Klicnov, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberecký, Czech Republic. Reported 12th July.

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Updated Tuesday 28th  July 2015


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This is my interpretation of formation reported July 12th at Czeck Republic. This Formation Reported July 12th at Czech Republic is an Animation of a Asteroid Airburst. Watch my video for more information:- www.youtube.com 

Pablo Olivares

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I send one image to crop circle dated July 12, 2015 Kličnov, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, Czech Republic


This crop circle appeared in the same region. According photographs of Mr. Michael Smid, I tried  to create diagram. Similarly, intricately developed formation in this area has also appeared in 2013.

Pávková Z.

Artwork WJ


Hi All, On the 12th July 2015 This Crop Circle appeared in Klíčnov, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberecký, in the Czech Republic. I am seeking better pictures, but upon first viewing I was amazed at how similar this design is to an Equinox Geometry / Ritual that was created and manifest by us in Haluzice last March (That is the Seminar Space where I live in South East Czech). Wonderful Resonance!

Michael Rice

Tixeire Luc


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Two crop circles appeared on Sunday, July 12, 2015 in the Czech Republic. And both crop circles are also located on a geographical line that is running from Mount Whitney - the highest summit in the United States - to the Giza pyramids in Egypt. This alignment symbolizes Earth's dysfunctional corpus callosum - her main communication hub between both brain hemispheres, the left hemisphere of Eurasia and the right one of America - which is about to be amended soon.

The crop from Boskovice near the city of Brno bears the following signatures, which are probably those of the makers of both Czech crop circles:

1. The number "7", and its multiples. It is July, which is month number 7. And the crop is located near national route number 43 at 340 meters altitude - whose checksums are both 7 - and on 49° Latitude North - which is 7 times 7:

2. The Letters "QC", which probably means "Quetzal-Coatl":

The main consequence of a dysfunctional corpus callosum of Earth's cortex for Mankind is a life replete with violence and war. As depicted in the only crop circle that is also located on the corpus callosum-alignment, the Berlin crop circle from June 22, 2015, and which shows the star extractor of a gun:

Mankind's whole history of violence and war is recorded on Earth's corpus callosum, as it was in Egypt where both, violence and war, were being organised on a supra-regional level for the very first time since Noah with the emergence of the Egyptian Empire around 3,000 BC. Joined in later by the horny shores of Greece, Italy, Spain, France and England. And currently being managed by the United States of America, as Mount Whitney at the other end of the line symbolizes the United States and their power. And as further visualized by the following picture:

And when aligning both crop circles with yet other crop circles then there suddenly appear two distinct alignments which both point at the exact same location: Sousse in Tunisia. And more exactly: at a now well-known tourist complex at Port El Kantaoui near Sousse where a 23-year old Tunisian man ran amok 16 days before the Czech crop circles appeared, on June 26.

And as further illustrated by the following picture:

But in contrast to general media reports who labelled this attack as an Islamic terror attack, the crop circle makers seem to have other things on their mind as to who organised and masterminded this and other attacks, as there were yet two other suicide attacks happening this day. Exactly 410 days, or 1 year, 1 month and 14 days before the actual crop circle near Boskovice, there appeared another crop circle in almost the same spot, just 3.4 miles away. A crop circle depicting a compass whose dark needle was pointing at a very well defined region: Wiltshire on the southern shores of England. The place where to find the real perpetrators ?

The target region is bordered by three distinct crop circles which also appeared on June 22, as the Berlin crop circle located on Earth's corpus callosum alignment, and with the crop circle from July 10 in its centre, just 1.8 miles off Stonehenge.

So why does the crop circle from Boskovice point to Wiltshire ? And why is it that almost ALL crop circles are being made in this particular region ? Year after year after year. Sure, ok, it's because of the energy lines running through this county, that's why Stonehenge was built there.
But is this the whole truth already ? Or has Wiltshire been chosen as a fetish target for yet other reasons ? For reasons yet to discover ?!

The Jablonec crop circle even portrays the real culprit behind the Sousse attacks:

Franklin Thomson


The fruit of our activity in the White Castle

This formation was reported on 12th July 2015.

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, this crop circle appeared during the White Castle.

On the pictogram through letters and numbers are marked following elements:

Through numbers from 1 to 16: the White Castle of the Yellow Warrior
The Yellow Warrior is Solar Seal No. 16

Through numbers from 1 to 8: the Blue Castle of the Yellow Star

The Yellow Star is Solar Seal No. 8

S - Yellow Seed

М – Red Moon

Н – Blue Hand – Solar Seal No. 7
R – Red Serpent – Solar Seal No. 5

The crop circle was reported on July 12, 2015. According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, this is a day of the Yellow Human Wavespell, in the White Castle.

The Harmonic Module Tzolkin includes 260 days, divided in 5 Castles of 52 days. Each Castle has 4 Wave spells of 13 days.

The White Castle is the 2nd castle in Tzolkin. The White Castle of the current Tzolkin began on 26th May and ended on 16th July 2015.

In the White Castle we have the possibility to accept, to absorb, to learn the energy “Yellow Warrior” – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness.

Besides, in the White Castle we can accept and learn the energy "White World bridger”, which is the Challenging energy of the Yellow Warrior. The White World bridger teaches us to build bridges between people, nations, worlds, to unite ourselves instead of fighting with each other.

The Yellow Warrior is Solar Seal No. 16.
On the crop circle the White Castle of the Yellow Warrior is symbolically depicted through 16 semicircles (numbers 1-16). These semicircles are connected. The Yellow Warrior has accomplished his mission in the White Castle – to unite people, nations, worlds.

The crop circle was created in the area Jablonec. The name of the area is apparently chosen not by chance. The Czech word “Jablonec” is probably connected with the word “jablko”, which means “apple”. The apple is a fruit, with seeds within.

On the crop circle is depicted a “fruit” with a Seed. This “fruit” contains the results of our activity in the White Castle.

The Yellow Human Wave spell is the last wave spell in the White Castle. It began on 4th July and ended on 16th July 2015.The yellow colour means “Ripening”. In the Yellow Wave spell ripens the “fruit” of our activity in the White Castle. Everything, which was transformed in the previous Wave spell of the Blue Storm, ripens in the Yellow Human Wave spell – it gets enlightened.

On the pictogram through the letters “M” are marked 2 lunar crescents. The crop circle is created during the Red Moon Year. The energy “Red Moon” means: Purify, Flow, Universal Water. We can say, that here the Red Moon provides “Universal Water” for the development of the “fruit”.

On the right end of the pictogram through 5 small circles symbolically is depicted the energy “Red Serpent” – this is Solar Seal No. 5: Life force, Life stability, Instinct, Sexuality. The energy Red Serpent is the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Warrior. Here it charges the “fruit” with Life energy.

On the left end of the pictogram we see 7 “roots”. The number 7 symbolizes the energy “Blue Hand”, which is Solar Seal No. 7 and means Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing.
The Blue Hand is depicted like 7 “roots”, through which the “fruit” receives feedstuff from the Earth.
The Blue Hand is the Supporting energy of the Yellow Human.
Besides, the Blue Hand is connected with the energy Red Earth. The Blue Hand and the Red Earth are mutually Balancing (Challenging) energies. So through the Blue Hand the “fruit” is connected with the Earth.

In the center of the crop circle (in the centre of the “fruit”) through the letter “S” is depicted a “Yellow Seed”.

In the Yellow Seed are “recorded” the results of our activity in the White Castle.
The last day of the White Castle is a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow Seed”.
And this Yellow Seed is planted in the next castle – in the Blue Castle of the Yellow Star, where our development continues.

The Blue Castle began on 17th July 2015.
On the crop circle the Blue Castle is depicted through 8 semicircles (numbers 1-8).
In the Blue Castle we have the possibility to accept, to absorb, to learn the energy “Yellow Star”: Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony.
The Yellow Star is Solar Seal No. 8.

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