Uffcott Down, nr Barbury Castle, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July.

Map Ref: SU137759

Updated Monday 14th September 2015


31/07/15 31/07/15 25/07/15 25/07/15 14/09/15 25/07/15

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The eagle has landed. The information is understood.

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Besides the obvious Egyptian Horus/Ra link, there are more There is the  Zoroastrian: schools.yrdsb.ca/markville.ss/history/religion/nazoB.htm
Also there are many double headed eagles, symbols of Janus (new beginnings) in this case linked to Armageddon, victory and New World Order.

Commenting the "Aztec Calendar" interpretation.

There is a site that implements the Aztec calendar the way it was used by the Aztecs. Each single day is given a special significance.


For 31/07/15 (blue moon) it says:

The significance of this day

Day Malinalli (Grass) is governed by Patecatl as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. This day signifies tenacity, rejuvenation, that which cannot be uprooted forever. Malinalli is a day for persevering against all odds and for creating alliances that will survive the test of time. It is a good day for those who are suppressed, a bad day for their suppressors.

The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Miquiztli (Death) is ruled by Tonatiuh. This trecena signifies the vast cosmological forces at play in the lives of human beings. These 13 days are all influenced by transformative powers of unknown dimension, origin and intent. The days of this trecena often pass by unnoticed since they are not remarkable until the elementals turn their attention to this place, the first of the thirteen skies; when this occurs, though, the whole of the world changes. It is during these days that the song of the Old Ones may best be heard. These are good days to fulfill old obligations; bad days to go back on one's word.

"Tonatiuh" is the "Sun God" that appears in the center of the famous Aztec Eagle !!! Bowl.


These two further links from above are also very meaningful. I'm not so much into Aztec/Mayan cultures, but it shows stunning parallels between Ra/Horus and Tonatiuh. Also there is something very funny personally, because I had a kind of vision, that the true "Horus" is a hummingbird, that just only feeds on nectar (of knowledge). So there is no need to be violent, but only become "illuminated".

This card could represent the "illuminated" Horus. ;-)

It even fits to the "triple-moon" scenario.

Re: My "Commenting the “Hopi Eagle Dancer” interpretation."

This video fits the Planet X / Mr. Shadow clips of the 5th Element film, which IMHO is one of the most meaningful films of all times.
So it's about inevitable changes and definition of God as "Love". But some may confuse "Judgment Day" with "Holocaust". In the end it's only about our souls, so just a matter of conscience, since there is no death, except for those that have stupidly sold their souls "thinking" that that would be very clever.


I’m a cultural anthropologist, and the eagle image looks very American Indian to me. I looked at Aztec and Maya images and didn’t find a similar look, but this Hopi Kachina has a similar head. Hope you’re doing well. There are some nice formations this year.



Regarding the CC at  Uffcott Down, nr Barbury Castle, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July.  This CC represents the Phoenix Mars Lander which was a robotic spacecraft on a space exploration mission to Mars.  The Phoenix spacecraft landed on Mars on May 25,  2008.  According to Wikipedia, "The program was a partnership of universities in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, NASA, the Canadian Space Agency, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates (MDA) and other aerospace companies.   It was the first mission to Mars led by a public university in NASA history."  On May 12, 2010, the Phoenix was declared dead after unsuccessful attempts to contact it. The program was considered a success because it completed all planned science experiments and observations.



Mars has two small moons which are named Phobos and Deimos.  Whereas the vast majority of moons in our Solar System are large enough to become round spheres similar to our own moon, Phobos and Deimos are asteroid-sized and misshapen in appearance. 


A new crop picture at Uffcott Down on July 25, 2015 shows an image of a “Hopi Eagle Dancer”, getting ready to remove his mask when he sees a Blue Star Kachina in Earth’s night sky. How much longer before their “True White Brother” returns?  

"When a Blue Star Kachina is seen in the heavens, then Saquasohuh will dance in the plaza and remove his mask. Soon after that, the Hopi True White Brother (Pahana) will return to Earth.”  

Some of the flattened lay and lines in this new crop picture look attractive, while other parts look messy.  My comments here, as to the apparent symbolic intent of this crop picture, should not in any way be construed to suggest that I hold a definite opinion as to whether it was made by local humans on the ground, or by unknown paranormal forces from the air? Once further ground and close-up aerial images are obtained, we may be able to say something definite, based on the observed facts.

Letter codes in this new crop picture seem to read “LOVE-love-x-999-999-999”. Number codes in this new crop picture seem to read “9”, “6” or “4-2-4”. There is a large number “9” in the landscape nearby, along with the image of a “tomahawk”. As we get more photographic images at even higher resolution, we may be able to say more.  

The Hopi Eagle Dancers:  




Three different crop pictures at Torino Airport in Italy on June 23, 2015, or at Whispering Knights in England on July 15, 2015, or in Slovakia on July 18, 2015, showed subtle number codes which read “time 7-25” or “25” or “7-25”, in apparent anticipation of this new and spectacular crop picture. Thus we were waiting for a major event on July 25, but did not know what or where. Further details will be reported soon.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)


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Commenting the “Hopi Eagle Dancer” interpretation. 

This might sound ridiculous to most, BUT... In the Film "Mars Attacks" the Song "Indian Love Call" plays a significant role. My conclusion would be, that maybe the ETs/Martians are reincarnated American Indians, that would "return"/"take off mask" once we're reasonable enough to become "saved".

Also it fits the "Shadow" concept, which basically is bad Karma from the past.

When he discovered this last flying crop circle, it occurred to me that this is already the second most clear message this year. In this connection, the picture of the rabbit received understandable meaning. At the very least, this means that we are not alone in the universe. The same message is encoded in the paintings of some saints. Where painters have this information? And with this information we do? Will humanity ever play the blind and deaf.

This flying eagle is an interesting top of the image. Sun overhead eagle. But the head is replaced by a kind of labyrinth. I think that it is a stylized image of the control unit - the brain with four hemispheres. Make it clear that is it the brain,  eagle's beak was left in the image.

Pávková Z.

Artwork WJ

This crop formation is, as I think everyone agrees, pretty amazing. Below I’ve included a number of illustrations from world traditions and mythology to show how deep this image goes. The most literal portrayal seems to be the Egyptian Horus-Ra, because Ra is always shown with the sun disk on his head, and Horus with a Falcon's beak, and those, plus the wings and tail feathers, really stand out in this formation.

That’s one of the reasons the Orion Nebula is so enchanting to secret societies - it looks like Horus-Ra (except to Benjamin Franklin, who thought it looked like a turkey. What's that you say, there's no way for Franklin to know what the Orion Nebula looked like back in 1776? Nonsense. Why do you think those societies are secret? After all, if everyone knew what the Orion Nebula looked like in 1776, why, there would have been a revolution!)

Next up is the Phoenix, indicating rebirth, which is shown by the small circle on the back of the bird head. Iconographically, phoenixes have extended feathers on the backs of their heads, and that’s how you can tell them apart from symbolic eagles.

Then there’s the association with the Caduceus, which is - not - actually a medical symbol, but a representation of the god Mercury, which per Wiki “It is said the wand would wake the sleeping and send the awake to sleep. If applied to the dying, their death was gentle; if applied to the dead, they returned to life.‪” As well, mercury was a messenger from "the gods" (or ETs) to humanity, and isn't that pretty close to what crop formations seem like? And that ‬of course correlates with the Phoenix, and the Messiah, and the power of the Pharaoh who was God-man and a manifestation of Horus-Ra the sun god (the sun being the source of life) - all having to do with resurrection.


And finally, the simplest representation of these resurrection concepts is the Egyptian Ankh, representing the inner soul of all beings, their bodies, and a human-solar "head"



Moving on with the correlations, there’s the Garuda, which is said to be the “mount” of the Hindu god Vishnu. Vishnu is the god who preserves the world by defeating evil, while Brahma creates the world and Shiva destroys it. Thus this formation seen as the Garunda-Vishnu combo makes it a very heartening sign, indicating things are happening for preservation and rebirth, rather than destruction. Also, Vishnu is said to be the power behind/manifesting as the Divine King, or Messiah, just as Horus-Ra is the divine power behind/manifesting as the Pharaoh.


And of course that leads us to the Risen Christ, the Messiah of the Western world.


And then mythologically, there’s the Return of the divinely appointed King Arthur.


I found a drawing of him on a white horse because nearby this crop formation is the Hackpen Horse, which interestingly enough “was cut in 1838 by Henry Eatwell who was a parish clerk of Broad Hinton. It is said to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria.” So here we have a horse made to commemorate the crowing of royalty, with the nearby crop formation perhaps also indicating the coming/return of the Messiah/King?


Finally there’s definite Mayan-type square-spiral patterns in the formation...


...which also suggests Quetzalcoatl, a god-man-flying-serpent who brought knowledge and learning and the arts and raised up the native peoples of Central America into civilization and defeated barbarism. This is certainly a Messiah-type mythology, especialy reminiscent of Garuda-Vishnu.


As for the “head” of this formation, it is in the form of a rounded quincunx cross (a pattern like the number five on a die). “Quincunx is arranged of five points, with four of them forming a square and the fifth one at its centre. ‘...it is the sovereign number, the middle digit in the sequence of primary Arabic numerals one to nine; it is the ‘conjugal number’, and its Roman form, the V, is half a quincunx which, joined with another, becomes X… the first or fundamental letter of Christ’s name, and is therefore associated with generation and regeneration” (Claire Preston, Thomas Browne and the Writing of Early Modern Science).


Also, a crossed circle is an old symbol that indicates the Earth, the four quarters representing the four seasons. Astronomy and astrology both use it for this purpose. Therefore this crop formation “person” rules the whole world - again, an indication of the Messiah.


Additionally, the crop formation’s quincunx is tilted upright and circled, but then surrounded by a square - thus “squaring the circle,” which is generally taken to mean “doing the impossible.” That’s definitely the job of a “sovereign” Messiah!

Finally, the squared “head” of the formation is tilted to the right, and the top of the right feathers has a pattern that is more opened than the others. Does this indicate a blessing through an open hand, an expression of generosity and giving and help, a the lending of an ear and attention to our world? In any event, these "adjustments" seem deliberate. They also certainly lend this formation a sense of aliveness, and takes it out of the realm of pure icongraphy.

Additionally, there are certain definite number patterns in this formation. The head has four quarters in one circle, so 4-1, which is itself surrounded by a square, so 4-1-1, or 4-2. Then there’s the necklace of 10 strips, 5 on each side as indicated by the closeness of the innermost 2. The shoulder belt is also very interesting, with 8 Mayan square-spiral patterns on the left, a gap, and then 9 square-spiral patterns on the right - and the left and right side squares have opposite-turning spirals to conceptually separate them. Finally, the head numbers are repeated in the whole body, this time with the head acting as 1, the arm/wings of double patterns acting as 4, and then the two sides of tail/legs acting as 2.

So: 4-1 & 4-2 ... 10-5-5 ... 8-9, and then 4-1 & 4-2 again.

Offhand, 55 could indicated the 51’51” angle of the Great Pyramid, which doesn’t have a top (and is a quincunx looking down at it from above).

Also interestingly, the “Eye of Ra” is found floating above the American dollar bill pyramid, and that same Eye was given to Horus-Ra, and is often indicated as the top of the Great Pyramid iconographically - and Ra is the Sun King, indicating the Messiah at the top of the pyramid, as the combination of the human and the divine.


Which would mean the numbers 41 and 42 indicate that relationship in two ways - the whole body of the person, as well as the head - not just for knowledge and wisdom, but also because “messiah” means “annointed one” and the head is where that annointing traditionally takes place (this is also indicated by the center quincunx pattern of four squares around the one face in the Aztec Calendar Stone).


As for 8 and 9, they could indicate the dualities of the world, even and odd, the inner and outer, as above, so below. And that might be supported by the two separate, but connected, circles surrounding the figure, joining “heaven and earth.”

And that's it! All-in-all, I find this formation magnificent and quite positive and uplifting, indicating good news - "something wonderful."

After all, remember - Quetzalcoatl brought the world chocolate!

John in CA

For More Info:- HERE

Tanja Anastasijevski

Hello again dear readers and writers,

Due to the incoming reports I want to tell you:

You see a some kind 'big' picture, for sure.

But if you take a real closer look, then you will notice all the inaccuracy in the whole image.

You see with own eyes the depicted thin lines drawn into the so called 'wings' which, as you see, are different in length and placement, even to each other for what reason ever.
And not only that: Literally spoken you see 'a lame bird' which is shown here with all the mistakes in depiction.

At the top of image you see some weird placed images in some same weird arrangement. 

- A circle of 'energy' at top, followed by a 'bird's head' left hand, continued by square image which shows nothing, completed by a simple 'circle' right side from those images -

to tell you a completely unawareness, better described as 'senseless arrangement of no understood symbols' with 'no any meaning'.

In summary a senseless, not grasped and strange 'composition' - of 'nothing'.......... 

But YOU feel yourself be able to see a 'sense' in all that scatterbrained depiction???

In same sense as the FAKERS wanted to be 'seen' even when blinded, but anyway filled with some strange 'longings' ???? 

In all the chaotic depiction there is nothing more to see as chaos. 

BUT: If you - as many of you obviously do - want to 'connect' this image with any extraterrestrial being like 'Quetzalcoatl', the 'feathered serpent' or, in the real understanding the ENKI or EN-KI, as one of the heads of the Annunaki, then tell me please: 

Would you really believe that such a famous and strong being would show you such a stupid, such a ridiculous and such a childish image - if he wanted to show his own REAL 'sign'???? 

Are you that naive or what the hell are you doing here??? 

Are you unable to simply distinguish a fake from reality??? 

What a childish and amateurish image, but you take it real anyway (as I told in former images explanations), I can only wonder, maybe grounded in your so deeply wish for a so called 'Armageddon', which was been created only for idiots, so to say.

Apart from that - to tell you once again - in agreement with ETs - it WILL and BE YOU to create future and nobody else - as shown inside the images of 'system of time - including your input' - to just repeat here. 

Have you really not yet understood those simple words, even when they were repeated by our Galactic brothers and sisters, even depicted in numerous crop circles? 

So, how 'cheap' must an image be constructed, to anyway and successfully be able to track you off the path, if not this one? 

Wake up, I tell you, because NO living human with a brain will take this depicted crop circle as 'real'. 

YOU see the reality, really ??? Then come on, prove it! 

Meanwhile my hearty greetings, hope to not have overstressed you.......... 

2015-07-31 - Gerd Estrup - gestrup@alice.de

One of your readers found a code within this formation so I've decoded it so could you please place it with that code. This code was on the Articles page.


The Crop Circle Code

One, eighteen, two fives, a four and the word “reed” 

Its decoded Message

Heed war woes!  Fate, return of the one divine god.

All my love to you all  From Helen

The sun god Ra and sky god Horus, ruling from March 1, 2016 


There can be little misunderstanding that this crop circle expresses the Egyptian deity Ra. 


The overall impression of the crop also shows an Ankh, the symbol of eternity. 

1 Deer or 1 Reed? 

The numbers of the formation indeed reed like 4, 5, 5, 18: 


However, starting with the dot, the Mayan symbol for 1, we get 1 Deer (top down), not 1 Reed (bottom up)! Both, Deer (Manik) and Reed (Ben), are day-signs of the Mayan Tzolkin. Hence, it is likely that both are possible. It can even be 1 Deer and 1 Reed at the same time …

Note that in the range of 18 squares one square is empty and the creation sign seems to lack. Although this may also be a distortion, created by a tramline, there are only 8 signs left instead of the expected 9 signs, like in the right half of the formation. The number 8 however, perfectly fits with the fact that the time span from the day of the formation until the leap-day in 2016 is precise 8 sidereal months (219 days). 

Confusion about “the Tzolkin” or organization of time 

Classically spoken, the Maya speek about “the organization of time”. This means that “the Tzolkin” is a concept for organizing time rather than a calendar. The organization of time can be manifest in different calendars and nowadays 3 different counts exist: the “classical count” or “Quiché-count”, the count of the blood (lower pole), the Dreamspell, the count of the mind (upper pole) and the Cosmic Count, the count of the heart (central pole, but this count still did not become widely known). They have been synchronised since March 1, 2008 (24 days difference between each count). Until the leap-day in 2008, each 4 years the classical Quiché-count on the one hand and Dreamspell and the Cosmic Count on the other hand, shifted one day. As a result, in the time span between 1 March 2000 and 28 February 2004 it was possible that 1 Deer and 1 Reed occurred on the same day, albeit with respect to different counts. The first time this happened was on July 4, 2000 or independence day! On this day it was classically spoken 1 Deer, but according to the Cosmic Count it was a day 1 Reed. With a difference of 2 days this will happen on March 3, 2016 (1 Deer, classical count) and March 5, 2016 (1 Reed, Cosmic count). In connection with the indirect reference to Independence day or the USA, this may mean that from the beginning of March 2016 onwards, Ra will rule over the USA; it means that a new power will arise that overthrows existing structures of power, not only in the USA, but worldwide. 

The sky god Horus and Sky Walker 

There is even more confusion, because according to the Dreamspell convention, “Reed” is generally known as “Sky Walker”. However, the naming convention of Sky Walker matches perfectly well with the fact that Ra merged with the sky god Horus. Ra and Horus are represented by a falcon, which is also the case in the formation. Hence, Reed can also relate to Dreamspell, known as sky walker. This is important, as the formation creation day (July 25) was a day 9 Sky Walker (or Reed or Ben), while March 1, 2016 is a day 8 Sky Walker. Hence, in this case the formation’s dot at the head of the falcon does not represent tone 1 (1 Ben or 1 Skywalker), but a difference of 1: the 9 Sky Walker creation date refers to 8 Sky Walker on March 1, 2016. However, it is very important to realize that until 2012, March 1 used to be a day “Eb”, but on the leap day of 2016 a time shift will take place, which means that from that day on the count will NOT skip a day on the leap-day. This is important to keep the 3 counts synchronized. Because of this shift, the start of the true Gregorian year on March 1, 2016 will be on a day Sky Walker!!

Horus is a sky god and therefore represents the sun as well as the moon. This is in line with the fact that the Gregorian calendar has been based upon the sun (year) and the moon (month). Thus, the formation refers to the Gregorian calendar. 

Putting the pieces together and a messianic message 

Ra relates to the sun and the sun relates to the year. In former times the year started on March 1 (which still can be noticed when we consider the names of the months: septem = 7, okto = 8, novem = 9 and decem = 10). Hence, the year ends with February and the leap-day concludes the year, before next year starts on March 1. Ra symbolizes here the start of the year on March 1, 2016, which however is a day Sky Walker or Reed or Ben, like the day of the formation (tone of creation differs 1). This is followed by a day 1 Deer (classical) or 1 Reed (Cosmic) on March 3 and 5, 2016.

This should be considered in connection with Ra and Horus, the deities that are related to leadership, majesty and power. This may be seen messianic, meaning that somebody will stand up that will rule the world in a different way as we are used to. This is also the meaning of the Biblical power and great glory of the “Son of Man” which is expected to rule the Earth in near future, i.e. from the beginning of March 2016 onwards ... For this reason, as many formation show, March 1, 2016 is the start of the last Gregorian year. 

Marc Smulders

After a period when we showered on crop circles at breakneck speed, it is now relatively calm obobí. It's time to think about everything, collect your thoughts. It is not necessary to denounce each other every reader's contribution has a some information. It's amazing that such a site exists. I know from experience that correct, or at least probable solution emerges to me until years later. Happened to watch a show on TV or accidentally discover something on the Internet. And suddenly my head together and say, that's it.

 Therefore, I would like to join the debate one more observation. This year, I randomly visited the website:-  

and saw this image. The mysterious object on the moon. Scientists reportedly unable to explain the origin of the object. Ufologists believe that this is an alien spacecraft. I do not know where the truth is. But it soon occurred to me that these lights I've seen. The crop circle of 2003. At that time appeared July 22, 2003 at West Overton system several crop circles.

All are bright and clear. And among this circle smeared with rozplizlými rings around. These smoochy rings were associated with a large circle paths. And in this crop circle is also displayed sharp 7 orphaned rings arranged at right angles, as well as with the mysterious object on Měsíci.Tehdy I felt that this crop circle shows the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. There are 7 lights,  pictogram was established in July, the numerical sum of the data of crop circles also gives 7 (2 + 2 + 2 + 7 + 3 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7). 7 byo and cosmonauts. 

If it is one and the same object, then arises an important question: Was present at UFO crash in Columbia, or perhaps it has its share? Aliens to influence the course of history on Earth?And we are able to absorb this information?

Pávková Z



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike