The Whispering Knights, nr Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire. Reported 15th July.

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Updated Tuesday 21st July 2015


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Two Crop Formations Near Rollright  Stones. Oxfordshire.  

The small apparently simple circular formation is, as with the recent Devils Den Fyfield circle of July 9th, another of those constructed on hidden geometrical principles. There have been others over the years the most complex being the West Kennett Long Barrow example which the makers replicated identically 5 times over two years until Andrew Edwards solved its underlying geometrical basis of construction. This present example (illustrated below) again presented us with a further challenge. With this one and also the Devils Den one it has been necessary to correct the photographic images to true circularity due to the distortions present in the best of the available overhead photos. Photographers please note. The hidden geometry, revealed here marked out in red ink consists of one Hexagon one Pentagon one Square and a smaller disc inside the square.  


Please check for yourselves the best of the overhead photos on the accompanying web  pages and make horizontal measurements across the diameter for each of the rings as the basis for the geometry if you need to verify my construction. The larger pentagon based 5 Star formation which has the seemingly most common current theme of Crescents included yet again appears to be a further example of deliberately distorted designs which began in 2013.  The most notable recent one being the Winter Stoke Down formation with thirteen irregular divisions and unusual areas of laid crop.  I personally have no doubt whatsoever that these together with the two covered by this article are genuine paranormal ‘gifts’ intended to stimulate our thinking and acceptance of the reality of the phenomenon.   

J Sullivan July 2015.

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Researching the folklore re the Whispering Knights is fascinating. The stones are placed as The King's Men Stone Circle, The King Stone and the Whispering Knights. The stones are thought to go back to between 3800 and 3500 BC. The story behind it smacks of intrigue and death, black magic and evil. Well worth going on to Google.

The CC itself is a pentagram - sign of baphomet, and is always used in black magic rites.  A large crescent moon shape cuts into the pentagram. On the inside, there is a pentagon with a smaller crescent moon shape inside of it. I know what 'King' country I think of when seeing a pentagon and I know what religion I think of when seeing a crescent moon shape!! This all brings to mind the recent deal made with Iran and their nuclear plans - the USA being the 'King' negotiator. The CC points to The Whispering Knights. There is more to this nuclear deal than meets the eye. Nothing good can ever come out of nuclear weapons - particularly in a region of the world that is constantly at war.

We are being warned.


Artwork WJ


The Whispering Knights, nr Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire

The crop circle is announcing the upcoming Sun and Venus conjunction on August 14th, 2015.

Berat Sancar

My subjective intuition tells me that "something really" important" is to happen rather soon. I found these CCs always kind of a mysterious phenomenon, but at this point they seem to make specific sense even to me, worth commenting and engaging into comments of others. Pity that the forums were discontinued.

In this case the comment of "Fay" seems to me pointing in a direction - there are many elements. So let's say the "pentagon" is a symbol of earthly weapons power, the moon crescent the power of Islamic faith and self-sacrifice. Combining weapons power with Islamic faith would bring up something, that makes not much sense. One could see the situation as a rather "healthy" dualism between rational materialism and blind faith and trust in god. But neither the materialism nor the blind faith are as rational as it appears. God certainly didn't create us to be blind believers, but rather to become reasonable beings through own insight. So there is an (evolutionary) process going on throughout human history, i.e. the truth must be that god is rather an intelligent designer than we were created perfect from mud, which very obviously is not the case. To add, the Hindu god of destruction "Lord Shiva" also holds moon crescent and pentagrams in his symbolism. The Hindu religion also seems to be on higher spiritual level, than the religions of the "book" which have more the humanistic aspect, which is rather something pretty secular. On the other hand the term "Love" appears, and that might be the link to overcome all sorts of dualisms and reach a "True Faith" and a "New Order" ("ordre du coeur"?) as materialized spiritually conscious beings.

Then it's what the Beatles' song "All you need is love says":

There's nothing you can make that can't be made
No one you can save that can't be saved
Nothing you can do but you can learn to be you in time



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In this formation are three distinct geometrical shapes. Five-pointed star and crescent pentagon. The star and crescent symbol of Islam on the one hand, but they are also symbols of astronomical. Five-pointed star has always been associated with the planet Venus, because for a period of 5 synodic cycles of Venus-Earth, Venus in the sky creates perfect pentagon. For more information about: 


Crop circle appeared on July 15, that is three days prior to an interesting array of celestial bodies on the western horizon. 

Of the day – July 18, 2015 – North America, July 19, other parts of the world -  a spectacular sky show in the west after sunset! The first three celestial bodies to pop out at evening dusk are the moon, Venus and Jupiter. View the brilliant trio at nightfall because all three worlds will sink below the western horizon by early-to-mid evening. More: great-view-of-moon-venus-jupiter-after-sunset-july-18

Pávková Z.

The two crop circles from Rollright Stones are signed with the number "7" and the letters "QC":

And they announce a double conjunction of Moon and Venus on August 15, exactly one month, or 4 weeks and 3 days later:

Will this conjunction open a special kind of star portal ?

But as the name of the place - "Rollright Stones" - and the symbolism of the various stone figurines suggest, there is more to it than just this conjunction. As there will be a historical Full Moon just 43 days later - the last Blood Moon of the eighth Blood Moon tetrad since the birth of Christ - the ninth Blood Moon tetrad will be in the year 2061. And exactly one year before the double conjunction, someone put a mini cube into the north-eastern cornerstone of the Georgia Guidestones on the day of his marriage. A cube which was smashed in a public Masonic ritual only 40 days later. Will this be an omen for what is to come 40 days after the couble conjunction ?

And indeed, the many historical stone buildings to which the Rollright Stones crop circles align suggest that there is a bigger story to be told here. So let's follow the trails !

1. Stonehenge:

Two alignments run through this area. The first one aligns the Crabwood crop circle from August 15, 2002 - from exactly 13 years before our double conjunction - with the crop circle from May 21, 2015, 666 weeks later, in Gray, Tennessee. One day after the Rollright Stones circles, yet another mass murder happened in Tennessee. Coincidence ?

2. White House in Washington DC:

The second alignment runs from the Georgia Guidestones to the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon. The mini cube of the Georgia Guidestones was inserted on August 16 last year, before being smashed just 40 days later. And this alignment is passing exactly 23 miles in front of the White House in Washington DC:

And the Pentagon:

And here the mass murders that are tied to this alignment:

3. Vatican City:

The third alignment runs from the Rollright Stones circles right through Vatican City. And through a small city called Pontarlier in France where Yassine Salhi grew up, the man who decapitated his boss on July 26, the day of the triple terror attacks from France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

An omen for what is to come on September 24 ? Honni soit qui mal y pense !

Franklin Thomson

The pentagram refers to the cycle of Venus and this refers to the end of the Gregorian calendar on February 28, 2017 

The pentagram and the cycle of Venus 

While the Earth orbits the sun 8 times (8 years), Venus orbits the sun 13 times, which means that during 8 years, the Earth passes Venus 5 times. Hence, the synodic cycle of Venus is 8/5 = 1.6 years or 584 days. If we connect the positions of 5 successive inferior (or superior) sun-Venus-conjunctions in the zodiac, the result is a pentagram. Hence, the formation refers to Venus.

The formation was reported precisely one month before such an upcoming inferior sun-Venus-conjunction. Note that the pentagram is not fully symmetric; in contrast the formation clearly shows one distinct, fully open, angular point that refers to one specific cycle. In the formation this is also the beginning and the end of the almost circular outline of the formation that resembles a crescent moon. One synodic cycle of Venus later refers to the end of February 2017. However, if we take into account that it was the day before new moon and the synodic cycle of Venus approximates 20 lunar months (note that this is in line with the formation, because 20 is a multiple of 5), than it refers to the new moon that goes hand-in-hand with an annular eclipse on February 26, 2017. According to my newest insights, this is the harbinger of the end of the creative energy of the Gregorian calendar, 2 days later.

This formation shows a number of stunning facts that support this theory. 

The 77 stones of the King’s Men 

The official start of the Julian calendar, the predecessor of the Gregorian calendar, is on January 1 of the year 45 BC (the year -44 astronomical). Taking into account that the Julian calendar observed a triennial cycle from 45 BC until 7 BC and had no leap days between 7 BC and 3 AD (August reform, Bennett solution of triennial cycle), the time span from January 1, 45 BC until February 28, 2017 inclusive is 752,828 days. Note that first on the next day (March 1, 2017) the lunar phase is again the same in comparison with January 1 (beginning of the month) and January 31 (end of the month) 2017. On March 1, the moon also joins a Venus-Mars-conjunction. Hence, we might count one additional day (an abnormal leap day so to say to line up with the lunar month). By this correction of one day, we get a stunning result, because 752,929 = exact 77 × 9777 days. Here we find the number 77 double. This is exactly in line with the 77 stones of the King’s Men!!! Moreover 9777 is also almost a multiple of 77, because 127 × 77 = 9779, a difference of only 2 days. 

Assuming that the annular eclipse on February 26 is the harbinger of the end of the Gregorian calendar 2 days later, it makes sense to calculate the time span from the formation creation date (July 15, 2015) until February 26 to 28. This turns out to be 592 to 594 days, thus some 593 days on average. This is exact 7.7 × 77 = 592.9. This is again perfect in line with the 77 stones of the King’s Men stone circle!!! 

The double “crescent moon” 

The formation not only shows a pentagram, but the inner part as well as the outer part is characterized by a symbol that looks like a crescent moon. However, both “crescent moons” of the formation are in opposite direction. This fits with the fact that the Julian calendar started on a waning crescent moon (January 1, -44, December 31, -45 proleptic Julian) and will end on a waxing crescent moon (February 28, 2017). 

The orientation of the formation 

If this is the inconvenient truth, then the orientation of the formation should also make sense in connection with February 26 to 28, 2017. Note that the formation refers to Venus, but we cannot ignore the sun and the moon, that play the main role in the Gregorian calendar.

Also in this respect, the formation is stunning. The basic point of the pentagram precisely points towards the King’s Men stone circle, while this is also the precise direction of the set of Venus on February 26 to 28, 2017. This makes sense, as Venus is visible in the evening on these dates, like is the case on the formation creation date. Venus is conjunct Mars on February 26 to 28 and the moon joins on March 1. These days fall short before the end of the Venusian cycle (the inferior conjunction with the sun is on March 25, 2017).

The orientation of sunset and moonset on the new moon of February 26 is precise in the direction of the additional circle that has been created in the field! The following image illustrates this: 


This figure also shows the precise distance from the centre of the King’s Men to the Whispering Knights, namely 360 meter. The time span of 360 days is the duration of the traditional length of the religious year, starting on March 1 and ending on the Terminalia, February 23, a day in honour of the Roman god the Terminus, which is the god of boundaries and often depicted as a boundary stone. This means that in former times, the leap-day fell on February 24, not 29! The remaining last 5 days of February were additional days, a countdown to March 1. 

Marc Smulders

I sometimes pass the crop circle newsletters on to a friend in the States.   He's come back to me with the following:  

The Muslim crescent and star inside the Pentagon...We've known they have infiltrated into the deepest levels of our security secrets but now the aliens are telling us they know it too!  How interesting.D

I had noticed the star and crescent but I hadn't worked out the Pentagon. Interesting -- in the Chinese sense!!  


Das Mond - Pentagramm.

The moon pentacle.

Eine recht gute Arbeit und nur an einer Stelle daneben gegangen.

A pretty good job and gone wrong in only one place. 

Man kann es in verschiedenen Web Shops kaufen.

One can buy in stores various Web. 

Bisher war es umgekehrt. Aus den Kornkreisen wurden Aufdrucke und Anhänger gemacht.

Nun haben wir einen Anhänger als Kornkreis.

Previously, it was vice versa. From the crop circles imprints and trailers were made.
Now we have a trailer as a crop circle.

Vielleicht Werbung für druidischen schmuck ?

Perhaps advertise Druidic Decorations ? 

Die fleißige Truppe hat einen Fehler gemacht.

The hardworking troops made a mistake. 

Der nach oben geöffnete Mond bedeutet Empfänglichkeit für die spirituellen Kräfte, die stets von oben herab kommen.

The upwardly open moon means receptivity to the spiritual forces that always come from the top down.

Der nach unten geöffnete Mond bedeutet Empfänglichkeit für die von unten kommenden schöpferisch sexuellen Kräfte.

The open downward moon means susceptibility to the coming from the bottom creative sexual forces.

Der innen nach unten (zu den geteilten Schenkeln des Pentagramms hin) geöffnete Mond bedeutet, dass das Innere nicht offen ist für die spirituellen Kräfte.

The interior down open moon (orientated the splited legs of the pentagram) means that the interior is not open to the spiritual powers.

Sie werden blockiert!

It is blocked! 

Daher wurde das echte druidische Symbol im Innersten mit einer Triskele verziert, figure 1.

Therefore, the real Druidic symbol was decorated at heart with the Triskele. figure 1.

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 

Daher würde ich mir diesen Kornkreis nicht als Talisman umhängen.

Therefore, I would not reassign this crop circle as a talisman. 

Das Team ignoriert die alte druidische Weisheit. figure 2.

The team ignored the ancient Druidic wisdom, figure 2. 

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 2

R.U. Müller



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike