Brandenburg (2), nr Berlin, Germany. Reported 1st August.

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Updated Saturday 8th August 2015


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To help understand this CC and crops in general here is a link titled UK Agriculture.  The first detail that becomes obvious about the present CC (shown on the right) is the relatively small size of this CC.  This CC is basically the same width as 2 sets of tramlines.  According to UK Agriculture "Tramlines are parallel lines in crops that allow farmers to drive through their fields to fertilise and spray accurately without causing damage to surrounding plants. The lines of a tramline are usually about 30 cm wide and 2 metres apart while the distance between tramlines can vary from 12 metres (13 yards) to 30 metres (32.8 yards)."   Using the CC at Aeroporto Torino Aeritalia, Turin, Piedmont, Italy, reported 23rd June, (shown on the left) as a standard one realizes the enormous size of this June 23rd CC which is about 19 sets of tramlines wide.   As stated earlier the present CC at Berlin, Germany will almost exactly fit between tramlines.  It would be a relatively easy and quick undertaking for any FAKER to create such a small CC that by coincidence is about the same width as 2 sets of tramlines - with tramlines lined up on each edge.  However, more importantly, also noted with red squares is how the pattern near the center of the Brandenburg (2), nr Berlin, Germany, reported 1st August, is not consistent.  Considering only the facts mentioned, one has to consider the possibility that another FAKER has replaced a farmer's valuable crop with meaningless garbage.  That is sad considering the state of our climate change and the number of people who go hungry around the world due to lack of food or wasted food. 


The "Standard CC" on the left:  “timeo 'ETs' ferentes!” or "Beware of 'ETs' bearing gifts!" 



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The picture shows two German crop circles. Both have complex internal structure. Laying stalks of wheat is finely drawn. For clarity, I transferred to the diagram. I think both crop circles relate to increasing solar activity. CME jets form a kind of bubble. Crop circle of 2004 Honeystreet these jets with bubbles showing perfectly. In March of this year, Sun has produced a very strong solar flare. 17 3.2015 was visible auroras even in Germany and the Czech Republic. Strong geomagnetic storms can cause radio blackouts, and GPS satellite signals. Strong electromagnetic fields may also cause interruptions inelectricity supply.Our civilization is already on these technologies depends life.

Pávková Z.

The Mark of the Bear

Bill Buehler stated in his comment on another Berlin crop circle from July 13 - see here: "Groziethen 3 comments"Time Gate Pillar of Großziethen that crop circles in general, at least the genuine ones, serve to "create multiple, interactive coherent grid systems supporting ASCENSION". And that Großziethen's square area represents one of their high energy vortices. Something I can easily agree to, because Berlin simply is a very special place, inhabited by one of the world's coolest tribes !

And here Großziethen's s-shaped Shamir pillar, as its present 6th crop circle forms a pyramid and the letter "S" when aligning them with the other crop circles in a chronological order:

And here again the 6 crop circles from Großziethen at a glance:

Further analysis yields: a series of 6 crop circles that was done over a period of 75 days, or 18,000 hours, or 108,000 minutes, having begun on May 18. The last three of those crop circles were done on July 7, July 13 and August 1, or 8-1, with 6 days and 18 days between each one of them.

"Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is 666.", Revelation 13:18.

Picture here: 4-Beast.png

Franklin Thomson


Usually, I do not comment on crop circles – and am rather interested in other peoples comments. Yet I do perceive a lot of  crop circles before they appear, either in a dream or as a geometric shape in a kind of vision state E.g. the Bird of the native americans I started to perceive about 6 weeks before it then appeared as a crop circle.

The above mentioned in Berlin I perceived about 2 – 3 weeks ago – I wrote in my diary, that I see a “Ninja Warrior disk” being thrown that cuts the connection between base chakra and the solar plexus in order to get energy or to cut people off connection.

Note, that this “blade like” edgy formation is within the seed of life / the flower of life, that is part of the Metatron’s Cube.

I can not say it is a man made in terms of people in the field at night…  maybe “man made” can also mean a harp like technology, that tries to change magnetic fields on certain spots. Some referred to the time in March of the vast solar eruptions. I perceived an intense harping on Germany and France at that time with measured rising of the temperature on the Antarctic region. So maybe this crop circle is a kind of sign or reaction of warning, not to play around with certain technology to interfere with atmosphere of earth, yet as I saw it as I usually see crop circles coming, I would suggest, that it was not man made in terms of wooden planks and people in the crop – but maybe a reaction on- or with a frequency technology trying or testing something.

Octavia Gentemann



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