Brandenburg, Großziethen, Germany. Reported 15th May.

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Borjgali, the Sun Wheel Appears at Brandenburg

Here at Brandenburg, we see a beautiful sun disc type formation that displays a central hexagon described by six rays swirling around the centre.  It closely resembles the Borjgali of Georgian tradition.

“Borjgali is an ancient Georgian symbol of the Sun with seven rotating wings over the Christian Tree of Life and is related to the Mesopotamian and Sumerian symbols of eternity. It's usually depicted within the circle that symbolizes the Universe. The roots of the Tree go into the "past" and its palm-like branches are for the "future". The Tree symbolizes the continuity between past, present and the future. Borjgali is usually placed above the tree and symbolizes the Sun, eternal movement and creation…”(pinterest)

The sun wheel, known as Borjgali in Georgian tradition, is found in Nordic symbolism. The swirling action of the symbol implies the movement of creation and the enclosing circle implies eternity. 

This six-armed sun wheel with a central hexagon associates this crop circle with the idea of a ‘death’ that must happen before the new can arise and with the traditional meanings of the number ‘6’. 

The hexagonal centre is an obvious invitation for us to contemplate the meaning of the hexagon in relation to the Sun and the seasons related to Earth’s yearly orbit–the cyclic events in Nature that continually fade, regenerate and grow to die or fade again.

The Sun Goddess Amaterasu of Japan hid herself away deep in a cave causing a kind of death, sorrow and infertility in the land until, enticed by a mirror outside her cave, She returned to Her life above and enabled new life and growth in the land once again. This myth has resonance with the Greek myth of the kidnapping of Persephone to the Underworld until Her Mother Demeter, with help from other gods, was able to bring her back for part of the year, thus explaining the seasonal changes for the agrarian culture of Greece.

“Many of the old pagan festivals involving…light were originally dedicated to the Goddess-as-sun, or to the Goddess as controller of the sun and its cycles.” (Walker 354) In Japanese Shinto tradition, the sun is a Goddess, Amaterasu. 

The ‘death’ symbolism of the hexagon is also associated with the hibernating bees that remain in their beehive, in stasis, during the winter to awaken to life again in spring.

Because the bee is a hibernating insect, the beehive hexagonal cells have come to be associated symbolically with ‘death’ that precedes new life. 

The number ‘6’ carries many meanings: “equilibrium; harmony; ‘the most productive of numbers.’; love; health; beauty; chance; luck; perfect balance; the days of creation,…” (Cooper 116) In other words 6 relates to all the positive conditions that encourage growth and life. It resonates with the ‘death’ symbolism of the hexagon in that it is necessary for the ‘old’ to die or make way for the ‘new’–just as a seed must die to its own form and break apart in order for the plant to begin growing.

The beautiful formation at Brandenburg is an elegant reminder for all of us to heed the seasonal cycles and the cycles in our own lives that govern change, growth and renewal.

–Michelle Jennings


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Thy beams so reverend and strong

This crop circle is dedicated to the Sun and his "beams", as its toroidal shape resembles the shape of the Sun's magnetic field. And this crop circle also appeared in the exact same place as the crop circle Sun from one year ago:

On May 15, the Sun - which is now in the sixth year of solar cycle 24 - released a second CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) since the beginning of this crop circle season:

Are these signs for larger transformations on the horizon ? Will the Sun soon be changing from a white dwarf into a brilliant blue carbon star, as indicated by the hexagonal shape in the center of current crop circle, and as shown in the famous Avebury crop circle from July 2008 ?

And will those transformations from above trigger further transformations below and within, as the human body consists to a large extent of carbon ? Will the long-awaited dimensional shift be finally upon us ? The rapid decline of Earth's magnetic field since 1999 in any case is yet another sign that this might be the case. See here: Earth_s_magnetic_heartbeat

So buckle your seatbelts and get your carbons right, you might be in for the ride of your life.

Fred Flintstone

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I use the Formations as Grid points; the systems expand every year in a complex, coherent format of sub-systems phased with a large evolutionary Streaming into the Planet and Race. The 1st Formation this season was a pentagonal "Universal Seed" format (linking with previous years) but blank (unprogrammed).  This one in the Berlin area uses the "Central Suns" signature formation of 6 spirals, probably the most important Formation, overall, keying into cosmic Metatronic programs centered by the "Central Sun of all Central Suns"... basically divine stellar States governing all Universes.  The BERLIN system uses the main airport as a more direct interface with the thousands of people flying in and out.  It also makes very important links with CHARTRES and the ROSE LINE from Thurso, Scotland south to San Sebastian (Spain) and now south of that.  This huge system is now expanding using built-in planetary grids, NOW being linked with this year's large Formations' Grid.  As noted: this large, core grid at BERLIN directly feeds into the blank (open) Penta-Seed Formation in a constant Stream boosted by the Marian Cathedrals grid.  (The west-pointed blue line from the center of the grid links the two Formations, so far.)  The "new", Central Sun Formation is also virtually 'blank', implying that there's a higher system about to install for this season. That is beyond anything I've encountered yet (in last 44 years).  This is in keeping with the huge "Ascension Stream" now flooding the Planet with Metatronic systems for Transition.  The TEMPLARS long ago knew about these systems being upgraded now, so there are a number of major Temples and grids in place and ready. 



Primary signature: Central Sun (center) of all (409) Central Suns. (Milk Hill, Wiltshire. 12 Aug 2001)


Major precise "Gate" system (Berlin) formed by 6 Formations (first formed in 2015), 2nd Formation (15 May, 2016)... Central Sun signature... in it's Center, upgrading the system.  Connects into CHARTRES (NE axis) thus feeds all East-oriented Marian Cathedrals.  This upgrade thus applies to all poles in the CHARTRES system, also. 

Bill Buehler

Die neue Wende – the new turning point!!

The crop circle formation is a symbol of creation, but it is much more than that. The formation (like some others in 2015) is right at the former Berlin Wall:

It stands for “die neue Wende”: the new turning point. The fall of the Berlin wall on November 9, 1989 meant the liberation from old structures that did not work out.

The same will be true in near future: the capitalistic system fails and will fall; the Berlin Wall in this case points us to the separation of the sheep from the goat, the separation of the righteous from the cursed, rich and poor. After die neue Wende everybody will be equal.

To find out when this will happen, it is important to consider the cosmos. On May 15, there was a conjunction (syzygy) of Jupiter, the moon and the lunar north node. The 6 “crescent moons” of the formation tell us to count 6 draconic months as well as 6 times the interval between successive transits of the moon through Jupiter ahead in future.  This refers to October 26, 2016 (conjunction of moon with the north node) as well as October 28, 2016 (moon-Jupiter-conjunction). This is the time of die neue Wende, time for victory.

It is important to note that October 28, 2016 is the date on which the nine so called Underworlds will end; many crop circles show this is a matter of a fact. The 6 crescent moons of the formation also refer to the erection of the world tree of each underworld. In some cases there is also a relationship with the interval between two successive transits of Jupiter through the lunar north node (I call this here the Jupiter-node-cycle). I call the interval between successive transits of the moon through Jupiter, the moon-Jupiter-cycle. The relationships with the underworlds are as follows (note the multiple relationships with the number 6 of the formation):

Great Cycle, erected: February 13, -3113 to August 11, -3113:  The time interval from August 15 to 18 -3113 until May 15, 2016 (formation) corresponds with approximately:
6 × 118 Jupiter-node-cycles, 6 × 11473 draconic months and 6 × 11356 moon-Jupiter-cycles

Industrial age, erected: March 19 to July 16, 1756: The time interval from March 16 to 18 until May 15, 2016 (formation) corresponds with approximately:
6 × 6 = 36 Jupiter-node-cycles, 6 × 6 × 6 × 16 moon-Jupiter-cycles (!) and 6 × 6 × (6 × 16 + 1) draconic months

Age of casino-capitalism, erected: August 10 to August 13 1999: Conjunction of moon with lunar north node on the day of the formation relates to the solar eclipse on August 11 (sun and moon at lunar north node) and the time interval from August 31, 1999 until May 15, 2016 (formation) corresponds with 6 × (6 × 6 + 1) moon-Jupiter-cycles.

Last underworld, erected: September 16 to October 28, 2011: Moon conjunct Jupiter on September 16 and moon conjunct lunar north node on October 29

There is also a relationship between the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 and October 28, 2016, as this will fall precise 2 × (5 × 6 × 6 + 1) = 362 draconic months later. Hence, this relates to the number 6 of the formation. Note that this time interval is also almost precise 27 years.

Marc Smulders


This crop formation is of the aperture of a camera lens.

Interestingly, the hexagon in the center is actually described by twelve leaves, six dark and six light. A real twelve leaf camera aperture is included herein at the bottom image. Notice how much rounder the opening is with 12 leaves - that’s the purpose of using more leaves. It reduces or eliminates the spiking around bright light sources, like the sun especially. So why would the circlemakers use 12 leaves for a 6-leaf styled hexagram opening?

Because the formation encodes two messages. The twelve leaves (in a circle, no less) stand, probably, for the twelve months of the year. Whereas the six leaf hexagonal opening stands for, presumably, the sixth month of the year - June. Or perhaps six months from the creation of the formation itself, 15 May, which would be 15th November. But probably June, I think.




And then? Well, a camera aperature “sees.” So maybe it’s saying that we’ll all “see” something in June. The question is, what?

Well, a six-leafed aperture will "spike" the sun in six ways, something like this:



Which could be seen as the manifestation of the unification of opposites, like a Star Tetrahedron or the Star of David symbols.

So why not just draw those symbols in the crops? Why draw a hexagon instead of a Star Tetrahedron or a Star of David? Well because the message seems to be that we will actually SEE this, NOT symbolically, but actually in FACT, with our own eyes.

John in CA


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My report regarding Brandenburg, Großziethen, Germany. Reported 15th May. 

Hello dear friends, readers and writers, I am back again with my first report in 2016. At first I present a screenshot of my running Windows Media player: 

When I saw this CC-image first (and outside this website), there appeared a very clear image right before my eyes! And it was this one: 

Text below that image: Image you find here: Milky_Way

Scroll a bit down meanwhile looking right hand side. 

Depending on your position in space you may see the Milky Way galaxy from 'the other side'. Then it looks like this - I have mirrored the image: 

Now you compare the CC-image with the mirrored galaxy. What does it mean? Very simple to answer - when I mirrored the galaxy, there immediately appeared a message from 'outside' and right into my mind which said: "Hello humans there on Earth, this crop circle is meant to say a warm Hello to you! In same way it is our expression for to tell you: Yes, even we are back now to start a new and interesting 'crop circle season'. So watch out what's to come…"

And that's it, that's all - a first message in 2016 from the Galactic brothers and sisters, those so called crop circle makers………

Let's have a good time together. Greetings from Germany,


2016-05-18 - Gerd Estrup -

Artwork WJ

Comet rotation will send off spirals of both dust and solid particles (the dark), and gas (the light) due to solar radiation and the solar wind. These cause  two tails which grow larger as the comet nears the Sun. The hexagon refers to six comets of this nature. Note the strong similarity to GER (08/07011) on pg. 177 and GBR (99/07/17) on pg. 180.  Reference the pages from the free ebook at

Ken Heck



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike