Ackling Dyke, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 29th June.

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Dear friends, it was clear that the crop circle

Harewell Lane, nr Besford, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 14th June was very different from the 'line' of 'storytelling' of the last and actual sent images. 

But for those group of 'crop circle makers (another group of ET) it was not only a priority to 'disturb' the scenery, they even powered it up due to the less humans acceptance.
So they have created another crop circle for to focus your view, for distract you from the real important topics. 
Sure, they have created a really wonderful and artistic image: 

But those two images in summary do not fit into the new topics of 'stop war' and 'stop violation'.
Instead they are applicable for to distract YOU from the right view!!!!

And your distraction is even proved! For not tell names here, at least I need to add, that some of you or even a single person was so successfully 'influenced' by the 'strange and dominating' image, so much influenced that the person even wrote about the famous 'person' named Quetzalcoatl' !!!
But YOU so educated person have simply 'overseen' a simple but important fact:
A 'man' by name of Quetzalcoatl, he usually SIGNS his own creations, he signs all of his own images like crop circles or any other images, so far if HE has created them originally..........

But that tiny difference you have 'overseen'................... 

So I see you in your overhasty enthusiasm as you expressed even by some - should I call it - heroism or as some sarcasm....................

It seems that at least some persons can easily be influenced and distracted, I only wonder.
I told often enough that several and different 'groups' of ET's are involved into creating crop circles with different agenda!!!.
And with these two strange crop circles you have got the prove.
But YOU - as always - are in ignorance............ 

And for to finish here, I will add once more MY special sign.

May the friendly and benevolent crop circle makers, ET's, friends will receive this my sign and think about an answer - not for me but more for YOU for to help you to find back onto the right ways...........
I bow my head to all the friendly Galactic brothers and sisters............

 2014-07-01 - Gerd Estrup -


Dear friends (including the cosmic friends),

after coming back to this crop circle, for to see the 'results', I do see that some humans seem to be very right onto the track. 

I simply want to say a big Thank You for all your responses, your ideas, your motivation. 

Since my last sent reply to you - including the sent message to crop circle makers = extraterrestrial beings, I do see now a so called 'interruption' in their sending of messages. 

I really appreciate their behaviour - the interruption - They are just a bit confused, did not expect my strong reply. So it is a break in communication. It's very okay. But in same time it is our (my) opportunity to send back a reply...... 

Remember the 'Empty circle' and you'll realise of what I speak about........ 

What - I ask YOU all - can I send back now in sense of an OFFICIAL answer?????

Always alone I am, without your assistance for one or another (cheap) reason, I do see me standing alone on the big stage of reality.......So alone but also so STRONG I send out my SHINE. 

Sure, due to my last sent messages I do see that CC-makers possibly waiting MY answer.......

Many images were in front of my 3rd eye, but I do need to create a special, a REAL message to send not only to CC-makers, who do understand me and my planned messages just right in advance, but furthermore I need to create that image physically just for YOU, dear people, so that you can be my true witnesses..........because YOU are in doubt always....... 

Allow me a bit of time - same as to CC-makers - to think about the right answer......... 

Be ensured once more again, I will be focused onto truth as before and after.

It is in OUR hands to create future, and it has nothing to do with a being named Quetzalcoatl, so far if he is alive at all.........At least I do bow my head anyway........

As same it has nothing to do with some so called 'heads' of any Earth governments, because they stand same helpless as YOU do - at least it looks like as if. And IF those heads do know more, than they will hold the truth back for some it was and as it will be........ 

And all this is so far beyond your so called imagination - your 'view', your so called 'perception', which is nothing more than a tiny blink onto the so vast true reality....... 

I feel some pressure now for to create an image in which I 'must' send an 'answer' instead of YOU all so weak beings in all your ignorance and indifference.......

The pressure is same 'virtually' as YOU have created it, and absolutely not for CC-makers who do feel me very right.  

I would feel so happy for to receive your ideas, your suggestions - but you remain in silence, ignorance - even the special so called educated human - as proved........

However, I'm with you nevertheless, but to see vice versa - I will stay alone. 

So I WILL decide the situation - and to send a most friendly answer to CC-makers.

And after I will have done this, I will not furthermore accept ANY of your too late so called accusations.

You are unwilling or unable to see the situation right -  to follow just the words: 'The same procedure as every year' which in summary means nothing more than to remain in a so called medieval - so it is YOUR choice - NO ONE will count on you - so the reality..........

This is not me. Again I bow my head to the true friends in universe:


I will find the time and the creativity for to find and to create a visible answer. 

Meanwhile have a good time, dear friends, we will stay tuned..........greetings,

2014-07-04 - Gerd Estrup -

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Tixeire Luc

Ricky Caponi posts us this powerful image with his covering text - 'The recent crop circle at Ackling Dyke, near Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, Reported on the 29th of June outlines clearly & represents The star and crescent which is a well-known symbol of Islam. It features prominently on the flags of many countries in the Islamic world, notably Turkey and Pakistan....Look carefully and you will see it's meaning...Either this is a man-made wind up or somebody up there wants to tell us something!'


Giuseppe Dario Foschini


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Heinrich-der Glückliche posts us 2 of his art works (placed side by side) that relate to the crop circle at Ackling Dyke, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, UK. Reported on the 29th of June, 2014.

Artwork WJ

From the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean; Table Three, The Key of Wisdom;  "FIVE is the master, the Lord of all magic - 

Key to The Word that resounds among men." Five is also translated as CHIETAL in Atlantean language.

Joseph Lake Research

We all are Galactic Seeds, united in a Planetary Consciousness  

An interpretation according to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin

In the Mayan calendar Tzolkin every day (as well as every year) has a Solar Seal and a Tone of Creation.

The Tones of Creation are 13. These 13 numbers represent the primary structure of the radiant energy, which comes through pulsations from the center of our Galaxy. The Mayans call this center Hunab Ku. Each number matches an estimate function of the radio resonance and represents simultaneously a pulsation and a beam. 

There are 20 Solar Seals. They are Sacred signs-symbols, which define the cycles of the frequency ranges, through which the pulsations of the Galactic Tones of Creation get through. The symbols represent the resonant structure, the vibration form, which allows the primary harmonic pulsations to manifest themselves in our Solar System. 

According to Tzolkin on June 29, 2014 we have following energies: 

Solar Seal of the day: White Wind – Spirit, Breath, Connections, Communication 

Tone of the day: the Galactic Tone 8 – Harmonize, Model, Integrity  

The Tone 8 is also the Tone of the current galactic year, which began on July 26, 2013, and ends on July 24, 2014, and which is the Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed.  

Yellow Seed means Awareness, Target, Flowering


The crop circle appeared during the wavespell of the Blue Eagle, which began on June 22, 2014, and ends on July 4, 2014. 

The Blue Eagle is the Supporting Energy of the Yellow Seed and helps the people to unite themselves to a Planetary Consciousness. The Blue Eagle is the 15th  Solar Seal. 

In the center of the pictogram is depicted the Earth. The Earth is surrounded by 5 circles and in the outer ring there are 10 circles, or we have altogether 15 circles. They symbolize the Wavespell of the Blue Eagle (the 15th  Solar Seal). 

These 15 circles represent 15 Yellow Seeds. Here under Seeds we understand all Seeds of Consciousness, which are “sown” on the Earth - humans, animals, plants and the representatives of all other kingdoms.   

On the pictogram all 15 Seeds are connected with the Earth, and they also have a lot of connections among themselves.  

The Red Earth is the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Seed. 

The Solar Seal “Red Earth” has following qualities: Evolution, Navigation, Synchronicity. The Red Earth helps for the Evolution of the Consciousness of the humans and of all Seeds.  

The White Wind, the Energy of Spirit, helps for the building of connections between the Seeds.  

The Energy of the Blue Eagle as Supporting Energy of the Yellow Seed, also helps for the uniting of all Seeds (of all people) together with the Earth in a Planetary Consciousness. 

The Energy of the Tone 8 helps for the integrating of all Seeds, it helps them also to harmonize themselves.  

So, the energies of the day, of the wavespell and of the year help for the rising of the Consciousness of the Seeds (of the humans) and for their uniting to a Planetary Consciousness.  

When the Seeds are united through the Energies of the Spirit and of the Blue Eagle, they begin to flower. In the outer ring of the pictogram 5 of the Seeds have beautiful flowers. This is the goal of the Year of the Yellow Galactic Seed: Awareness and Flowering. 

Here some short explanations for the energies, which are depicted symbolically on the pictogram. 

YELLOW SEED - Awareness, Target, Flowering

The Seed is the Idea - the expression of the creative energy on the level of the thoughts. It expresses the purest form of the manifestation of the thought, it is born from Love.

The Seed always longs to grow and florescence.
Know, that all potential is locked in you and only your decision can unlock it.

We the people are Divine Seed of the Universe!
The majesty and the wealth of the individual soul manifest themselves in space and time and get to florescence.

Live and create Now! Your capabilities and talents are unlimited!

Bravely and with love plant in blessed soil the seeds of your potentials and they will blossom with bright colors. Use the powerful energy of the Seed!

BLUE EAGLE – Creation, Vision, Mind

The Eagle helps for the awakening of the global consciousness on the planet.

The Energy of the Eagle helps you to give your contribution for the rising of the collective spirit. Changing yourself, you are changing the Whole.

The Eagle, who is the Supporting Energy of the Yellow Seed, helps the people to unite themselves in a Planetary Consciousness. On this way we will unfold our full potential as Creators of our reality. 

White Wind – Spirit, Breath, Connections, Communication

White Wind is the galactic wind, the catalyzing current, the Spirit that moves through all things and connects them. It is the divine breath that gives life to all creation. Its essence is the movement of Spirit as it penetrates into form to enliven, purify and inspire.

White Wind is the simple knowledge that invisible forces are always moving in your life, guiding and inspiring.

RED EARTH - Evolution, Navigation, Synchronicity 

The Red Earth possesses the Key and guides the evolutionary program of the planet. The Earth is our Home. She is a complex planetary field of energies, our working platform. 

The human and the Earth are united. This principle applies not only to the human, but unites all on the Earth - minerals, animals, plants etc. The Earth generously gives energy to all. She is a complex, magnificent living Being.

Feel your connection to the Mother Earth, feel her warmth and love, fill your eyes with the beauty of your world and thank for all, which you have. The Earth not only carefully caries you, but she also gives you all you need! The Earth gives you space for your growth and florescence.  

Feel that you are a part of the big Whole! The Earth delivers a platform for the realization of the high purpose of the Creation - the birth of individual, independent Co-Creators!

On the Earth are modulated the energies of the space and time. This means, that all creatures, connected with the Earth, take part in this process.

Feel the unity of your body and the Earth. And then the Earth will lead you on your way to free using of the creative energy.
Maya Todorova 


Bart Murphy posted us this interesting diagram that relates to the amazing crop formation at Ackling Dyke, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, UK.Stonehenge Hexagon Sun Temple Hall of Records

Nardeep Pujji posts us this powerful collage with his covering comment - 'Signs of the End Times.'

The Caponi note Ricky would like to add The crop circle at the Dike Ackling on 29 June 2014 appeared symbol of Islam - the star and crescent. On this day in 2014 falls on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar

calendar and begins when the sky is first seen new moon. Ramadan ends 28. July 2014.
Pávková Z.

Boedhisme and Blavatsky  Now the Maitreya star.
Jonathan, Belgium

UFO Galaxy posts us this collage with this covering text - 'Dear everyone, here is the meaning of this type of crop circles. And may the Aliens protect you.'


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike