Estella, Navarra, Spain. Reported 25th June.

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This comment is relatively esoteric and will not make much sense to most readers; I'm using a once secret Metatronic science known to the Essenes, Templars and Masons. (Any Seals associated with the system were lifted in the early 1970s.) However the reader will probably get an idea that there is a large system and creation field associated with Formations and with this simple seeming Formation particularly.  I plot all the Formations in Earth Grids using the dynamics found in a Metatronic system called the "Reshel" (Hebrew for "Chief Head-Stone of God"). 

A year ago the ancient State and formats of the "Shamir" were regenerated in a large way by NVIDIA's "Chualar" Formation in California. It has a Shamir serpent-like form in it that uses it's basic 3 "Stations" to activate and then code the "Ark" (the new computer Chip) which uses the Hebrew Name of God: "Ehye Asher Ehye" (I Am That I Am) coded in brail in the square chip format.  The 3 disks in the outer ring are stars in Canis Major with the large disk... also linked in the Shamir's streaming... represents SIRIUS.  (In forming the resultant long ley line, or Shamir Stream, from Mt Challenger in Colorado to Hawaii, the star correlates with Point LOBOS on the Monterrey Peninsula.)  The forming of the Chualar Formation was closely timed with other events probably not known to NVIDIA. It is apparent that that Shamir Formation was divinely inspired... I have no idea what NVIDIA knows or doesn't know about that aspect of it.  This shows the CHUALAR Formation (program still active and growing). The 3 "Stations" the Shamir goes through relate to the "Hu..Sais..Heth" steps that can be found on-line. 

Since that date the SHAMIR state and system has been expanding in spiritual activities including in a number of crop formations' formats as well as in the Grids they are forming in complementary systems every year.  This formation in Spain extends the ROSE LINE from Thurso to San Sebastian to a new southern pole south of San Sebastian.  If we use the distance between them as an axis for a sphere relating to the sphere it the outer part of the spiral, then use this sphere centering an axis to Rennes le Chateau and the same opposite direction, this gives us a golden-ratio rhombic "Time Gate/Pillar" ...or Shamir... of PHI to the 3rd power. (The other pole in the rhombus is a notable mountain in Spain towards Santiago de Compostela... I don't find a name for the mountain.)

This ESTELLA ("Star") formation shows a dual Shamir spiral from "Divine Center" where the tail-poles are Divine generation points  The two "Heads" are Creation Fields  in the outer part of the spirals which spin out, constantly opposed to each other. When this double-spiral is extended in 3-D it forms a conical vortex which (at the high level this thing is showing) forms part of the system that relates to the highest State and action known in all Universes, usually called the "Flashing Universe" that constantly connects and regenerates all universes.... much like a constant Big-Bang.  The spherical pole opposite to ESTELLA is centered in Thurso at the other end of the ROSE LINE.  The vital central sphere is on the south coast of England and would include Glastonbury Tor as the outer radius point.  (There are other relevant crop formations in this sphere.)
If we include the radius of the large sphere (to Rennes le Chateau) The ROSE LINE would spin as far as PRAGUE, include all of "Alba-On" (all British Isles), France, etc.  This huge area is most of the Planet's European "Forebrain" area where the Planet is likened to a brain or "Chief Head-Stone" ... the Planet's ajna being in the Aegean Sea.  As the Shamirs' heads spin out they create a solid Creation-Sphere including the area in the Planet and above it. 

A chief programming center in the ROSE LINE is the Lady-Chapel in Rosslyn (Rose-Line) Chapel in Edinburgh.  Henry Sinclair in the late 1300s designed his ARMS showing the Shamir creating the Rose-Line from its left eye. There is an intricate system in Rosslyn Chapel that uses a complex SHAMIR PILLAR.  When the ESTELLA formation spins through Rennes le Chateau it can form a horizontal 8-Pole base in the same way Rosslyn's Shamir pillar is formed, and duplicate this key pillar as a huge Earth Grid north through France, England, and Scotland from the Basque country and power of the Pyrenees.  This shows Henry Sinclair's Shamir Arms, also forming an Earth Grid in the northern part of the Rose Line.

POST-SCRIPT to the Grid commentary (by William Buehler): 

There is an important additional thought relating to the two spirals, that I forgot to add.  That is, the Kundalini dynamic has two "serpent" (Shamir) energy streams usually called the IDA and PINGALA where a 3rd central stream is the SHUSHUMNA... which would be the ROSE LINE in this new grid development.  The Ida and Pingala traditionally do 3 1/2 turns in the Root Chakra (base of the spine) before rising up the spine.  The spins in the crop formation probably relate to this present activity. The Formation shows about 2 1/4 spins so if we have correlation, then the process HAS BEGUN but there are still Progrms "in the higher system"  that must be installed in the natural progression of the full energetic charge.  Also, one of Thoth's main symbols is the Caduceus (winged solar top of a staff wound by 2 serpents.  This generally correlates with healing practice but the whole topic is much larger; there is a flood of information on this subject relating to Kundalini Yoga.  The following is an extract, a simple description of "kundalini":

(FROM  )  "Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning coiled up snake. It is the energy to nourish the TREE OF LIFE within us and has been seen as ‘The serpent power.’ In Yoga, it is a term referring to the reservoir of PSYCHIC energy at the base of the spine. Kundalini is curled up in the back part of the root chakra in 3 ½ turns. It is located in the sacrum bone. The Latin name ‘os sacrum’ suggests that it is a HOLY or sacred part of the body. The ancient Greeks were aware of this and noted that it was the last bone to be destroyed when the body is burnt. Ancient Egyptians also held this bone to be very valuable and considered it to be the ‘seat of special power’. In the West, the sacrum is symbolised by the sign of Aquarius and by the Holy Grail, container of the water of life.  (As mentioned previously, the information of awakening people was so precious and powerful that people killed for it. This occurred in Atlantis, Egypt, Medieval days.)

"The Function of Kundalini    The practice of this energy comprises of awakening and then guiding it through the nadis or channels, up the psychic channel SUSHUMNA (parallel to cerebral fluid) which runs from the base of the spine to the brain. When the energy awakens and moves from the root chakra to the crown chakra through three (3) main channels called ida, pingala and sushumna, and through all the chakras, SELF REALISATION occurs. This induces an awareness and more conscious state within the individual. In other words more of the brain is utilised and the perception of reality is altered from FEAR to LOVE.  (END OF EXCERPT)

Without changing the main commentary, this Kundalini note adds more strength to the main ideas relating to the large ROSE LINE "sushumna" system.  Before dropping the technical aspect of "Shamir Kundalini" there is one more important correlation in the TONGUE.  We saw in Henry Sinclair's Shamir-Arms that the Shamir's tongue is a large symbol.  In Hebrew "tongue" is "Cheresh: to scratch, engrave, create any material, magic, etc.": exactly describes Shamir action, if not complete.  "Chor-ash" uses two forms of fire in Hebrew: the "Chor" and "Esh" (man/woman: foundational fire relating to a soul level). In Sinclair's ARMS the Rose line goes through the Tongue; the "Crown" chakra of the Line is in Thurso's bay; we might correlate the tongue with the ROOD entrance in the ST. PETER AND THE HOLY ROOD EPISCOPAL CHURCH on the Rose Line in Thurso city.  ("Rood" is also a unit of measure as a "rod"... another Shamir form and one now being found in living blood.)  In practice, the "Rod" is a pillar-tube holding the Human embodying the golden ratio rhombus Gate/Pillar system.  This is a major format described in the earlier commentary relating to the system extending to Rennes le Chateau, with the ESTELLA Formation in the center. The whole thing is a Rod or Shamir-Human synergism.  

The Yoga has special use of the tongue called the "Kechari Mudra"; this is important but not well known but might be directly related to the Chor-Fire in the Eden Garden-Gate (Genesis 3:24) where the Cherubibim use the "Chor fire" as state of being (brilliant white fire of purity) and the "keeper" of the way to the Tree of Life" is the "Shomor: same spelling as Shamir."  This passage relates to the fire and generation of new souls... precisely the function in Genesis (beyond the Fall-Factor of "evil", et al)... related to the generation of a new DNA in humans (now showing up in physical blood as a new cell, found in LIVE Blood Analysis, not recognized by the American Medical Association).  

"The Human Aura, the Kechari Mudra and the Uddiyana Bandha:   The aura (the subtle energy field that surrounds the human body) is very much affected by the effects Kechari Mudra, as 'blobs' (so to speak) of the auric energy field part themselves off like parts of a flame, (similar to how flames can part themselves off from a burning fire) and are emanated into subtle energetic realms of possibly higher dimensional extensions. In myself this creates a sensation as though angelic or soul-like entities are produced. If that sounds far-fetched, just bear with me. Traditional Hatha Yoga literature (all too often unfortunately poorly translated and understood) I believe, describes this when it deals with the Uddiyana Bandha (Hatha Yoga Pradipika chapter III, sloka 54-59). In Tibet there were monasteries specializing in the 'creation of souls' through these techniques. (If I won't be ridiculed I will write more about this, but it is possibly a sensitive issue to some. Hint! It has to do with the conception of children, the embodied soul or 'en-souled body', the male and female role in the conception of a human being. There is more to the sperm and the ovum than meets the eye!!!)  (END OF EXCERPT) 

There are other examples of the "tongue" application. One large example is that of the Alpha-Omega in Rev 1:13-18 where the tongue is a 2-mouthed sword (the eyes, feet, the sound of many waters... etc... are also Shamir formats).

SO WHAT'S IT ALL IN AID OF?  The critical ROSE LINE has been lengthened at both ends through crop formation grid actions.  The SHAMIR dynamic has human states enfolded by Shamir synergic systems at divine creation levels where the human and shamir formats merge.  This appears to be occurring with the Shamir Rose Line (refer Sinclair Arms graphic) now "humanizing" by inserting a two-shamir system (IDA and PINGALA streams) having begun a 3.5 spin at a present state of 2.25 amount of spin.  The two spiraling shamirs also correlate with several grid formats in which the assumed Root Chakra activation might correlate with a sphere formed using the Rose Line as a diameter, involving most of Europe as that chakra working in an OUROBOROS mode around the Planet.  The composite of ALL OTHER FORMATIONS in this season AND FORMER YEARS... huge programs collectively operating in the World/Race Mind/Soul.  In the JUDEO-CHRISTIAN system the hands and feet are also major chakras along with the usual 7 everyone knows of.  If such an Ouroboros is being formed, the other (12 or 13?) chakras would be in the body of the equatorial Shamir. This can also be happening in the more simple use of the Rose Line "Shushumna" central stream.   

Major complexity must be managed through maximum simplicity.  "ESTELLA" suggests that this whole vast structure is a STAR-STREAM grounding through this elementary Formation. There are many Shamir constellation streams; the most important (due to the NORTHERN location) is DRACO where its tail generates from the precessing Pole-Star (now Polaris), mouth and tongue in Christ's hand and sword  (Hercules constellation as the Christos) with the Draco HEART in the North Pole of the Ecliptic.

(RE "HOME MADE" FORMATIONS):  I understand that this Formation is "man made" by a film company, which I see as an added validation.  It would be ideal if we Earth-Humans were sharp enough... in resonance the the Cosmos: Stars and our Planet and the immediate "Ascension" dynamics in the Metatronic range, to create our own Formations assisted by the high-end Elementals.  We are not, yet, but it's beginning.  So, the Chualar in California last year and now this one are "in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time."  This is a common "Flow" with Humans in various disciplines, now, in every spiritual system working synergically... some more than others.  In working with grid related Crop Formation systems it's easier to see the larger picture in what they are doing as a composite unified Field.  Fortunately the grids being used, in the Formations and also in the larger land areas, are related to a known geometry that organizes a number of large and important systems into a coherent whole that is also keyed into the Universal "Flashing Universe" dynamics.  We see the geometry... thus energy forms... in Chartres, Rosslyn, Earth Grids the size of Europe, et al. We know what is happening and how to use it.  Many times it's an unconscious thing, like the generation of this Formation based on economic and educational cause/effect.   

It would be interesting to know what had them get on with it.  We know we all are out-picturing large innerplanes Programs, in wee-small bits in our own ways, but I understand that we in the "Ground Crew" (or the "Away-Team" in Star-Trek terms) are fairly important parts of the larger effort even though we don't know much about what is happening.  So this man-made Formation would still have its own large Program installed, same as with the "real" ones, and deserves full attention.  "Well Done!" to the Company and team doing the work.  (As a film, the main Ascension program will be unconsciously transmitted to a great many.  Same idea with the Chualar NVIDIA computer chip system, more operational now than ever.)

Bill Buehler  Crestone, Colorado



The crop circle of Tierra Estella is the work of Opabinia Films for the video for Tow Basque production company formed by Mikel Urmeneta and Inigo Chalezquer , drew the circle of over 60 meters in Larraga

D.N - Saturday, June 27, 2015 - Updated at 06 : 16h

Team members Opabinia Films , making the crop circle in a field of Larraga . (assigned )

Pamplona - Opabinia Basque Films production , which Mikel Urmeneta is a founder and artistic adviser and in working with Chalezquer Inigo , was responsible for drawing in a barley field Larraga ( Estella ) the spiral of over 60 meters the daily news that echoed in the last edition of Thursday, June 25 . The crop circle was made for the new video from Bast producer group was recording in Navarre during the weekend and on Monday last.


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Estella, Navarra, Spain

I ran into this picture in my archive. It is similar to the crop circle appeared in Spain.

Estella, Navara, Spain

It is in Egypt  and named as “Desert Breath. It looks like a pulsating polarized energy field but I could not make anything of it. I am enclosing it here in the hope that it may be useful for commentators.

Desert Breath: 27°22’50.1” N & 33°37’54.6” E in Google Earth

Berat Sancar

Newgrange spiral






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