Großziethen, Brandenburg, Germany. Reported 12th July.

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Most powerful threefold combination of Ripening energies!!

Crop circle, reported on 12th July 2016 at Tulpenweg, Grossziethen, Brandenburg, Germany

This crop circle was reported on 12th July 2016, but in my opinion it has been made on/for 11th July 2016.

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 11th July 2016 was a day with the Solar Seal “Yellow Seed”, in the Yellow Warrior Wavespell, in the Yellow Castle with major energy Yellow Sun.

The Yellow Castle has 52 days and continues until 15th July 2016.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Yellow Warrior
Yellow Sun

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed – Targets, Awareness, Flowering
Yellow Warrior – Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Yellow Sun – Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life

Flower, on this way is depicted the energy “Yellow Seed” – the energy of Flowering.

In the center of the formation we see a bright circle. It depicts the Sun and symbolizes the energy “Yellow Sun”.

The Flower has 16 elements in total. Here the number 16 symbolizes the energy “Yellow Warrior” – Solar Seal No. 16.

The Yellow color means Ripening, Gestation, Maturation.
In the Yellow Castle with major energy Yellow Sun we receive and can absorb and integrate the Yellow energy of Ripening.

The most powerful Ripening is in the Yellow Wavespell of the Yellow Castle, this is the Yellow Warrior Wavespell.

And in the Yellow Warrior Wavespell the most powerful Ripening is in the days with Yellow Solar Seal, such as 11th July - with the Solar Seal “Yellow Seed”.

So, on this crop circle is depicted a most powerful threefold combination of three Yellow energies of Ripening:
Yellow Seed, Yellow Warrior and Yellow Sun !!

Gratitude to the photographer: Flying Dreams !!

Maya Todorova

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Die neue, große Wende, Teil IV – the new, great turning point, part IV!!

This crop circle formation consists of 8 plus 8 “crescent moons” and refers to 8 plus 8 lunar months. In connection with a lot of information (f.e. of other crop circles) it refers to:

- The time span that started in the week from February 29 until March 6, 2016 end will end 8 lunar months later, or the week from October 22 until 28, 2016. February 29 was a leap day that meant an important shift in relation to the so called Tzolkin-calendars and October 28 is important, because it will be the definite end of the so called underworlds.

- The time span that will start in the week from October 22 until 28, 2016 will end 8 lunar months later, or the week from June 15 until 21, 2017. Several crop circles this year show that by midsummer 2017, humanity is guided into a reconnection with the true central “sun”, which is the galactic centre. This will replace the connection with the sun, which connects to the ego.

The following shows several relations with the very past and relates to a time span which is a multiple of 16 (in one case 88) lunar months in line with the 8 + 8 “crescent” moons of the formation. It also explains the location at the landfill and the former Berlin Wall.

The relationship with the Mayan underworlds

The most well known underworld is:

The Great Cycle, erected: February 13, -3113 to August 11, -3113 (proleptic Gregorian calendar): The formation (like the other 3) is close to the former Berlin Wall and relates to the fall of the Berlin Wall, which happened on November 9, 1989. Therefore, there is an indirect relationship with November 9, 2016, 27 years later, short after the end of the Underworlds. This date will fall almost exactly 16 × 61 × 65 lunar months after August 11, -3113. This is important, because it is a multiple of 260 lunar months, which corresponds with 21.02 ≈ 21 years, and relates to the so-called 13:20-coded time (13 × 20 = 260). In relation to the formation, it is also a multiple of 16 lunar months.

The formation is at a landfill and this relates to:

Industrial age, erected: March 19 to July 16, 1756: The formation arose 201 × 16 lunar months after July 1756 (= 260 years). See below for the meaning of this connection.

The relationship with the start of the Julian calendar

There are many facts that indicate that the Julian and Gregorian calendars are not artificial, but relate to a creation (either positive or negative). The Introduction of the Julian calendar happened on January 1, -44 (45 BC, without the year 0), but was preceded by the so-called year of confusion, an extra long calendar-year of 445 days (instead of 365), in order to align the Roman calendar with the seasons again. It can be shown that the start of that year on October 12, -46 (Proleptic Julian date) is related with the present and the start of this creation. The time span from this date until the end of the Underworlds on October 28, 2016 is exactly 4 × 8 × 797 lunar months. This is also in agreement with the configuration of 8 or 16 lunar months.

The relationship with the start of the Gregorian calendar

There is also a relationship with the start of the Gregorian calendar on October 15, 1582. Exact 434 sidereal years or exact 5368 lunar months later will fall on October 19, 2016, short before the end of the Underworlds on October 28. Because the number 5368 = 61 × 88 is a multiple of 88 lunar months, this is also perfectly in line with the double 8 of the formation!

The location of the formation at landfill and the former Berlin Wall


The formation was at next to a landfill (garbage dump) and (like the other formations) close to the Berlin Wall. Because of the neighbouring landfill, this formation has a close relationship with environmental pollution. This is also the main reason that the formation was very close to the earlier formation of the vulnerable butterfly (exactly north of it). Therefore, the formation relates to the industrial age that was founded exactly 260 years ago (see above). This formation, like the butterfly of June 28, suggests that upcoming developments will pave the way for an important turning point in order to protect nature. Most likely this will occur on or after the end of the underworlds on October 28.

Restore the relationship with nature is an important element of the great turning point that the location at the Wall of Berlin predicts.

The date of the formation

As usual, the date on which the formation was found has a relationship with the given explanation. The orientation fell exactly 8 × 16 days after March 6, 2016. The numbers 8 and 16 are in line with the 8 and 16 crescent moons of the formation. The formation also fell exactly 181 × 16 so called Tzolkin-cycles after January 1, -45.

Marc Smulders

This Formation adds to the 7 others that have formed probably the most important Crop Formation Grid in the Continent.  Those grids (since 2014) as a collective system of all the Formations linking into the UK... also to New Mexico, USA... are extensive however the golden ratio rhombic "Gate" format in Berlin seems to be critical due to it's function.  It's axis feeds CHARTRES as part of the Cathedral's NE pole (star grid) programming the Marian Cathedrals via Chartres which is oriented NE as an "X" cross system.  (The other cathedrals are oriented East.)  This year the UK system immediately linked into the Center of the Berlin "Gate" with the 2nd Formation forming the key axis from England.  (This new Berlin Formation is itself a "signature" of the Central-Suns formations coming in since 2001, as is this latest one of 12 July.)  This Metatronic grid format was formerly known to the TEMPLARS but was secret in the past; not now.   

Bill Buehler  Crestone, Colorado. USA


(The orange arrows are Formations. The blue ones are for notes.) 


The gases issuing from the nucleus of this comet  will affect Earth’s atmosphere for eight days. Similar circles pertaining to dust and solid particles  are GER (07/06/07), GER (07/07/21), pg. 135,  and GBR (11/06/29), pg. 136. Download the free ebook at

Ken Heck


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