Blackhorse Lane, nr Merstham, Surrey. Reported 16th June.

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Updated Tuesday 7th  July  2015


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Joseph Mason



A “puzzle cube” involving the Mayan Long Count calendar was drawn at Blackhorse Lane on June 16, 2015, in the style of Hackpen Hill from August 26, 2012. One crop picture coded for the first day of a new Mayan calendar on December 24, 2012, while the other codes for an upcoming autumn equinox on September 20, 2015. Will a real “feathered serpent” descend from sky to earth on the autumn equinox of 2015, or will just his “shadow” descend at the Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza?  

A new crop picture at Blackhorse Lane on June 16, 2015 seems very clever, and resembles in style a famous “puzzle cube” which was drawn in crops at Hackpen Hill in 2012 (see In order to understand and solve their new puzzle at Blackhorse Lane in 2015, first we must understand and solve clearly their previous puzzle at Hackpen Hill in 2012. There will be some mathematics involved here, but I will try to explain any technical details as simply as possible.  

A puzzle cube at Hackpen Hill on August 26, 2012 coded for “120 days later” or December 24, 2012, which was the first day of a new Mayan Long Count calendar  

The original puzzle at Hackpen Hill appeared on a date of August 26, 2012, which equals in the Mayan Long Count calendar (see  

Each face of this 6 x 6 x 6 cube showed 20 outer squares which appear “empty”. These may be counted easily around the outer border of any 6 x 6 face. Those 20 “empty” squares were meant to represent “20 days” or “1 Mayan month”.  

The crop artists drew only 3 faces of this cube which we can see directly. Yet we know that their drawing was meant to represent a “cube”, so really it must have 6 faces! In which case, their puzzle cube would contain 6 x 20 = 120 empty outer squares, around the borders of 6 different faces. These should likewise represent “120 days” or “6 Mayan months”.  

Finally if we add “6 Mayan months” to the date when this crop picture appeared, on in the Long Count calendar, we get or December 24, 2012 (see This was the first day of a new Mayan calendar: something like New Year’s Day for our modern calendar, but it only happens once every 5125 years!  

Now we have all of the tools which we need to solve another “puzzle cube” which appeared at Blackhorse Lane on June 16, 2015. 

A new puzzle cube at Blackhorse Lane on June 16, 2015 codes for “96 days later” or September 20, 2015, which is the autumn equinox of 2015  

A new “puzzle cube” of a similar kind was drawn at Blackhorse Lane on June 16, 2015, which is in the Mayan Long Count calendar (see In this case, we need to add some “thin blue lines”, as shown in the slide below, in order to see its “cube” shape more clearly:  

This new puzzle cube is of a 4 x 4 x 4 variety. It was drawn with 16 “triangular squares” on its uppermost 4 x 4 face. Each small “triangular square” has a “light” half and a “dark” half. They are meant to suggest “day” and “night” for one single day.  

Those 16 small squares therefore suggest “16 days”, by analogy with another puzzle cube which was drawn at Hackpen Hill in 2012. They also match its date of appearance on day 16 of June 2015.  

In this case, we can only see 1 face of the puzzle cube directly in crops. Yet we know that it is a “cube”, so it ought to contain 6 faces in total, or 6 x 16 = 96 small squares. These should likewise represent “96 days”. 

Finally, if we add “96 days” to Mayan when the crop picture appeared, we get or September 20, 2015, which is the autumn equinox of 2015 (see  

The autumn equinox is a very significant date in Mayan or Aztec culture. That is when the shadow of a “serpent” metaphorically descends from sky to earth, along one face of the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza (see or What we are seeing here, in this new crop picture at Blackhorse Lane, is a cultural concept which was enshrined by the Mayans in the form of a great pyramid around 1000 AD (see El_Castillo,_Chichen_Itza). 

“Peace, brother! You must get rid of your nuclear weapons.”  

When drawing their new “puzzle cube” at Blackhorse Lane, the crop artists chose to be very cryptic. They did not draw all of the lines of that “cube” in one particular field, which would enable us to see it clearly and directly. Instead, they drew just its “top face” with “16 small squares” at Blackhorse Lane, then seemingly drew the remaining “lines” at Devizes Road, on the same day of June 16, quite far away in Wiltshire rather than Surrey (see devizesroad2015a).  

If you mentally superimpose one crop picture onto the other, then you will see all of the lines of this new “puzzle cube”, without having to add a series of “thin blue lines” as was done in the slide above.  

Finally, as a very clever joke, they drew those “extra lines” at Devizes Road in the shape of a “peace symbol” from the 1960’s (see The_peace_symbol). That “peace symbol” represents two letters “N” and “D” for “nuclear disarmament” (see   

“Peace, brother! You must get rid of your nuclear weapons.” Haven’t we heard that message before, for example when a delegation of tall, blond, extra-terrestrial humans met with President Eisenhower in 1954, to warn us against making a secret treaty with the alien “greys”? (see

The new crop picture at Blackhorse Lane was drawn in the field as part of a 30o-120o-30o triangle (or “pyramid” shape)

When we looked on Google Earth to learn where the new crop picture at Blackhorse Lane had been drawn, we saw immediately that it formed a 30o-120o-30o triangle (or “pyramid” shape) with two nearby, large trees:  

Just above that field “triangle” (marked with thin blue lines), we can see the large and imposing face of a “serpent” (formed by a large group of trees), looking down on everything from above! It is hard to tell, from current photographs, exactly what the angles in that field “triangle” might be? We have suggested 30o-120o-30o, but they could be even 15o-150o-15o.  

We wondered whether this “field triangle” might contain additional information, so as to code for a second calendar date? So we measured its dimensions as accurately as possible, relative to the size of a newly-drawn crop picture nearby.  

If we assign the radius of a circle (or sphere) which surrounds that new “puzzle cube” to be “4”, in accord with the 4 x 4 grid of small squares on its top face, then the length of each side of that field “triangle”, along either isosceles edge, would be “16”. Thus there does not seem to be any other calendar date encoded here, just a reference to June 16 when the crop picture appeared.  

Along the left-hand side of the slide above, we can see a large rectangular group of trees which resemble the number “1”. There were originally 4 isolated trees in this large field (not shown), so as to suggest a combined number of “1-4”. Yet after drawing the new crop picture, we can now count 5 isolated small objects in this field, so as to suggest a combined number of “1-5”. Might such a landscape feature subtly imply the year 2015? In order to address this question more precisely, let us take a look at the same field from a broad perspective as shown below. 

Field imagery on a broad scale: the year “2015” or a “Pyramid of Kukulcan” from Chichen Itza?  

Looking first at the upper left-hand part of the slide below, we can see the entire field where that new crop picture was drawn. We can now see a large number “1” on the left, plus four large trees and one round crop picture:

These suggest a total number of “5”, or a combined number of “1-5”. Might such landscape imagery be meant to represent the year “20-15”?  

Further below on the right, we can see a large “pyramid” shape in the landscape, just above the curving path of a four-lane highway. Might this “pyramid” shape be meant to resemble the “Pyramid of Kukulcan” at Chichen Itza, with a “serpent” descending at lower left?  

In a neighbouring field (not shown), we can see five other large trees which are arranged in an ”X” or “cross” shape. These resemble a plan for the Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza (see mayan-and-inca-temples). We can also see a “heart” shape for “love”, just over the head of that “descending serpent”. The interested reader may wish to go to latitude 51.263o North, longitude 0.203o West on Google Earth, to explore such details further.  

Why should we see such a strong influence of ancient Mayan culture on modern English or European crop pictures?  

Many different crop pictures over the years, not just this new one, have shown a strong influence from ancient Mayan culture, calendar schemes or mathematics. Other crop pictures have made reference to their legendary leader “Quetzalcoatl” or “Kukulkan”, who supposedly arrived in a metal ship off the coast of the Yucatan in 60 AD. Next he proceeded with his colleagues to teach the Mayans everything they knew about building, agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, calendar schemes and spirituality.  

This was just as if a modern Peace Corps delegation had gone to a primitive part of Africa, and suddenly “civilized” the place! The Olmec and Mayan people were grateful for their efforts, and eventually built an entire city in the honour of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan (see  Temple_of_the_Feathered_Serpent,_Teotihuacan), as well as other memorials such as the Pyramid of Kukulkan mentioned above.  

Why should such a long-forgotten culture, on our Earth today, play such a major role in modern crop pictures? There seem to be three possibilities.  

First, the original delegation to ancient central America was/is capable of “time travel”. In which case, they may be sending field images to us from 1000 years ago, somewhere in central America? They may even be intending to “jump forward” into our era.  

Secondly, the original delegation to ancient central America came from the stars, possibly the Pleiades star cluster (often mentioned in Mayan culture or in crops). In which case, they may have left central America for their home-star around 500 to 1000 AD, but could be planning to return to Earth in our era? 

Thirdly, the original civilization which was built by the Mayans in ancient central America still exists in a parallel universe, or perhaps on a “parallel Earth”? In which case, any humans who live on the “other side” may have developed spacetime wormhole technology, which enables them to send small probes across to “our side” using portals or “conduits” (see time2007n). This brings to mind the fictional scenario of a TV show called “Fringe” (see Fringe_(TV_series) ).  

We do not know for which of these three possibilities might be correct, as I write this. Yet it should not be long.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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"I am predicting a formation on June 16, 2015. It should be a doozy.
The location will be a important feature. It may incorporate , stone, tree or trees and a hill.
The general theme may be "magnetism" from a central point.
The access will be allowed and perhaps even encouraged.
I am using only data from accumulated examples of art as they relate to dates and the correlated calendars of many cultures.
I have never been in a crop circle, and I do not know anyone who has ever made one.
I figured its time to test the science.
You are the only one receiving this. "
David Odell


The Crop circle is in the middle date between the two solar eclipses of 2015.Announces eclipses of September 2015 and March 2016:-

Fernando Ortolá


Artwork WJ


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Crop circle from 16th June 2015: We are Wizards!

 This crop circle was reported on 16th June, 2015 at Blackhorse Lane, near Margery, Surrey, UK.

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 16th June 2015 is a day from the White Castle, which continues from 25th May to 16th July 2015. In the White Castle we receive the energy of the Yellow Warrior – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness. And we have the possibility to learn, to accept, to absorb, to integrate, to radiate this energy.

This crop circle continues the theme about the Yellow Warrior, which was the subject  of several last crop circles.

On the pictogram we see a big rhomb, divided in 16 smaller rhombs. The number 16 symbolizes the Yellow Warrior, which is Solar Seal No. 16.
Every small rhomb represents the “head” of a Warrior. Every small rhomb is divided in 2 triangles. The upper bright triangle depicts the "helmet" of the Warrior and the lower dark triangle depicts the face of the Warrior.

We see a whole troop of 16 Warriors. These Warriors symbolize the humanity.

The name of the place, where this crop circle appeared, is Blackhorse Lane. This name is apparently chosen not by chance. In the past the Warrior usually had a horse.

16th June 2015 is a day with the Solar Seal “White Wizard”. Every of the 16 small rhombs represents also the head of a Wizard: the upper bright triangle depicts the typical conic hat of a Wizard, and the dark triangle beneath depicts the face of the Wizard.

So, the big rhomb depicts a troop of 16 Warriors-Wizards ;-). They symbolize the Humanity.

The big circle represents the Earth. This is the space, which is given to us, where we have the possibility to Explore, to develop our Intelligence and our Magical skills. We are the Wizards, who have the possibility to create the desired reality on the Earth through our thoughts, dreams, visualisation, imagination etc.

This crop circle appeared on 16 June 2015, and exactly 40 days later, on 26th July 2015 begins the Year of the White Planetary Wizard, with Tone 10, when the theme about the Wizard will probably become more popular in the crop circles.

Here is a short description of the Solar Seal “White Wizard”:

White Wizard: Enchant, Receptivity, Timelessness

The world is a place brimming with magic and wonder.
White Wizard is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the heart. Wizards have a strong imagination.

White Wizard is a tool of the light, a conduit for the work of Spirit. A wise magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing magic to come in rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A magician dances the dance of love through offering gifts of freedom to others. This is real magic. Freed from the need to use power to manipulate or control, a magician uses wisdom to manifest liberation and love.

The Wizard is your inner shaman who can travel without actually moving; it is this actual movement, that contains the key to the realisation of your dreams: receive all that is present at this very moment...

Align your own will with divine will and your Essence Self. Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it. Open to heart-knowing and limitless possibilities.

Receive the heart's wisdom, for you too can play magic!

Focus on becoming the transparent wizard who allows magic to be effortlessly created through you. Use your heart-knowing to receive Divine Attunement. Be receptive to radial, non-linear, now-cantered time.


Maya Todorova

I'm going back even to the crop circles of June 16, 2015 Blackhorse Lane and Devizes Road. This article inspired me a contribution of Mr. Collie Red and expresses gratitude for inspiring pictures.

Both crop circles are created by design "symbol of peace". This is an urgent request to stop war and terrorist actions. The island of vegetation in the shape of a heart near the circle we have to remind the biggest tragedy in the recent history of Norway. Precisely because it looks Norwegian island of Utoya, where the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik has killed 69 people, mostly children. Previously he detonated a bomb near a government building in the city center of Oslo, killing eight people.


In the Roman Empire under Emperor Nero cross with arms up represents the tree of life. Conversely cross with arms into the country epitomized death.


It is possible that the supposed symbol of peace, which is now widely used and is rooted in people's minds, expresses the opposite of his tempered content. Perhaps improper use of this ancient symbol of peace activities of social movements often speaking in  idly.

Establishment of peace in today's world is a utopian vision completely in the spirit of energy incorrect use of the symbol of Peace.

Pávková Z.


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike