Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. United Kingdom. Reported 20th June

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Updated Tuesday 24th June  2014


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Rich Jarvis posts us his latest geometric work regarding the short lived crop circle near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK. Jarvis's covering comment - 'As always this is my guesstimate of the geometry based on the pictures supplied.'



Artwork by WJ

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The ten linked disks suggest a lunation chain; but where does the count begin, at a Full Moon, or a New Moon?  As this specimen was reported on 20 June, the circle-makers apparently were at work on the 19th, on which date Moon entered its 3rd quarter, suggesting the lunation chain begins with the New Moon of the 27th

So far, so good.  What about the two grand disks? 

If a lunation chain is correct, then Sol is the obvious candidate for grand disk; but why two?  Will something happen to our sun within the space of ten lunations; will it flip over?  Startlingly, this may indeed be the message for according to Suspicious0bserver Ben Davidson (, Sol’s long-awaited magnetic pole swap is ongoing; recent reports of culmination are, evidently, premature. 

Anything else?  Well, “yes.”  Though, generally, I try to resist speculation, here goes! 

If Davidson and other Electric Universe ( aficionados have it right (I believe they do), then “Solar-Max,” which has yet to culminate, will be followed by a “Grand Minimum,” producing a possible arctic chill the likes of which has not been witnessed in many generations.  And have the circle-makers weighed in on this too? 

Possibly so; I refer to Hunter Valley, New South Wales (  Though many no doubt take this crop circle for a fake, one cannot help noting that it’s Down Under, on the “flip-side” of our planet; that it displays the solar system with Sol replaced by a possible beef heart; and beneath it, these words: “The Beef Oracle is Coming.” 

Well, of course I searched the web for “Beef Oracle;” and low and behold, “Dr. Harvey’s Oracle” turns out to be a brand-name pet food made with “Freeze-dried Raw USDA Meats.”  Imagine that! 

John Del Campo

Twins : Science Behind the Day of The Dead  

  Reported on June 20 , 2014 is the day of 4 Kame. This crop displays dualism. I might postulate that something occurred during the making of this formation that may have been scary or enlightening in a strong way. Only the artists know. 

 Accept no substitutes when it comes to the day count and the original descriptions. These can be verified and have been. Descriptions must correlate with several cultures and modern examples to be considered authentic. Time is a critical component of quantum physics. It is not good to confuse the people.  


  Kame specifically statesKame cuts life  Ruler of Death or Transformation  The body part of Kame is physical death. 

 It also states : They can visualize cataclysms, foretell time, and communicate with spirits or ancestors.  

 Percentages.   %     is a component of the glyph and a common geometry of two worlds separated. 

 WHO or World Health Organization was born on 4 Kame. 7 April, '48  WHO deals with global death.

  Masks, panic, crowds of weeping people, pandemics, death. Percentages,.,.. fear porn. Being also born in horse decan means there are tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands being mentioned automatically.


 Tim Kring who penned the series Touch, was born on 4 Kame , July 9 '57  The series is about a young boy who predicts the future. Keifer is in constant panic. Screaming. Theres a truthful balance.


 Ed Wood who crazily produced horror films bizarrio was born on 4 Kame. Oct 10, '24   Screaming, lots and lots of screaming. And horrific murder. Notably the same year as Bush.

 George HW Bush was born 1 Kame  June 12, '24  His face in relation to the glyph is not a coincidence.  Screaming, lots of money and screaming. And death.  Oil, death and screaming.

  The Hindu counterpart is Yama, ruler of the dead whose name is also interpreted as “Twin” in sanskrit. Little screaming.


  Kame is the twins and the connection between worlds. Death is quantified in percentages.

                                          010   % 

 All the above examples are closely associated with “panic”. Induced or real, panic drives people.

Fear porn is the tool of the day of Kame and it has an impact on our time. The positive aspects of Kame are very many elders who guide their people with great wisdom and insight. Some people born on this day who embody love are those who help others through the transition into death. It is done in a sacred and calm, loving way. Experts in this field can be identified easily. 

   Kame is positioned next to Gemini in the “Family”.


David Odell


We had two big earthquakes on June 23, 2014, one on each side of the International Date Line and the CC of June 20th relates to that. The 10 small circles could be the date line and meaning 10 days for years back to 2004 when the big one hit on December 26th. Ten days from June 24th is July 4th. The date line was June 24th when the earthquakes happened. I am no expert, and could be wrong.



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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike