Clearbury Ring, nr Nunton, Wiltshire. Reported 6th July?

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The Great Revealing 

   My study is not limited to crop circles. It is the study of shape associated with time. I have never cared if it is human or otherwise. I only match time with shape.  

  The makers of this circle are artists who wish to convey a particular message as any artist are apt to do. The message is their inner being. Find the heart and put it on canvas. 

  The state of crop circles is such that, it must move forward as all art does. It must be political and exemplary in demonstrating ability and meaning, as all art does. 

  To do this, the separation must be made. All the work, circles the drain unless the artists begin to sign their work. Unsigned work at this point is redundant and is only fueling a false notion. 

   This work is Obviously the work that is observed in many other formations, so why not sign it ?                             

 I'm not suggesting the publishing of your home address, but simply an admission and display that will allow crop art to continue on the path of progressive artistic display. An identity that promotes anonymous honesty. 

  The path to artistic continuity is to destroy all art before the you, and for crop circles, the beating will continue until something new is added. It is getting too repetitive. 

 When the desire for mystery crosses over to confusion of truth, then the art is lost. And when the mystery is solved, the exhibit is at a disappointing end. 

  I myself would like the world even less without crop circles, but, it is getting to the point that the work must evolve. Even the “convinced”, tire of the games. To “rein in” the games, retain the intrigue, and even add to the mystery, the work requires signatures.  

 Think of the day when the Italians can compete with the British and both combine to elucidate vague  identities of other teams, rather than clinging to mysteries that wane with each formation. 

   The state of crop circles is that of chicken soup with too much salt. So much salt, that one can barely swallow it. A new wrinkle is needed and competition between teams requires a signature. 

   If the competition rises, perhaps the farmers will benefit also. Random yearly finals may bring sponsors and paydays for the farmers with a message. If a farmer is lucky enough to be “vandalized” by the right winning crew, then Ka-ching, the farmers are once again open to the concept. Farmers by their nature are gamblers. 

  It is time to change. Be the example and let it come out. The point of diminishing returns has been reached and legitimacy is attainable. Crop art has demonstrated itself to be the worlds leading art form in all but one category.  

  This formation (the one I'm commenting on) seals the identity of the maker and is no longer a mystery. My plea to all human makers is to sign their work, and thus take crop art to a new level which can satisfy (without overly pleasing) the farmers. Think of it as a lottery. Some win, and all enjoy playing. The hope and wishes remain. And who knows, maybe there will be an educational element as well.

  And if by chance, another real reply for the masses comes, then it also will be more closely observed. 

  Stagnation is not the path to true communication. Something bigger is required. Something strong and identifiable. Tease it, taunt it, bring it out, let there be light. Be honest. Be in the moment. Be present and accounted for. Do it in the light else all minds think toward the dark. Bring color, originality, newness, and flavor specific. Do it for the artform, and for the education of the farmers. 

   Tijax has moved the line. Make it obvious and make it simple. Make it Big and make it bold. Make it history, and make it memorable. Make it exclusive and proud. Make it educational for the masses and make it visible to the blind. Make it like no other before it. Then we can continue. 

 Make it on 13 Kan. 

David Odell artstrology

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Artwork WJ

Regarding the CC at Clearbury Ring, nr Nunton, Wiltshire. Reported 6th July.  According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) farmers use several types of irrigation methods:  Center-pivot, drip, flood, furrow, gravity, rotation, sprinkler, subirrigation, traveling gun, supplemental, and surface.  Trams are often used to deliver water.   Included are several aerial and panoramic photographs showing center-pivot irrigation.

An aerial view of the above photographs and the CCs shown below indicate some similarities.  The  16 small circles in the Clearbury Ring, nr Nunton, Wiltshire, reported 6th July, resemble the wheels of a farmer's irrigation tram(s).  The arches resemble the paths of center-pivot irrigation; however, using some type of format that resembles engineering drawings. 

According to NASA, "Climate data can help predict some crop failures several months before harvest, according to a new study from an international team, including a research scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md." 


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The end of the ninth underworld in relation to the Gregorian and Julian calendar 


The formation shows a square, which symbolizes an end and connects two crescent moons, symbolizing the connection between the beginning and the end in connection with a crescent moon. As will be explained, this relates to the end of the ninth Underworld in connection with the Gregorian and Julian calendar. 

