Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. Reported 24th May.

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Manton Drove Crop Circle Comment. 

There are claims on various internet crop circle sites, including RACCF,s Matt William’s own, that this formation is  human made. Matt’s own ‘Quadcopter Made’ excellent video belies these claims.  

Apart from the asymmetrically placed four discs on the outer ring, (see possible explanation below for this apparent distortion,) the formation is very complex yet precisely made with the lay of the crop in the thirteen ‘spear heads’ consistently in a regular spiral pattern with a similarly located centre. It is unlikely that human plankers would flatten the crop in this fashion 13 times. It would be quicker and simpler to stomp the crop down with a short plank in straight swathes. 

It is complex because thirteen accurate divisions would be difficult to achieve in darkness. There is no simple geometric method of laying these out. The angular separation is 27.692 degrees between each, and a surveyors level or theodolite would be required to make these divisions as accurately as seen here and marker posts would have to be placed at thirteen locations on the first large outer ring to enable the non diametrical lines forming the network of triangles to be installed. This would be another difficult task in the dark particularly because of the non diametrical positions and humans would almost certainly become confused and make mistakes. Also there would be some visible evidence of disturbance, virtually unavoidable in the standing crop, due to the amount of to and fro foot traffic needed to carry the work out. 

Turning to the four ‘half discs’ placed unsymmetrically on the outer ring. This irregularity is immediately noticeable because their centres coincide with points of the ‘spearheads’. There are thirteen of the latter and obviously the number thirteen is a prime and not equally dividable by four. For the ‘half discs’ to be placed symmetrically with reference to the spearheads they would have to be 3.25 spearheads apart and only one location could then be arranged to sit on the point of a spearhead.

There are two possibilities able to account for the discrepancy:-   1. The main rings and the triangles with the filled in spearheads are genuinely of paranormal source and post circle human mischief makers have added the half discs to the points not realizing that an asymmetrical result would occur. Such post circle additions have happened on previous occasions by persons out to discredit the phenomenon. 

 2. The whole of the formation is genuinely paranormal and it is the latest in a series of deliberately distorted designs which have occurred sporadically since year 2013. There were six examples in the latter year, all very obvious to a discerning eye but seemingly overlooked by other researchers. Probably the most remarkable of them was the ‘Cooks Plantation, Beckhampton’ formation which had thirteen irregular divisions with precisely made intricate designs and an off centre central figure. The other five formations were as listed here:- Etchilhampton Hill 19th 0f August.  West Kennet Longbarrow 13th of August.  Harewell Lane Besford Worcs. 12th of August and Chute Causway 10th of August.

 In the year 2014 there were four such deliberately distorted formations:- Macmillan Way Glos. 15th July. Alton Barnes 20th June. Temple Farm, Sutton Road Southend On Sea. Hambledon Hill 30th April.   Please look up these examples in the Connector Files.

Just why the intelligence behind the crop circle phenomenon has produced these distorted creations seems not to be immediately obvious and suggestions are welcome. My own theory is that symmetrical designs are seen as possibly easy to lay out and accurately produce by any human team so inclined.  This is not the case with designs having division and angular irregularities. Accurate replication of these of these would entail detailed measurement of all the distortions while the particular formation still existed in the field and be good enough to stand photographic comparison with the original. These difficult to explain irregular features militate against any human group of circle makers being able to convincingly claim responsibility for them.   

J. S   May 2015

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Comment about the crop circle reported 24th May 2015 at Manton Drove near Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK:

The crop circle reported 24th May 2015 at Manton Drove is an extraterrestrial communication showing the Sun with 13 rays and the Earth in her orbit:

After the letter M=13 there is the N. I observe that the word MANTON begins with MAN and continues with T. The message here is that some ET humans are the authors of this crop circle. They come from an other planet and an other star of the Universe.

However, I have learnt yesterday 28th May on the radio France Inter that almost 1,500 persons have died recently in India because of a scorching heat wave:

Surprisingly, the letters T,D,R and N,D of MANTON DROVE may suggest the words DROUGHT and INDIA ! I know that the Earth is very angry about the ET aliens who are in our solar system and about the humans who explore or go in the space, e.g. some Indias ! The message of the Earth in India is extremely important here: if the ET are welcome on Earth, if the humans of the Earth doesn't stop to go in the space, the nature will destroy the Earth to preserve the life in the Universe !

I repeat that I am Kalki, the tenth lila-avatara of Vishnu predicted in India. All ET aliens who are here know me. All of them know that the Source of the life, the Mother of the Universe, has said me that She thinks at the death about them. I repeat She has said that they must go out from our solar system immediately !

My blog Alerte invasion extraterrestre:

Jean-Charles Bourquin,V. K. Lille, France, 29th May 2015.

The 13 “rays” represent the 12 impacts of Comet B plus the one impact of the Warning Comet. The destructive nature of the two comets is considered together rather than separately. Prior circles suggest that the Warning Comet will be hit by a missile, causing a large fragment to hit the earth in the Atlantic Ocean.  Adjusting the remaining impacts of B for the actual damage of the Warning fragment is indicated by the geometric line diagram in the center relating all 13 impacts together. The nation firing the missile may be punished by a more severe strike by one or more of the 12 parts of B. The four outside circles are the four remaining comets: C and D on the sides, E on the bottom and F at the top.  They appear closer to their actual trajectories than as usual in prior circles (where symmetry prevails) since they have fully developed comas and are relatively close to Earth impact.

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The Wavespell of the Yellow Sun: Enlightenment 

This crop circle was reported on May 24, 2015. According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, this crop circle appeared on the 12th day of the Yellow Sun Wavespell, which continues from 13th to 25th May 2015. The Yellow Sun is the last, 20th Solar Seal and means “Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life”.

 In the centre of the crop circle is depicted the Sun and around the Sun symbolically are depicted the 13 days of the Yellow Sun Wavespell in form of sun rays. The rays have the form of crystals, showing on this way, that during these 13 days occurs an “Enlightenment” of the crystal structures, which were formed during the preceding Blue Hand Wavespell, when a transformation of the structures (physical bodies, cells etc.) in crystalline structures takes place. The crystalline structures can absorb and retain more Light.

When we assume, that the 13 “Sun rays” represent the 13 days of the Yellow Sun Wavespell, and every day has its Tone – from 1 to 13, so the “inner” tips of the rays (crystals), which point to the Sun, are connected very interesting! The tip of Crystal 1 is connected with the tip of Crystal 4, the tip of Crystal 4 is connected with the tip of Crystal 7 etc. and the following closed-loop connection is built:

1 - 4 - 7 - 10 - 13 - 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 2 - 5 - 8 - 11 – 1

On this way, an unique PULSAR is built, which connects all 13 days (Tones) of the Wavespell, in a close-loop circuit!!

More about Pulsars in Tzolkin can be found

This crop circle was found on May 24, 2015 – this a day with the Tone 12: the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. We can imagine following:

The 13 crystal figures symbolize the humanity, which consists of people with all 13 Tones. The people receive Light from the Sun and this Light transforms our bodies in crystalline structures.

The energy flows continuously from one crystal (human) to the other. This very amazingly demonstrates the action of the Crystal Tone of Cooperation! When the people unite themselves (here literally in a circle), the energy flows free among them. We can say, that a close-loop “electric” (energetic) circuit results, in which every human like an energy generator contributes and enhances the common current strength. On the other hand, he as element of this circuit, receives the enhanced common current, which raises his own potential.

The outer tips of the crystals are connected in a circle – this is the common "electric circuit”, which connects all people.

The 3 crystals, which on the picture have the numbers 1, 2 and 3 are the first 3 days of the Yellow Sun Wavespell, with the Tones 1, 2 and 3. We can say, that these are “preparatory days” of the Wavespell. On the 4th day we have the Tone of the Form, when the 4 elements are created - Earth, Air, Water and Fire – and we can create forms, we can create thought-forms, which will be materialized.

The most outer circle is the “control circuit” with 4 “control lamps”. With the help of this circuit, the Universe can “measure” the total energy potential, reached by the humanity. In this case, in the Yellow Sun Wavespell, the total potential of Enlightenment of the humanity can be measured.

The first “control lamp” is set at the 4th day of the Wavespell. It measures to what extent the humanity is capable of using the possibility to create thought-forms through the Tone 4 of the Form, in order to change its reality in the desired direction. It is a day, when the real work of Conscious Creating begins. In the Yellow Sun Wavespell this is a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Night” (Dreams, Intuition, Abundance) and we have the possibility to inform the Universe about our Dreams. Besides that, this is a Portal day – a Galactic Activation Portal day, which gives us a stronger connection to the Universe and enhances our possibilities for communication with it.

The second “control lamp” checks the potential on the 7th day of the Wavespell. On this day we receive Tone 7 - the Resonant Tone of Attunement - and we have a direct connection with the Source. The energies of creation are maximal enhanced. With this “control lamp” the Universe can measure to what extent we can use the strong energies of the Resonance. On this day we can communicate direct with the Source and inform it about our wishes ;-). On this day the Source receives our Creative impulses, processes this information and takes corresponding measures, gives orders.

On the 8th day (day with Tone 8 – the Galactic Tone of Harmonization), the Creative impulses are passed to the Galactic grid. The Command Center of our Galactic processes them and transforms them in corresponding measures and instruction on Galactic level.

On the 9th day (day with the Tone 9 – the Solar Tone of Intention) – the Creating impulses are transferred to the grid of our Sun. The Command Centre of the Sun processes them in corresponding corrective measures.

On the 10 day we have the Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation. The Creating impulses are transferred to the Earth and our Planet uses the commands for correcting the energies, which it radiates to the humanity, in order to change the reality in the direction, which corresponds with the new wishes of the humanity.

The 3rd “control lamp” is set at the 10th day of the Wavespell and the Universe can check the beginning of the manifestation of the whole Creative work.

The 4th “control lamp” measures the energetic potential on the last, 13th day of the Wavespell, when the end result of the Creative work for the whole Wavespell is achieved. In this case, in the Yellow Sun Wavespell, the maximal potential of Enlightenment of the humanity can be measured.

This crop circle has a relation with the crop circle from 16th August 2014 at Nettle Hill, Warwickshire, UK. 16th August 2014 was the 4th day of the Blue Hand Wavespell, which continued from August 13 to 25, 2014. An interpretation for this crop circle can be read here:

Sources for the Mayan calendar:

Maya Todorova


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike