Barrows Green , Nr Widnes, Lancashire. Reported 7th July

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Updated Monday 18th  July 2016


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Crop circle nr Widnes hoax -  evidence below. 

A video still from center circle, shows rope and hole for stake




Hi everyone!

I noticed that the page for this formation had been updated and so like most of you I tapped into its comments page.

On the page it explained that a piece of board and also a length of rope had been found within this formation.

But as soon as I saw the broken area of this piece of board I became convinced that someone somewhere is still leaving us a message.

This was because I could clearly see two eyes within the broken area of that board.

These eyes are where this person is holding the board.
I also noticed that there is a pale area in the middle of this board

This therefore convinced me that those who are not of our world want to show us something.
I'm convinced that what was found was meant to be found.

So below is a mirrored image of that board as a mirrored image can very often reveal things that have been hidden from us.
This image is now made up of two right sides. 

As you can see there is at the bottom of the board (this is the broken area) the face of a flesh coloured being.

This being as you can see has two eyes and also an ear that sits high on each side of its head.

Its as if the hands that are holding this board now belong to this being and it is he that is holding this image up for all to see.

In my eyes the board itself is now in the shape of a Mayan building as to me it no longer looks like its made of wood but is made of weathered stone.

Inside this Mayan shape is an almost transparent and illuminated being that is wearing an illuminated garment.
This being then becomes less transparent as from the chest down.

His hands appear at the end of long sleeves.

In the middle of this illuminated garment just under this beings chest is an All Seeing Eye.

The head of this being seems to be above some kind of thin cloud whilst the rest of his or her body (as from their neck down) remains below this thin cloud.

This illuminated being has dark eyes and a long thin nose whilst its mouth is hidden behind the thin cloud.

As you can see this being is also wearing some kind of elaborate headdress.

I just thought Id share my findings with you as someone out there might know its meaning.
So I therefore hope its been of some interest to you.

It could be that those in the heavens are trying to tell us to look into everything.

For eventually everything that is hidden will at last be revealed.
And how can we find all that is hidden if we don't take note of what our senses are telling us and therefore investigate things even further? 

King James Bible
For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

Thanks to everyone on this web site for all your very interesting comments regarding all the formations as I read every single one of them and also for all the wonderful art work. 

Love to you all  From Helen

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A comet with a temperature indication (see Section  6) is positioned to strike the planet at the point shown in the center. On the left and right are two other comets, perhaps the Sun and Warning comets headed around the Sun. It is plausible that the impact point could refer to Comet A, but the proven manmade status of the circle with its defects makes  credible identification more difficult. For Section 6  download the free ebook at

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