The nine underworlds 

According to the theory of Maya-researcher Carl Johan Calleman, the so-called nine underworlds are nine ages of different length that all end at a certain end-date. The first underworld started with the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. The second underworld lasted 18 times shorter and started around 760 million years ago. Succeeding ages lasted progressively shorter; each successive underworld lasted 20 times shorter than the previous age. The factor 20 can slightly deviate from the theory due to the slowdown of the rotation of the Earth, causing a lengthening of the days.

Although according to Callemans theory the ninth and last Underworld is 234 or 260 days only and according to him all underworlds ended on October 28, 2011, in reality the ninth underworld will last about 260 weeks or 5 years and happened to start on October 28, 2011. It will end on or around October 28, 2016. On this date there will be a crescent waning moon. 

The relationship of the formation with the Gregorian and Julian calendar 

On October 15, 1582, Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar. The end of the Underworlds will be 434 years later. The 12 dots around the centre relate to 12 lunar months. The relationship with the formation is demonstrated by the fact that on the formation creation date the introduction of the Gregorian calendar was exactly 446 × 12 lunar months ago.

There is also a relationship with the start of the last year of confusion in 47 BC, the last extended Roman year before the introduction of the Julian calendar. This extended year started on October 12, 47 BC (proleptic Julian calendar; January 1 Roman calendar) and was 3 × 59 × 12 × 12 (!!) lunar months ago (the deviation is approximately one week only). Note that this number is also a multiple of 16 (the formation contains 16 dots). October 12, 47 BC was also a date with a waning crescent moon. 

The relationship with the end of the nine Underworlds 

The total number of dots of the formation is 16. When counting 16 lunar months ahead in the future, starting from the formation creation date, this points towards a date on or around October 20, 2016. In case that we reckon with calendar months of 30 days, this refers to October 28, 2016, with a related Tzolkin-date (same day-sign, tone of creation differs one). We anyhow find a date in the same month as October 12, 47 BC and October 15, 1582 (start Julian/Gregorian calendar). The relationship with October in 2016 is important as this month is the last month that starts and end around approximately new moon. 

Orientation of the formation 

It is notable that the two half moons at the both ends of the formation have a different size. It turns out that one end of the formation is oriented towards sunset on a date around 10 to 16 October. On October 15 and 16, 2016 it is full moon and while the sun on October 15 sets in the west, the moon rises in the East, approximately opposed to that. The formation is aligned towards this opposition on this date, exactly 434 year after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar. 

Marc Smulders

Coincidence I found is the abstract shape at 1:44 in this short clip:-  The one from the CC seems just more hi-tech, so to speak. Nothing more to say.

I was investigating it a bit further and it boils down to the "triple-moon" symbol which is kind of "mother goddess". And there might be a link to the moth-man mystery, i.e. the "silver-bridge" incident.


Perhaps the similar three formations could be related to URANUS and His symbol...and something happening under His influence.


In June 15 formation at Newton Barrow we can see in the centre a black hole on the right "nurishing" a white one on the left. And then in Luxenborough formation the cosmic alchemical reaction of opposite and similar. 


Bury the arms and focus on your spiritual development!

In my opinion, the elements, which are depicted on the crop circle, have following meaning:
Е –
the Earth

М – the Moon

1 + 2 + 3: sword

2 + 3:  missile

4 + 5:  sword

But we can reverse the things (it depends on us) and then the same elements depict following:

1 + 2 + 3:  a human

1 –  the head of the human

2 - the arms of the human, which could turn into wings!

3 – the body of the human, which turns into crystal light body

4 + 5: a human

4 – the head of the human

5 - the body of the human, which turns into crystal light body

Swords and missiles, directed to the Earth. They symbolize the weapons, which the humanity has amassed and which could destroy the Earth and all life on the Earth.

The crop circle makers again appeal to us: Bury the arms! (Bury the hatchet!)

The location Clearbury Ring is apparently chosen not by chance. In the context of the crop circle, the name Clearbury could be interpreted so:

CLEAR + BURY the arms!!

”Clear” in the meaning "
eliminate”, liquidate”.

The crop circle makers want to tell us:

Instead of wasting efforts, time and energy for weapons and wars, for fighting with each other, you had better focus on your spiritual development. Remember the reason why you have come on the Earth.
You are human beings, whose main purpose is the development of the Consciousness. You receive energies from the Source, which help you for this purpose.  Use these energies for your spiritual growth.

According to the Mayan calendar, this crop circle was created during the White Castle, which continued from 26th May until 16th July 2015.

This crop circle continues the theme about the White Castle and the Yellow Warrior, which was subject of several crop circles during the White Castle, for example:

“Bury the arms!” – crop circle from 15th June 2015:

”Purifying and Transformation” – crop circle from 24th June 2015:

During the White Castle we receive the White energy of Purifying. We can use it for purifying in physical and spiritual aspect.

This energy purifies our bodies, our cells etc. In the next Castle, the Blue Castle of Transformation (from 17th July until 6th September 2015) we receive the Blue energy, which transforms the purified structures in crystalline structures, which can absorb and retain more light. In the next Castle, the Yellow Castle of Ripening, the transformed structures are “enlightened”, i.e. they are filled with light.

And so, instead of wasting time for fighting, we could focus on our spiritual growth. And the things change:

Now the missile depicts a Human, who cares for his spiritual development and his body transforms into crystal light body. And, metaphorically, his arms turn into wings!

Now the sword (4-5) depicts also a Human, with spread arms. His arms look like bridges.
The message is: stretch out your hands to the other people, build bridges between the people.

These human arms-bridges build a circle round the Earth.
On this circle are depicted also 12 very small circles.
There are also 4 such small circles at the elements 2, or there are in total 16 such small circles.

The 12 small circles symbolize the Yellow Human, or generalized the whole Humanity on the Earth.
According to the Mayan calendar, the crop circle was created during the Yellow Human Wavespell (July 4 – 16, 2015) and Yellow Human is the Solar Seal No. 12.

The Yellow Human teaches us, that we have the Free Will to influence the surrounding environment and to create the desired reality, with Wisdom.

All 16 small circles symbolize the Yellow Warrior - Solar Seal No. 16. The crop circle is created during the White Castle, in which we receive and can learn the energy “Yellow Warrior”: Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness. We can learn to explore our inner and outer world, to develop our intelligence and to release our fears.

These small circles look also likeeyes. As if each small circle is theeye of God.
The crop circle is created during the 13th Lunar month according to the 13-Moon calendar. This is the 13th Moon, in which we receive Tone 13 - the Cosmic
Tone of Presence.
God is present everywhere
, also in everybody. Every human is representative of the Source, God explores Himself through each of us.

So we could say, that these are God’s eyes. Because He looks through our eyes. And what we visualize, He receives this information from us and uses it to take the necessary measures and to change the energies, which He sends us, so that the reality could change in the direction, which we desire.

These “eyes” also call to us: Visualize! Visualize a peaceful world without wars. Visualize that the people unite themselves.

This crop circle was created during the Red Solar Moon Year  - with the Tone 9 – the Solar Tone of Intention.

In the Red Moon Year (26th July 2014 – 24th July 2015) we receive the energy of the Red Moon: Purify, Flow, Universal Water.

On the crop circle is depicted, that we could use the energy of the Red Moon as a shield, with which we could stop the destruction of the Earth!

We could use the energy of the Red Solar Moon and to express our Intention to stop the wars, to stop the mad arms race, to stop fighting with each other.

Each from us could change from a Warrior, who fights, to a Warrior of the Light, with the Sword of the Truth in hand!

We could use this energy to purify negative thoughts, attitudes, beliefs.
We can express our Intention to Purify the Earth, the atmosphere, the waters, the soils from all the pollution.

We can express the Intention, that we want to purify our bodies in order to prepare them for a transformation into crystal light bodies.

In fact, this is the end goal of our existence on the Earth: the development of a crystal light body, Enlightenment and Ascension in higher spiritual worlds.

Sources for the Mayan calendar:

Maya Todorova

Arcturian Motifs in new Crop Circles

Three related formations in 23 days in Wiltshire County, England. A reading of the Akashic Records reveals that the first is Arcturian in origin. Style commonality suggests that all three are Arcturian as well. Each has four half-moons, and a central cross, and there is a progression of 2, 4, and 22 circles.

Artist and sensitive Sean Solloway was moved to create this impression from the first one.

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"Mirya Batang
Kiri baa.”
—Cosmic message today via Petra Maia

Brian Crissey


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike