Gerlingerstraße, Berlin, Germany. Reported 12th June.

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Pávková Z.



Crop circle at Großziethen, Brandenburg, Germany - 12 June 2016

According to the Mayan calendar, 12th June 2016 is a day with the Solar Seal “Blue Eagle” and with Tone 6. In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted these energies: Blue Eagle and Tone 6.

These energies have following qualities:

Blue Eagle – Creativity, Vision, Mind, Global Consciousness
Tone 6 - the Rhythmic Tone of Balance

On the outer periphery of the crop circle we see 6 figures. In my opinion, each of them resembles a head of an eagle:

1 –
the beak of the Eagle
2 –
the eye of the Eagle

These 6 eagle's heads represent the energy Blue Eagle with Tone 6.

The blue color means Transformation. In the center of the crop circle we see 6 figures, which resemble a rotating wheel. On this way is symbolized the Blue Energy of Transformation.

A more detailed description for the Blue Eagle with Tone 6 can be read here:

Gratitude to the photographer !

Maya Todorova

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Die neue Wende, Teil II – the new turning point, part II!!

The crop circle formation is the follow up of the symbol of creation that arose on May 15. Compared to the first formation it has the following four similarities:

- The shape is six-fold

- The formation contains 6 “crescent” moons again, although as part of a different pattern.

- The formation was created on a day that was characterized by an alignment of the moon, the lunar north node and Jupiter in syzygy.

- The formation was at the former Berlin wall, but this time it was found at the other side of the wall in West-Berlin (see figure).!!

It stands for “die neue Wende”: the new turning point, again. The fall of the Berlin wall on November 9, 1989 meant the liberation from old structures that did not work out. The same will happen in the same time of the year in 2016. After die neue Wende, walls between different classes will be broken down and class divisions will belong to the past. In my opinion, this can only be accomplished by a revolution that involves biblical death and resurrection of mankind.

The alignment of the moon, the lunar north node and Jupiter (like was the case on May 15) is part of the formation, in the sense that the shape of the six symbols resemble the symbols of on the one hand the moon and on the other hand the lunar nodes or Jupiter:

The resemblance with the moon and lunar nodes is most striking. Hence, on the one hand the formation tells us to count 6 draconic months ahead in future. This refers to November 22, 2016, two days before a moon-Jupiter-conjunction (like on the day of the formation). On the other hand, the formation is clearly related to the previous formation, which means that the formation refers to October 26, 2016 (conjunction of moon with the north node) as well as October 28, 2016 (moon-Jupiter-conjunction) again. It is very likely that by November 22, die neue Wende, the new and great turning point, will be in full swing.

The relationship with the past, the Underworlds

It is important to note that October 28, 2016 is the date on which the nine so called Underworlds will end; many crop circles show this is a matter of a fact. The 6 symbols of the formation in connection with the alignment of the moon, Jupiter and the lunar north node, not only refer to the future but also to the past, this means the erection of the world tree of the Great Cycle and other Underworlds. The relationship with the Great Cycle is as follows (note the multiple relationships with the number 6 of the formation):

Great Cycle, erected: February 13, -3113 to August 11, -3113 (proleptic Gregorian calendar):  The lunar nodes are the positions where eclipses take place. A total solar eclipse at the lunar north node happened on April 4. This happened exactly 5737 × 12 draconic months (or ((240 – 1) × 24  + 1) × 12 draconic months) before the formation’s date. Note the relationship with 12 and 24 (2 and 4 times 6), although sometimes with a difference of 1.

Just four days earlier the moon passed Jupiter. During the time span between this event and the formation’s creation date, the interval between successive transits of the moon through Jupiter passed by 17 × (7 × 24 – 1) × 24 times. Hence, again there is the relationship with the number 24. This time span also closely approximates 12 × 59 times the interval between two successive transits of Jupiter through the lunar north node.

Industrial age, erected: March 19 to July 16, 1756: This was preceded by a total solar eclipse on September 6, 1755, with an alignment of the sun, the moon, the north node and Jupiter! The time from this event until June 12, 2016 (formation) corresponds with exactly 6 × 6 = 36 times the time interval between successive transits of Jupiter through the lunar north node. In 2016 a solar (annular) eclipse will take place on approximately the same date, namely September 6.

Orientation of the formation

The orientation of the formation is shown below and confirms the relationship with the earlier suggested dates (October 26 to 28 and November 22).

Marc Smulders

The German crop circle apparently predicts an extremely powerful eruptions on the sun. These eruptions can have significant effects on both humans and technology on Earth.

Pávková Z.


Artwork WJ


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The six major fragments thrown off Comet E will strike Earth in a pattern which surrounds the impact site of the comet itself. Alternatively, as in GBR (06/06/29), pg. 118, these six impact sites refer to Comets A through F and their prior trajectories.  This circle may be the continuation of GER (16/05/15), pg. 298. See the pages in the free ebook downloaded at

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