Sparticles Wood, Nr Chaldon, Surrey. Reported 3rd August.

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Was a pictorial message from a shadow universe, which is made of shadow particles or "sparticles", drawn in crops near Sparticles Wood in southern England on August 3, 2016?  

This new crop picture at Sparticle Woods on August 3, 2016 offers fresh insights into the nature of the mysterious “crop circle” phenomenon. Clearly the vast majority of these beautiful field images have not been made using “rope and boards”, regardless of what the mainstream news media might say.  

Probably there is not just “one source” for all authentic crop pictures. Still we can be pretty sure where this particular crop picture came from! Let us study carefully the image which was drawn in flattened crop, as well as nearby landscape features, and then you will be sure too.  

Some clever visual illusions: pictorial messages from a “shadow” or “mirror” universe to our own?  

The original image as drawn in crops makes no sense.  

Yet if we divide that image into two equal parts, and recombine those two parts in various ways, then we can see a “pensive face” (shown at upper left above), a “smiling face” (shown at upper right above), or a “time tunnel” (shown at lower right above).  

Clever visual illusions: we can recombine those two halves of the crop picture to create a “pensive face” or “smiling face”  

Clever visual illusions: we can also recombine those two halves of the crop picture to create a “time tunnel” 

At lower left, we can see a simple explanation of the “shadow particle” or “sparticle” theory of subatomic physics (see sparticles or natural-susys-last-stand or From whence comes all of their proposed “dark matter”, if there is no “shadow universe”?  

The place where this crop picture was drawn is called “Sparticle Woods”. It seems impossible to believe that the crop artists did not know this, if this wished to tell us about a “shadow universe”! Please see other slides below.  

At lower right, we can see a real “time tunnel”, as was drawn in crops near West Kennett Longbarrow during June of 2007.  

The basic shape of this new crop picture was inspired by a nearby landscape feature at Sparticle Woods  

By studying the slide above, we can see how the basic shape of this new crop picture may have been inspired by a nearby landscape feature, namely a large “square box”, whose edges do not quite join evenly at the top.  

On the right, we can see the landscape image of an “explorer”, who seems to be looking through a “small telecope”. What is he looking at?  

This “explorer” seems to be looking through his “telescope” at a “shadow person” or “shadow universe” 

Further still to the right in the landscape, we can see the image of another person, who has above their head a “dark shadow”. We might even imagine that our friend with the “telescope” is looking at “dark matter” far out in space.  

The “explorer” seems to be looking at a “shadow person”, in the region where two universes “crossover” with one another  

We have outlined this symbolic region of “crossover” near the bottom of the slide above, using a square yellow “box”. That is where two real-life motorways crossover one another in southern England.  

Another view of this landscape from a different perspective (90o away) shows the image of a “coiled serpent”. Two letters “E” or “A” in Morse code appear just behind its “head”.  

Other references to a “parallel dimension” or “parallel universe” are common in studies of crop circles or in science fiction 

With all of this new information in mind, the interested reader may wish to watch an excellent movie by Terje Toftenes about the crop-circle phenomenon, called “Crossovers from Another Dimension” (see or  

Other fictional references to a parallel universe have been made on the “Fringe” TV show (see or 

In summary, there seems to be no doubt that this crop picture at Sparticles Woods was meant to draw our attention to a “shadow” or “mirror” universe made of “sparticles”. Some (but not all) of the authentic crop pictures may be coming from such an unseen source, using technologies far beyond those available on Earth today.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Thanks to Mark Fussell for the “sparticles” reference from subatomic physics.

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Are some modern crop pictures the communications from intelligent species who live in other universes parallel to our own? Sparticles Wood and the theory of “shadow particles” or “dark matter”.  

Early in the 20th century, physicists on Earth began to study matter and energy on very small scales. They soon learned that their long-held theories of classical physics were of no use. They had to develop several new theories of “quantum physics” or “quantum electrodynamics”, which are still plagued with obscure concepts to this day.  

Somewhat later in the 20th century, astronomers on Earth began to study matter and energy on very large scales. Once again, they found that the rules of classical physics, which seemed to describe planetary motions in our solar system, no longer worked on the large scale of galaxies, or distant clusters of galaxies.  

Some of these scientists, starting with Fritz Zwicky at Caltech, therefore began to develop a new theory of “dark matter” or “dark energies”. They concluded that as much as 95% of the complete universe might remain “dark” and unobserved, when it is studied by large light-collecting telescopes. We can only see its indirect effect on visible matter:  

Soon some physicists began to consider a related theory of “parallel universes”. If all of that “dark matter” is really present, far out in space, maybe we have to look for unseen parallel universes in order to find it?  

By this theory, many other universes or realities parallel to our own might remain “dark”, and filled with “shadow particles” or “sparticles”. We might not see any evidence for “shadow particles” by studying phenomena just within our own universe, say at CERN. We might need to try other approaches, in order to detect the possible realities of other dimensions?  

In light of the new crop picture at Sparticles Wood on August 3, 2016, one can confidently say that “they have found us, whether or not we have found them”. It is unmistakeably a form of communication between the highly-intelligent species of some “shadow reality” and our “visible world”. Some of those “shadow people” even seem “human” like ourselves. They send us the image of a “smiling face”!  

I cannot force the academics at our leading universities to study “crop circles” seriously. Yet I can say confidently that they “ignore them at their peril”. The experimental observations are there already. They just have to look. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew, Caltech 1976-81, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge 1982-86, CSIRO Australia 1997-2010)







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