Macmillan Way, Nr Tarlton, Gloucestershire. United Kingdom. Reported 19th April.

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Updated Thursday 21st  May 2015


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This “lotus flower” as drawn in crops may show four ”buds” near its centre, in order to denote “month 4” of the year 2015 or April.



Macmillian’s Way: Good Directions

This delicate formation seen at Macmillian’s Way near Tarlton on April 19, 2015 reminds me of a seed of life type of design, except that the number of central petals is four instead of six, and the outlying ‘petals’ are in groups of eight. So this formation is based on the square and the cross in contrast to the hexagonal geometry of the seed of life and the flower of life.

The seed of life symbols and the quatrefoil design in the formation at Macmillian’s Way represent central initiatives from which life expands, in the former case, and from which new understandings and explorations flow, in the latter case.

In this instance, and at such an early time in the season of crop circles in Britain, the symbolism of four and all its ramifications for the role of humanity in creation may be an opening theme. Is it a coincidence that the motto of the Macmillian clan is: ‘Miseris succurrere disco.’ –  ‘I learn to succour the distressed.’

In this crop circle we see the number four manifesting upon a circular background with two groups of eight outer petals overlapping to give the sense of a large flower.

The central design of this crop circle resembles many flowers with a geometric of four. This ‘four’ is used to indicate direction in space and represents order on the material plane.

The four directions, and the ‘four corners of the Earth’ were ‘forerunners of our parallels of latitude and longitude.’ (Walker 46) ‘Four’ represents the ‘spatial scheme or order of manifestation, the static as opposed to the circular and dynamic. As a reflection of the functions: measurement, the rational, justice, solidarity, etc., ‘four’ on this formation hints at the need to use all these systems and concepts in positive ways on the Earth that is also symbolized by four.  Then Creation with humanity as co-creator becomes beautifully fruitful, symbolized by the groups of eight (that means: Paradise regained, regeneration resurrection, etc.)

The overlapping ‘petals’ of Macmillian’s Way formation are a reminder of the Hackpen Hill formation of 2013. Both suggest a linking together of energy and consciousness. (image based on a  Frank Laumen photo)

The doubling of eight, rendering sixteen, signifies ‘the attainment of physical earthly power. The 16th card of the Tarot is the Tower, which carries a reminder of the consequences of the arrogance that sometimes accompanies material gain.’ (Nozedar 434)

The outer ‘petals’ of this formation could be seen as the manifestation of

 human undertakings in business, politics, science, etc. If they are not curbed by consideration and care for the whole, then tragedy strikes as in the Tower. 

A significant thought regarding the importance of ‘four’ as the quaternary number found equidistant from 1(the Oneness) and from 7(Union with Divine) is expressed:

“The equidistance of the quaternary from one and seven provides an adequate definition of human vocation. Issuing from the One, the individual is marked out as the creature of the creator, but is called upon to RETURN to the creator and to unite with him so as to manifest his power, intelligence and love.  Thus the individual follows the same path in reverse, the Three, for the first time [1 + 3] in the direction of differentiation and in the second [7 – 3] in the direction of reintegration. The quaternary number is a good example of a situation, but of a developing situation, mankind being set on this Earth in a dynamic which concerns the whole universe.” (Chevalier 781)

This quotation suggests a coming a going between the divine and the material as the image of the crop formation does with the quatrefoil supported by the circle of divine energy moving the whole design outwards to flowering, which in its numerical nature, refers back to the ‘four’ once again. This movement could be reflective of the comings and goings of humankind if we collectively choose to use our intelligence, rationality, science, economics, politics, measures of law and the universe, etc. to further discover the relationship between our material lives in the world and the spiritual force diffused throughout.

The quatrefoil is an ancient symbol related to the four directions of Earth, the links between all areas, the elements, the crossroads between the upper and lower worlds and good luck.   

“In the words of Plato: ‘The ternary [Triad of power, intelligence, love] is the number pertaining to the idea; the quaternary [four] is the number connected with the realization of the idea.’ (Cirlot  268)

Michelle Jennings


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According to the Mayan calendar, we are now in the Red Castle, these are the first 52 days of the Tzolkin Galactic Module. In the Red Castle the Yellow Seed is developing. The Red Castle began on April 4, and now we see that a small flower has grown from the Seed. The flower has 4 leafs, this points to the Yellow Seed, which is the 4th Solar Seal. Yellow Seed means Awareness, Flowering.

The Red Castle has 4 Wavespells of 13 days. From April 17 to April 29 we have the White Wizard Wavespell. In these 13 days we have the White energy of Cleaning. On the crop circle we see that it is half dark and half bright, this symbolizes the process of Cleaning.

The Yellow Seed are we, the people. We are the Seeds of Consciousness, "planted" on the Earth. We have now these 13 days for Cleaning.

On April 30 begins the Blue Hand Wavespell, we have then 13 days for Healing and Transformation. Everything, that was cleaned in the White Wizard Wavespell, will be healed and transformed in the Blue Hand Wavespell.

Maya Todorova

The flower of life?

It’s the 19th of April and we are hovering over a field of very short crop looking at a flower. The flower was very difficult to spot. It appeared to be about 15-20 meters from edge to edge, not a big circle. The crop was so short it made viewing the crop circle difficult.

We found that as we moved around the circle with the tricopter it almost appeared to vanish when looking from certain angles, it was difficult to spot even from the air. We theorised that we could see it better from certain angles because the lighter coloured underside of the leaves were facing a certain direction and that seemed to catch the light and make the whole thing more visible. When moving around the circle the darker side of the leafs didn’t show up as well.

We have never visited a crop circle quite like this one, it seemed to be very faint almost like a “ghost circle”  that we often find in fields that have had formations in previous years.  When flying low to the ground there appeared to be very little damage to the crop, in-fact it looked as though the crop was still very much alive, unlike normal circles we visit where the plant has been crunched into the ground and died. Perhaps the much talked about “Flower of life” is a good name for it?

The flight was uneventful and was completed in around four minutes once we had spotted the circle.


Artwork by WJ

Comment for the crop circle reported at Macmillian Way, near Tarlton, Gloucester shire, UK,19th April 2015

I have shown in a post scriptum on my blog 13th April 2015 that there are some links between Andreas Lubitz and Patrick Sonderheimer dead in the Airbus crash in a mountain of the Alpes-de-haute-Provence near Italia, 24th March 2015, and the christianity :

A   N   D     R     E   A

S    L   U     B     I    T

Z   P   A    T     R    I

C    K   S     O    N   D

E    R   H     E     I    M

E    R   .       .      .    .


For example the letters of PATER NOSTER are in the centre of this Greek cross of Jesus-christ in gray color. A value of this cross is 88 (4/9//3/2//8/7/1/2/9/9//3/2/1/6/5/4//8/5//0/0) like the word PAPA (7/1/7/1), the name of the pope in Italian ! The crash happened in the massif of the three bishoprics !

I have shown that the letters in the corners round the grey cross give ARMEE R ALIENS IT. In English : ARMY aiR ALIENS IT ! Here, the letters IT suggest IT(ALIAN) and ET(-ALIEN) ! In the following video on Dailymotion mgr Corrado Balducci in the Vatican has shown on a screen at the TV RAI2, 7th May 2006, seven UFO drawing in the sky a cross of Jesus-Christ at Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, USA, 14th August 2005. I have discovered that these UFO are vehicles of a pro-Jesus group conducted by a human who has the same soul as Jesus. This group of aliens has given some signs, for example in the crop circle reported 30th July 2010 at Wickham Green. I explain that this pro-Jesus ET group is dangerous and that an other group has given some signs of this for us in the crop circle jellyfish reported 29th May 2005 at Waylands Smithy :

I am convinced that Jesus himself has helped the invaders.

I know that God is the Mother or Mother-Father of our Universe. She is not the Father !

The aliens pro-Jesus doesn't like my work on internet. The crop circle reported near Tarlton 19th April 2015 is in opposition with my article because there is a similar cross inside : Macmillian2015a

I think that these pro-Jesus aliens have used the matrix to do some bad magic :

TARLTON appears in the centre of the matrix !:

A   N   D     R     E   A
S    L   U     B     I    T
Z   P   A    T     R    I
C    K   S     O    N   D
E    R   H     E     I    M
E    R   .       .      .    .


Furthermore, I have discovered a photography of Dr John Tarlton on a mountain : You can see a pyramidal sculpture with four corners ! Mr Tarlton works at the Bristol University not far of Tarlton I think. On the internet page for research at the Bristol university, there is a photo of a microscope with a light circle. The numbers 1 to 16 are written round this circle. This image is very similar to the crop circle at Tarlton : The word BRISTOL may be found in the matrix too !

Post scriptum Monday 27th April 2015:

I inform you today that the recent earthquake in Nepal 25th April 2015 is a very important answer of the Earth the aliens invaders pro-Jesus who are the authors of the crop circle near Tarlton reported 19th April 2015. The Earth helps my communication work to inform the humanity about the pro-Jesus ET alien invasion and She is particularly angry about the Christians in Asia:

The names ANDREAS LUBITZ and PATRICK SONDERHEIMER (see my article) may give in French:


or: NEPAL KATMANDOU TERRE BRISE Iesus-CHRISt Apocalypse !In English:

NEPAL KAThMANDU Earth breaks Iesus-CHRISt Apocalypse !

My soul has been the one of three buddhas in Asia: Krisna, Laozi and Gautama !

To become buddha is good. To become christ is a dangerous illusion !

Blog Alerte invasion extraterrestre:

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnu, Kalki, the tenth lila-avatara


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I also tend to think as an Mr. Red Collie that the crop circle was a harbinger of an earthquake. See view onto centre crop circle. Half of the inner circle appears darker.It's as if half the flower was plunged into darkness or into the water. It reminds me of the image of the earth globe during total solar eclipse on March 20 2015. The eclipse is accompanied by earthquakes. During a solar eclipse on March 20 was the largest centre in the eclipse zone between Iceland and Great Britain. See Globes red značka.Na opposite side of the Earth was during the eclipse night. And it is in this area of the Shadow was at the time period from eclipse to date recorded 7 earthquake. This last was the most destructive in Nepal.

Pávková Z.

A very happy Hello I sent to all of you in the early beginning of the 'crop circle season', dear readers and writers. 

For 1st time in this year I come back to the site for to see what is going on here.

What I saw was a flood of incoming 'reports', which vary from 'desperate searching' to even 'adventurous statements' like (I do not copy in here)........

The summary is: All of you are FAR away from real recognizing. 

 No, I won't discuss with you all, instead I will show the simplicity of the sent message - by the way - sent by some extraterrestrial beings, so much more developed in spirit and mind...... 

To tell you proven clueless souls, whatever you people want to show in your vainly and exotic strange efforts, the truth is a bit more 'tricky' - but in same time the depicted STATEMENT is very SIMPLE. 

You as the influenced people, reduced onto functioning 'beings' like robots, you are totally unable to see the so simple message right. Always you are strong enough to write your (wrong) messages, but to see the truth, you always fail, because....... read on here...... 

I'm not here to give the right answer to anyone, but could give answers to anyone - including doctors and / or dreamers.

It's not a kind of 'challenge' here, instead it is the time for YOU to understand, to realise. 

So, in the friendly meaning, I will go on to show the meaning of that 'circle', which was been sent and created by some 'higher beings'.....

Even now, when the former clear circle has almost been vanished - there is more than 'enough' into it for to simply realising.

But none of you were able to. I could ask you: 'WHY it is?' 

What do we see inside the almost vanished crop circle? 

1st - there is something like a 'flower' but it is in some kind in-complete, because the 'flower of Life' contains SIX petals of a blossom - which means that in that case you would be connected with the whole cosmos. 

2nd - We do see only four petals instead of six. THIS is in the meaning that YOU are not in the rhythm (my realisation) of the SIX.

THEREFORE: You are NOT connected with the whole, call it 'universe' or call it 'cosmos', call it even 'oneness', which you cannot be farther from it - shown by actual real incidents here right on Mother Earth, so far you can follow me.

Example: You may know that actually there are more than 240 conflicts in same time just right now here on Mother Earth, the place where you live.

Did YOU know that??? 

3rd - a simple 'circle' was been drawn into the outer circles of the outer 'rings'..

To show you WHAT? As it is been proved by reading all of your 'reports' - in NOTHING.

So you have not only misunderstood, you even have ignored that so 'tiny' but meaningful sign.

And doctors and other so called 'Intellectuals' may wonder how it could be that they are so wrong, so meaningless, so  

To show you the connection of these crop circles, I have to go back into the year 2013, when there were been sent three crop circles in a row for to 'open' yourself for the reality. 

My report was: 

with special image:

- just to show you the connection, the meaning within the two circles. 

To go on here in short words, it was YOU who always have ignored the truth, which by the way is so strange and exotic ABOVE your really small understanding.

It's simply the bigger truth and not meant to complain the remote-controlled beings here......

THEY - have lost their true roots and understanding already a time ago.

But it's not me to judge you, because you have judged yourself already, as can be read here inside the 'comments'. What strange comments here, especially in view that I am surrounded by so called 'intelligent' humans....... 

To come back to the crop circle and its meaning: 

- The four petals (instead of the usually six presented) mean that you are NOT-connected with the 'bigger' - therefore meant as dis-connected, as you ARE disconnected from reality and truth.

So, the 'four petals' are meant to show you the direction, the course for to steer your ship to.

They show a simple compass rose - in double sense........ you have got it? 

- The 'outer rings' - which in YOUR view show something like a deeper connection, which in real - is just NOT any connection, because the lost connection, therefore shown as 'a shape of something which does not really exist'. 

- The ONE circle a bit outwards from all the other 'virtual' circles - it HAS a very special meaning, but ALL of you (so intelligent humans missed to realise)........

The simple 'outside' circle is a very special CALL to you all.

It has to do with the 'INPUT' of ALL you souls COMBINED, because it BUILD the Future. YOUR future - as I was 'sent' or 'beamed' into that special 'room' which I do not know where it is, but was IN it for longer times, even was been 'teleported' a second time into that 'strange' room, which I called then 'The Room of the never ending Now' or 'Room of Eternity'.

A room where the past, the now and the future DO exist in SAME time just side by side - without any so called chaos - and I have seen those 'rooms of magic', which obviously was been created by a 'super-intelligent-civilization', because it was in no sense like 'natural created'.  

Maybe YOU as one of the 'knowing' souls are able to tell me something like a so called 'explanation'. You will fail, whatever is in your mind.........  

Do I speak here with totally idiots or do I speak with and to souls who are conscious and who are able to see the truth?

Maybe the ultimate truth will overstress your (small) minds, what may that matter to higher realms including higher developed minds in the universe???? 

What is the summary of all this: 

As shown you are dis-connected (even expressed by your own statements here on this site).......

You do not know the meaning of sent images, even when it is so SIMPLE to recognise.....

You stay at lost as always, instead so vainly search for 'answers' which are so far above your understanding, so I do see lost souls here, even in THEIR view, those beings, who only can be able to show you some messages, which is your task to realise and further more to UNDERSTAND.

But none of you all was been able to understand that so 'simple' message. 

To finish here, I go on to explain the rest of the image.

- The four petals instead of the six mean that you are in 'some way' ready, but been unable to see the whole.

- The outer circles are to show you a 'virtual' view onto the whole which you miss.

- The ONE and special outer and single circle you simply 'ignored' even when it tells you a so important message, to REMIND you in the view of something 'bigger'. 

I told all that to you in my very special reports, but you obviously denied the truth, instead to find yourself again confronted with truth once again, as depicted here inside that remarkable crop circle. 

So far in my view there was only ONE person able to get the 'view'. and this is the

Mat Gyro when he simply stated:

"Perhaps the much talked about “Flower of life” is a good name for it?" 

Yes, dear soul, exactly as you felt it, it is the truth........

Sometimes, the truth is so much obviously, even when your mind (influenced mind) tries to distract you from the obvious. 

So, let me embrace you, to just hold you close for your so precious and clear feelings...... 

And for all you so called intelligent souls here, I tell you:

If all the next following crop circles will be same simple to decode like this one, then I do see YOU all at lost - in all your so strange and 'exotic' efforts which make you simply unable to see and to realise truth. 

ETs -extraterrestrial beings do live since a much longer time than homo sapiens do.

So their understanding is logically very much beyond of anything which you would call 'intelligence'.

This is a Natural Law in cosmos. 

SO - if those so advanced beings do spend their time and efforts for to send some important messages to YOU - the totally primitive beings, then I would recommend YOU to LISTEN to. 

If you have your problems by 'decoding' those so simple, but in same time 'tricky' messages to understand, you may feel free to ask. 

Meanwhile, with a strong smile, I send my hearty greetings to you all......... 

my 'sign' includes the 'missing' parts shown in this crop circle - you WILL understand??? 

 2015-05-20 - Gerd Estrup -



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike