Buckle Street, nr Pebworth, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 26th May.

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Rich Jarvis posts us his fascinating piece of art work that relates to the recent and powerful crop circle near Pedworth, Worcestershire, UK.

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Buckle Street–Get Ready to Come About! 

Because of its resemblance to a giant mechanical cogwheel in the fields, I immediately thought of the term ‘deus ex machina’ (‘god from the machine’) that relates to a theatrical device by which the playmakers use a turn of events, the appearance of a new character, a newly discovered ability or some new thing to move the plot out of a dead end situation, and SAVE THE DAY!  

Here at Buckle Street we see a large circle with eight semi-circles near the outer limit and eight circles ‘beaded’ together by a medium-sized circle that is concentric to the small centre with two more inner concentric circles. The image could resemble a large cogwheel; it brings to mind some symbols for the Goddess Venus as well. 

The cogwheel, or gear, is a basic element to the workings of many mechanical operations we depend on today–automobiles and transporting machines prominent among them. The teeth on a cogwheel are designed to interact with adjacent machine parts that bear similar teeth. The turning of the wheel transmits energy and direction to other gears in a possibly very large machine. Systems such as this have been understood for millennia. The Antikythera astromony device includes gears. Scientists believe it to have been created around 100 BC.                                  

The initiatory cogwheel turns on its axis determining the movement of all the other cogwheels relating to it through the system in which they are included.  

The number eight figures prominently in this formation, symbolizing regeneration, spiritual rebirth, a new beginning. It is one way to solve the squaring of the circle, an alchemical process devised to “extract the ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ in its purest state.” (solarlunar) Eight is the sacred number of the Great Goddess of Life and Immortality and of Venus as the goddess of fertility. The figure eight represents infinity as well as ‘the blending of conscious and subconscious: knowledge and love, action and reaction, evolution and involution, etc.’ (deVries)

Various symbols for Ishtar or Venus throughout history and civilizations resemble

the Buckle Street Formation of May 26, 2014. 

So, our Buckle Street cogwheel is on its own in the field of barley. It has a centre that could accommodate an axis for rotation. All it needs to become the driving force for  a NEW setting in motion is our willingness to sink our own teeth into the possibility of the NEW BEGINNING, our faith in the possibility of turning disastrous ways playing out in the world around, and our commitment to following the natural impetus to LIFE. We must align ourselves with the Life Force. 

Put in a few words, this first documented formation for Britain could be saying:


Michelle Jennings ( https://michelle-jennings.squarespace.com/blog ) 


De Vries, Ad. Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery.North-Holland Publishing Co. Amsterdam. 1974.

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in its own image - Artwork by WJ


Phi and phi spirals in different ways. /Spaceshuttle


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Well this is unknown to me and yet I am doing a ceremony tomorrow and this is just about the configuration I saw in my mind's eye.

It is a man made crop circle which does not mean that it has no power. It to me symbolized that the consciousness is filtering down to those at the top tier of the movement to transform humanity.

I feel it is the Earth moving into her actual state of consciousness and surrounded by the other 64 planets in this galaxy. It also symbolizes protection of this planet from the forces that have pummelled her to this point.

Diego Pérez

Artūras Jazavita posts us his latest grid work regarding the crop circle reported on the 26th of May, 2014, at Buckle Street, near Pedworth, Worcestershire, UK.

Mississippi River Mounds, Poverty Point State Historic Site, US

Joseph Lake Research


Hello dear friends, nice to see you again in the new crop circle season. 

When I saw this crop circle image first time, then there appeared immediately a picture in front of my eyes: It is a ball bearing !!!!

So I agree totally with Dr. Horace R. Drew's statement including the note: "...and could be a human-made fake" which I hope that it is not a fake, although there is a visible deviation of the 'gap' between the balls..... 

Some days ago I have even found the same image of a running ball bearing: 

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C3%A4lzlager

English version:


Before going on I need to add some important notes here:

Meanwhile many writers 'only' try to describe what they see, I invite you here to go a next step of 'recognition'. It's not enough to describe the image only, furthermore we should try to understand WHY the CC-makers (extraterrestrial beings) have sent this image and WHAT is the MEANING of their message!

Next point also needed to 'bear in mind': In general the whole cosmos is in the move. There is a constant change, not only in movement but also in change of consciousness including your own consciousness. We are part and we take part of this dynamic process!!

Nothing is in a 'static' state, instead it's in dynamic state. And there is progress! From this perspective it makes no deeper sense if people do only wait for any new crop circle to appear and then try to describe what they see by following the slogan "The same procedure as every year". Because that means a 'halt' in evolution, a standstill - to remain in a static state.
So we must proceed in expanding our own consciousness, to climb the next step which means to show a progress in mind-power and thinking and not only the progress in technology! 

All that is not new for me. Since my childhood I came into contact with some so called extraterrestrial beings. And there were not only telepathically contacts, it included even real contacts, too! (I'm busy to write a book of all these 'supernatural things', sightings, telepathic conversation, UFO encounters, real meetings with those ET beings including the real meeting of a being which is known as an 'Angel' from higher dimensions).

All that happened only to me personally and it was 'invisible' and 'unknown' for all the living humans except the few cases when there were some witnesses with me.  

So some years ago I decided to make all of my telepathically messages and images visible for the public! I began to start conversations with CC-makers (ET) which is documented in many reports here on cc-connector. I will create a short list soon which contains images of my sent messages and 'their' immediately sent replies.

Also soon I will start with a new message = image which I will send to the CC-makers. And once again you will see with own eyes what may happen as next......... 

Now let's go back to the crop circle image.

In the case that it was been sent as a 'ball bearing' then it is easy to understand:

A ball bearing makes it possible for a shaft to rotate very smoothly in a 'housing' - look the wheel of a bicycle or a rotating shaft inside a gear-box.

Translated into CC-maker 'language' it says: "Look, the time, the room, the mind is 'moving on' like a rotating ball bearing". And at same time it says: "All is 'in the flow' - it's a dynamic process - you are a part of it - so it's time for you to DO your part and show some actions!!!" 

In the case that CC-makers implied a 2nd meaning into the one image, then it shows something like a 'star extractor from a revolver' -> as shown in Dr. Horace R. Drew's report (I do not want to duplicate the special images here)....

But in such a case, what is the meaning?

Again simple to answer - CC-makers have sent a warning: "Look at Ukraine, look at Iraq, look at any other place in your world. Is this your way of practicing 'peace'?? To shoot against each other, to 'play' war and do it again and again since how many centuries? Haven't you learned finally from your bloody history? This is unacceptable."

What a painful truth they tell.......... And by the way there is no single 'progress' visible in humans development of mind...... 

But I've found a third possible 'expression' in the crop circle image.

Because of the eight balls around a centre point I asked myself: What is connected with the number eight in our solar system?

And I have found only this, the phases of the moon:-

Source: http://www.ajoma.de/html/mondphasen.html 

Short description of numbers:

1 - Neumond - new moon, 2 - Zunehmende Sichel - increasing crescent, 3 - Erstes Viertel (Halbmond) - 1st quarter half-moon, 4 - Zunehmender Mond - waxing moon, 5 - Vollmond - fullmoon, 6 - Abnehmender Mond - waning moon, 7 - Letztes Viertel (Halbmond) - last quarter half-noon, 8 - Abnehmende Sichel - decreasing crescent 

For one complete rotation around its axes the moon needs time of 29,53 days.For one complete orbit around planet earth the moon needs the same time of 29,53 days. 

If CC-makers really wanted to express a 'message' by showing the (already well known) phases of the moon, then I must say: In that case I have simply NO idea of what they speak about...... 

Now my hearty greetings to all of you and please watch out for my next report and for my special list which I mentioned above........

2014-06-12 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike