, although I am not absolutely sure because of it's general strangeness.

As I recently told, I wanted to start a new 'experiment' by creating a new message for CC-makers and then to send it out instead vice versa to receive 'their' crop circle images.........
And now - after many hours of hard work and free hand drawing - it is finished!

When I was busy with drawing and calculating,  I also have sent it out telepathically to those group of CC-makers (ET) due to my very concentrated work of mind. I am sure they have received already......

But for you dear people it may possibly look very strange..........

You must begin to watch at the lower right where I have drawn a small circle with a dot into it. That's the starting point. From that point you just need to follow the drawn line which goes left hand 'through' the figures (= 1st message),  thereafter the line 'climbs up' and in spirals because the '2nd message' which I have drawn into. It is in 8 bit ASCII binary coded and you must decode it for understanding.......Anyway it was pretty hard and complicated work to place all the figures and to draw all the circles by hand.............

A short note to the below 'figures':
You may believe me or not but with these geometric figures I have implied a special code into!!!!
Will you understand that code??? The 'pentagon' as the last geometric shape plays a very special role in the row of figures (shapes)....... 

And only for those friends here who absolutely can't find the meaning of my drawn figures, I will give a little assistance then.........

See you and kind regards............

2014-07-08 - Gerd Estrup -

It's been a while since I've added any comments on any of the circles that have been appearing and yet I feel compelled to add my perspective on the comments that have been made on this particular circle partly because it was discovered on my 56th birthday.

One of the comments alluded to the planetary alignment on that day which is far too general for my liking as if you cast an astrological chart for that day the position of Mars, Venus and Mercury from that particular location would vary considerably dependent upon the actual time of creation - for instance a 1am creation time would create a nice kite formation with Pluto on the MC/midheaven (group relationships/competence) at the top opposition the sun on the IC/nadir (solitude/firmness) with Neptune opposing Saturn on the 'wings'. As for the interpretation of that you'd have to ask Steve Judd who is a professional astrologer and a huge fan of circles who also shares my birth date albeit he is a little bit more senior.

I do think that this circle alludes to the importance of the planet Venus and thus ties in with the legend of Quetzalcoatl. Interestingly two days before it appeared Steve Judd posted a video about the uncertainty of transiting Venus -

Another comment made reference to the circle predicting an event/coming 192 days from December 31 which would be this Friday, July 11 yet this was not specified but coincides with the UK launch of the movie 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'! lol

On a more serious note I think that the growth in European circles this season has some significance as does the 555 symbolism also evidenced in the Ackling Dyke circle last month and alluded to by Ron Van Dyke in his daily video blog posted on July 4 -

As for the location I immediately thought of Wilmington in Delaware, midway between NYC and Washington DC, although there is also a namesake in North Carolina and a UK company bearing that name. Interestingly Wilmington in Delaware has the following claim to fame:

Wilmington is often referred to as the "corporate capital of the world". Over half of the Fortune 500 companies call Wilmington their corporate home. The unique synergism that exists between government, business and labour has successfully addressed the issue of infrastructure rebuilding, leading the City to its position as financial, governmental and corporate hub of the State and region.

Therefore I wonder if the current peaks of the global stock markets are about to be redressed once and for all and the symbolism of 5 pointed star with outward reverberations refers to the five continents of Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australasia.

A lot of conjecture on my part borne out of my own feelings and resonance with the Mayan cosmology referred to in one of the comments already posted.



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