Southern Holland (location withheld at farmer’s request), Reported 4th June.

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Updated Friday 5th June 2015


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Date:  June 4, 2015

Location:  Southern Holland (location withheld at farmer’s request)
Crop:  Grass
Found by:  Robbert v/d Broeke (
Diagram:  Roy Boschman, Nancy Talbott
Photos:  Roy Boschman, Ronald Sikking (aerials)
Report by:  Nancy Talbott, BLT Research (

As is typical Robbert again felt a new formation was coming and “saw” (in his mind’s eye) “4 or 5 circles” and also a very specific field where, years ago, he and I searched for—and finally did find--a circle he had also “seen,” but before my arrival that year no one had been able to find.  [The farmer is not going to allow access & has asked that we not reveal this location.]  There was a strange “vibe” in this field back then and the 2015 formation is the only other time a circle has appeared in this place.  And Robbert got a highly unusual “understanding” in regards to this place...and this crop circle.

This “simple” formation again shows a gentle swirled lay (all circles counter-clockwise) with a variety of small tufts of standing crop in most circle centres and an undulating or “rippling” effect, like water flowing in a shallow stream, in many of the circles.  And all except the centre largest circle have off-centre “centres."

“Rippling” lay & tiny standing tuft in actual centre of the larger circle:

Although this formation is not what many will think of as spectacular…and therefore perhaps not particularly significant, what Robbert told me he experienced while in it suggests otherwise.  During WW II The Netherlands suffered terribly and last night, after Roy dropped him off at his apartment, he told me he had felt the presence of “spirits,” great angst and suffering related to this field.  He felt there were people, soldiers possibly, who had died horribly here and had not been able to leave this place….that time had stood still for them and that they had died either so suddenly, or so horrifically, some of them might not even know they had died.  He strongly felt that the “blueprint” of what had happened here—an “energetic footprint” of great suffering and anxiety—was present, even after so many years.  As he was describing these impressions we both got a clear mental image of an explosion (a plane crash possibly, or a bomb) and wondered if some awful WW II event had, in fact, occurred exactly here.  And we both remembered, also, how when we had found that earlier circle in this same field years ago he had felt a very heavy “presence” of a soldier and we left immediately after finding it…feeling something oppressive and having the urgent impulse to not stay.

But Robbert felt this 2015 formation's energies were “very high and cleansing” and that “healing” was being offered this time, bringing an opportunity for the trapped spirits he felt around him to now move on and leave this place.  Psychologists know that people who suffer great tragedy can be trapped emotionally in the time and place where the tragedy occurred, sometimes for their entire lives….and when the tragedy involves one’s sudden and violent death it may be that the human soul can also be trapped, just as occurs in the living.  Ultimately, Robbert’s impression was that this crop circle is transformative, that it has a “purification” effect….for the actual soil and for any souls which may have been trapped here.

Although the BLT crop circle plant research in the 1990s did not involve many grass circles (and expulsion cavities were never documented by us in grass circles), this field seems to have what may be some stalks of last-year’s cereal crop…and I spotted what may be an expulsion cavity in one of Roy’s photos:


The farmer is not, apparently, going to allow public access.  But for many more photos of this formation see Robbert's website:

And for many other reports about the huge range of anomalous events constantly occurring around around Robbert see the BLT Research page devoted to his case (reports are posted below my introduction):


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