Münchener Berg, Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria, Germany. Reported 16th July.

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Tixeire Luc

It is a beautiful crop circle and look like a even more complex Multi-dimensional Merkabah. It is cool to watch it, from every point you look it is never interrupted. Maybe "running" with the eyes in the endless triangle/know can activate certain Code of Light in our Light Body and Higher Octaves Thought Patterns for a NewEra-Mind. This is what I feel. Not human made in my opinion! I think will be interesting to analyze for the more "mathematical" of us.

Aldo S



The crop circle from Fuerstenfeldbruck in Bavaria, Germany depicts an octagram which symbolizes the Sun, the planet Venus, and several Sumerian deities like Anu and Shamash. But the octagram is also extensively used in black magic rituals, to summon demons f.e.

Here some usages of this symbol:

And à propos black magic rituals: July 16, the day of the Fuerstenfeldbruck crop circle, was New Moon. And on the same day, a mass murder happened at a United States Navy building in Chattanooga, Tennessee 37400, US. While another mass murderer, James E. Holmes, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the Aurora shootings from July 20, 2012, which itself took place one day after a New Moon.

All in all, SEVEN (2+3+2!) mass murders happened on a New Moon in the past three years, between July 20, 2012 and July 16, 2015 !

And about 3 miles north of the Fuerstenfeldbruck crop circle you will find the Fuerstenfeldbruck Air Base which was the final battle stage of the Munich massacre from 1972: eight members of the Palestinian terror group "Black September" with their nine Israelian hostages had a final gun battle with German policemen, which left all of the hostages dead. This incident took place between 22:30 hours on September 5, and ended 1:30 hours on September 6, two days before a New Moon.

The Fuerstenfeldbruck crop circle is located 17 km off an important alignment: a line that is running from the Quetzalcoatl Temple in Mexico to the Jupiter Temple in Baalbek, Lebanon. And it forms an interesting alignment with yet two other crop circles from this region:

The alignment runs right through something that resembles the eye of a demon. And right next to the Andechs crop circle in the center you see the infamous Landsberg prison, which was the place where Adolf Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" during his nine-month imprisonment in 1924 after his failed coup attempt, the so-called "Beer Hall Putsch" from November 1923. And since 1945 this prison housed many top-ranking German Nazis who were sentenced to death for crimes against humanity at the Dachau Trials.

And when aligning the location of Munich's Buergerbraeukeller, the beer hall where Hitler started his coup attempt, and the concentration camp in Dachau, which was the very first of its kind in Germany, then this will lead you right through 31 Connolly Street in Munich: the very dwelling place of those Israelis that were taken hostage by the Palestinian terror group "Black September" during the Summer Olympics from 1972.

And now say three times "Fuerstenfeldbruck" in a row without getting muddled.

Franklin Thomson

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Dear readers and writers, 

this is a very complicated crop circle and cannot be copied and / or faked.

It is a real image. 

At a first sight it reminds me to the famous 'Möbius Strip', which on bius_strip is described as (I copy in without the links):

"The Möbius strip or Möbius band, also Mobius or Moebius, is a surface with only one side and only one boundary. The Möbius strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. It can be realized as a ruled surface)".

"…The Möbius strip is a two-dimensional compact manifold (i.e. a surface) with boundary. It is a standard example of a surface which is not orientable. In fact, the Möbius strip is the epitome of the topological phenomenon of nonorientability. This is because 1) two-dimensional shapes (surfaces) are the lowest-dimensional shapes for which nonorientability is possible, and 2) the Möbius strip is the only surface that is topologically a subspace of every non-orientable surface. As a result, any surface is non-orientable if and only if it contains a Möbius band as a subspace..."

So far the basics of the two-dimensional Möbius Strip.

This crop circle image is ways more complex and shows more than two dimensions.

It is multi-dimensional so to say and all the lines (stripes) in their complexity go 'through' each other. For to tell what?
What tells this complex image to us, respectively what is the message from cc-makers?

Believe me or not, it is a very simple message, but not that simple to understand.

The message is:

"In very complex ways all the matter and all the minds are connected with each other, unimportant in which dimension the source is located. It goes through all dimensions."

Who else could tell that to us, if not very advanced beings in universe?

Yeah, that is a strong statement and even more difficult to really understand!
But there is still more to tell in even more difficult words:
Because this 'ultimate connection' contains even something like 'super connections' which can be understood (or explained) at best with the so called 'quantum-physics' which says that
A 'body' or 'particle' (Gerd: including energy of mind) can exist at two places even simultaneously -> Heisenberg's Unschärfe-Relation = Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

And that is not just a theoretical statement, I really do KNOW this due some sensational personal experiences!
There were more than two 'special events' in my life, when I 'visited' persons in their rooms in  a solid and real state! One of that persons lived more than 4,000 kilometres from me!

After that so strange and unexpected 'manifestation' she phoned me next morning and she was totally despaired. In tears she explained to me what has happened. She was not just an ordinary person, she was pretty intelligent and wise. And she worked as an engineer in a big petroleum company.

By the way, we two persons have never met personally in life. Our conversation was usually via emails only and some very few additionally telephone calls, when she called me from her company telephone over the 4.000 kilometres.
So she is one of several witnesses, who can confirm all this strange incidents at any time.

I tell this very confidential experiences to you only for one reason:

To show you that even a solid person can be at two places in same time (simultaneously).

But that's not all to tell. I will tell all details and many other 'unbelievable' but nevertheless real incidents in my special book which I am busy to write.

However, due to the difficult and complex 'quantum physics' and the phenomenon of the 'Heisenberg uncertainty principle' I do really know what it means in reality!
Especially in situations when I am at home and in same time elsewhere, to appear real and solid in 'someone's rooms'. The best is that the visited and astonished people are not only the best witnesses I can have, they even saw me and even felt my physical existence - I was THERE and I was HOME - exactly at the same time.

I see your puzzled faces now, but all I an say is that it is truth…………. 

I need to finish now, to much have I told you anyway. So my kind regards to you……………..

2015-07-20 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de

The complex octagon refers to the solar eclipse on March 8/9 2016 

On the formation creation date it was new moon. The formation shows a double octagon and 8 lunar months later refers to the total solar eclipse on March 8/9, 2016.

The octagonal shape reveals renewals that will progress from that solar eclipse onwards. It falls soon after a time shift referring the Tzolkin-counts on February 29, 2016.

The Octagon is double, because another 8 lunar months later refers to the end of October 2016, which is the end of the “ninth Underworld” (my newest information). 

The orientation of the formation 

The formation (two tips of the octagon, as well as the tramlines) is oriented towards moonrise and sunrise on March 9, 2016 (approximately East), while at the same time Jupiter sets opposed to that (approximately West). This is also the direction of the centre of Munich, the nearby metropolitan city; the line runs parallel to the railway, stressing the importance of this orientation: 

Orient Muenchen 

Google earth also reveals that when we extend this line through Munich it points toward the beginning of this solar eclipse in the Indian Ocean. The solar eclipse will pass Indonesia and end in the Pacific Ocean, north of Hawaii. 

Marc Smulders


This "nothing is impossible" CC reminds a lot to the paintings of M.C. Escher.


My opinion is, that this is also a warning against "pragmatism" which creates more and more paradox situations in this world. Pragmatism results from "Existentialism", i.e. where the material existence is put above moral principles. We have also to distinguish between humanistic and spiritual morality. Spiritual morality may appear psychopathic and that's probably the reason why egomaniac psychopaths are set to rule over us. The only way to freedom is through spiritual morality which also represents the "pure reason" ("reine Vernunft") according to. I. Kant.


This was the geometry of 18.07.2014 Ammersee Bavaria Germany 

And this is the geometry of 16.7.2015 Münchner Berg Fürstenfeldbruck Bavaria Germany 

It would be impossible to write an article about this crop circle. Once it was common to put the construction over the crop circle. Well, you can see the result.


Abbildung  SEQ Abbildung \* ARABIC 1 

This is not a reconstruction, but a preliminary control of the symmetry. 

The figure is not based on an octagon that touches the outer circle! 

The octagon of the inner circle is twisted against the outer octagon

and that is quite tricky an left me in doubt quite a long time! 

All lines a mirrored or rotated 360/8=45° 

The geometry is quite good!

R.U. Müller


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Artwork WJ

Energy Bridges the message of the Yellow Warrior to the Yellow Star

This astonishing crop circle was reported on 16th July 2015 at Münchener Berg, near Fürstenfeldbruck, in Bavaria, Germany.


According to the Mayan calendar, 16th July 2015 is the last day of the White Castle – a cycle of 52 days, from 26th May until 16th July 2015.

During the White Castle we receive and have the possibility to learn the energy “Yellow Warrior”: Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness – this is Solar Seal No. 16.

On the next day, on 17th July 2015, began the Blue Castle, in which we can learn the energy “Yellow Star”: Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony – this is Solar Seal No. 8.

On 16th July 2015, the last day of the White Castle, the Yellow Star is the Guiding Energy of the day – as if the Yellow Warrior passes the baton to the Yellow Star ;-).

These two energies – Yellow Warrior and Yellow Star – are depicted symbolically on the crop circle.

On the pictogram we see an 8-pointed star, which symbolizes the energy “Yellow Star”.

The 8 points of the star are connected through 8 segments, which look like “bridges”.

Each “bridge” is divided through a bright line into 2 parts, so we have 8 Bridges, each with 2 trails. We can say, that these are “double bridges. So we have 8 “double bridges”.

We can consider each single trail as a “single bridge”.

So we have 16 “single bridges”, which symbolize the energy “Yellow Warrior” – Solar Seal No. 16.

During the White Castle we in the role of Yellow Warriors learn to build bridges between the people, the nations, the worlds, to unite ourselves. These theme was subject of several crop circles during the White Castle, for example:

Bridges of Unity” – crop circle from 7th June 2015 in Pontecurone, Italy:


“White Worldbridger Wavespell: Purifying and Uniting” – crop circle in France:


Fürstenfeldbruck - the name of the area, where this crop circle appeared, was apparently chosen intentionally. Translated from German, ”Fürstenfeldbruck meansducal field BRIDGE”.

The word “BRIDGE” in the name of the area points to the main message of the crop circle – we are advised to build bridges to the other people, to unite ourselves.
The Unity empowers us!

We can imagine, that at the 8 points of the star there are 8 people, united in a circle.

They are connected with each other throughenergy bridges.
The first bridge connects 1 and 4, the second bridge connects 4 and 7 etc.

In end effect, we have a closed energy circuit:

1 – 4 – 7 – 2 – 5 – 8 – 3 – 6 – 1

When several people (at least 4) stand in a circle hand in hand, as if connected through "bridges", then the energy flows from one person to the other.

Every person adds his energy in the common energy circuit and so amplifies the common energy. On the other side, the common energy amplifies the energy of every single person.

This is the “message”, which the Yellow Warrior forwards to the Yellow Star on the last day of the White Castle:

We are advised, also during the Blue Castle to stretch our hands to the other people, to build connections and bridges between the people, to unite ourselves.
On this way, we exchange our energies and amplify them.
So the energy potential of each human and the common energy potential as well are amplified more quickly.

This is also one of the main ideas of the Mayan calendar:

Synchronization of the energies of all people, this amplifies the common energy and the energy of every single human as well. And the purpose is to achieve a resonance – a maximal amplification of the energies, which gives us the possibility as collective more quickly to achieve the end goal: Enlightenment and Ascension! 

Sources for the Mayan calendar:


Maya Todorova



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike