Friederikenhof nr Diedersdorf, Brandenburg, Germany. Reported 4th August.

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Updated Monday 10th  August  2015


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A “bird of peace” is flying now to planet Earth: will he become a famous celebrity after he arrives in time “5”?



I think in this case, a humorous advertising. Swallow  heading to an animal hotel, instead flew to a warmer climate.

Pávková Z.

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Artwork WJ

The Phoenix of Mama Mo's Animal Farm

It is a well-known saying that the best things come in sevens, like f.e. our weekends. Or this crop circle! As it represents the currently last one in a series of seven crop circles that were being made recently in this southern region of Berlin, over a period of 11 weeks, to be exact (CC Signature: 77 = 7 times 11).

And what looked like a demonic symbol after the first 18,000 hours, now suddenly morphed into a beautiful bird figure (The bird is drawn by aligning all seven crop circles in a chronological order):

And how fitting to draw this crop circle right next to an animal farm, Mama Mo's Animal Hostel. Also remark the giant white horse to its south. Do you see it ? Or is it Mama Mo's evil anteater monster slurping away any journalist who doesn't believe in ETs ?

And right above the head of the white horse you can see an arrangement of building blocks who form a message in Morse code when you look at them at an angle of about 90°, and it reads: "Look the lilies of the field, how they grow; they do not toil nor do they spin." 

And here by the way the owners of Mama Mo's Animal Hostel: Papa Mo (to the left), Mama Mo (to the right) and Lil Mo. Aren't they cute ?

Franklin Thomson


COMMENT regarding the simple bird Formation: actually a very sophisticated and important GRID system is formed by the Bird (and 4 previous Formations). 

The Formation's stylized bird is indicating two important GRID events:  

1)  It forms a  "V" (thus creating a system called a "Star-Bird Grid") that links with two large airports in Berlin.  The line connecting the Air Ports indicate an ARK axis, formed by Star-Bird Grids in this manner.  An "ARK" is a spiritual system that can manifest other systems in a temporal continuum... that is, in our Time Continuum.  The "Ark of the Covenant" and its replacement "Sacred Ark of An" are examples.  However THIS Ark is also forming a Golden Ratio Rhombus TIME GATE (always before "hidden" in Pillars such as pillars on a temple's porch).  This "pillar/gate" is also an indicator of the "Keeper to the Tree of Life", the "Shamor" (Shamir) divine connection to all heart chakras (people, stars, et al).  (This format is also showing up in human live-blood now.)  Another aspect of this grid is that the specific geometry permits very impressive spiritual or "Ascension" programs to all passengers using the air-strips... "High-Selves" deciding what and how much.  Instant "Time Jumps" can be made (to and back) in Nonlinear Time. 

(note ascent angle re the Formation's descent)

2)  5 Crop Formations form this part of the Star-Bird Grid however the long axis is anchored in CHARTRES cathedral.  Chartres is oriented NE, thus as an X-Cross that downloads large Stellar Streams of spiritual programs from the stellar "Heel Stone" in the NE pole of an X-Cross.  As such, it then uses all the East-oriented Marian Cathedrals as "+-Crosses" to manifest the downloaded programs from Chartres.  In like manner these radical ASCENSION programs are downloading daily now, expanding and growing more powerful into the whole Planet/Race, thus Chartres can combine the ARK dynamic with the Planet-wide Streaming but give it more precision and distribution not only to thousands of airline passengers but also via the expanding Ascension grids in Europe (planetary feminine fore-brain).   


Another complex, smaller grid is formed on the southern Field... not shown here... bringing it up to speed re Metatronic Ascension systems.  

Bill Buehler (Colorado, USA) 


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike