Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex. Reported 29th August.

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Updated  Saturday 3rd  September  2016


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Venus and Mercury were “T-square” with a crescent Moon on August 26, 2016, just before a schematic diagram of that astrological alignment was photographed in crops near Sutton Hall, Essex on August 29, 2016  

A new crop picture near Sutton Hall in Essex was first photographed on August 29, 2016. It showed a clever “double metaphor” in its intended meaning. In one sense, it showed the image of a “court jester” who is preparing to land at London Southend Airport nearby (see sutton comments). Yet in another sense, it showed the image of an “astrological puzzle”, based on the “T-square” location of five bright planets and a crescent Moon in Earth’s night sky on August 26, 2016.  

Near the top of this crop picture, we can see the image of a three-lobed “jester’s hat” (see time2007e). Below that, we can see the image of a “crescent Moon”:  

Further below, we can see two symbols for planets Venus or Mercury, along with a large “T” shape which means “T square” in astrology.  Such a diagram implies that Venus and Mercury were located close together in Earth’s night sky, and also “T-square” to a crescent Moon, on a date close to when the crop picture appeared (see aspect patterns or the-anatomy-of-a-t-square).  

In fact, planets Venus and Mercury were located close together in the night sky, and also “T-square” to a crescent Moon, on August 26, 2016, only a few days before this Sutton Hall crop picture was found and photographed.  

Five planets, one bright star and the crescent Moon were all “T-square” on August 26, 2016 

An astrological chart for August 26, 2016 is shown in the slide above at upper right. Standard astrological symbols for the Moon, Venus, Mercury or “T-square” are shown in the slide above at lower right.  

Five planets and one bright star participated in this “T-square” night sky alignment. At the base of that red “T” shape, we could see Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. At the end of one arm, we could see a crescent Moon. At the end of the other arm, we could see Mars and Saturn.  

A more detailed picture of these planets is shown in the next slide below. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury (the top three “white circles”) formed a “T-shape” with the Moon and Mars-Saturn on August 26, 2016. They also formed a “night sky triangle” among themselves on September 3, 2016:  

Mars, Saturn and Antares (the bottom two “white circles” and a “cross”) likewise formed a “night sky triangle” among themselves on September 3, 2016. Thus in total, five bright planets (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn) and one bright star (Antares) participated in the “T-square” astrological alignment of August 26, 2016.  

Each of these objects was denoted in the crop picture by a “small ball” (for each planet), or by a “cross” shape (for the star). If we count forward by five days (or “balls”) from August 29, then we find September 3, when two “night sky triangles” were seen. 

The jester’s hat, astrology and planetary alignments: who could it be?  

Now we understand what the Sutton Hall crop picture was trying to show us! It was an “astrological puzzle”, designed to test our mental openness and cleverness. Do you understand its many symbolisms now? It seems that the ET crop artist likes astrology as much as he likes fancy glass bongs (see Ansty 2016) or Tibetan Buddhism (see cooks comments).  

When we look in the landscape near this new crop, to ask why it was drawn there, we can see the image of a “man’s head” wearing a “jester’s hat”, who is getting ready to land at Southend Airport nearby (on the left):  

The legendary Quetzalcoatl as a “court jester” wore a three-lobed “jester’s hat” in ancient central America, 2000 years ago (see mexico olmec).  

The crop artist is not only a “jester” but also a “bird-serpent” 

When we study the landscape near this crop picture on a broader scale, we can see not only a “man’s head” wearing a “jester’s hat”, but also the “head” of a large “beaked bird” on the left, as well as the image of a large “serpent” on the right:  

Quetzalcoatl in ancient central America was known both as a “jester”, and also as a “bird-serpent”. Until about 900 AD, a three-lobed “jester’s hat” was used as the “crown” of Mayan kings in his memory (see Jester God). He was called a “bird-serpent” or “feathered serpent” for reasons which should become obvious, after studying Stela 19 from La Venta, carved long ago in ancient central America  (see La_Venta_Stele_19_(Delange) 

In summary, the artist who apparently made that Sutton Hall crop picture is not a “grey alien” or “slimy green monster”. He looks approximately like a normal human being from Earth. You can see his facial image here (see cooks articles). Of course he knows astrology, and practically everything else about us, if he lived on Earth for hundreds of years in the past (at the time of Christ), and intends soon to return.  

Appendix 1. Another “T-square” picture was drawn in crops near Sutton Hall on July 24, 2014 

Another crop picture near Sutton Hall on July 24, 2014 (see sutton 2014) showed the schematic diagram of a crescent Moon, which was “T-square” with the same two sets of planets (Jupiter-Mercury-Venus or Saturn-Mars) as drawn in crops on August 29, 2016. In that previous case, such a crop picture was drawn one-half lunar orbit before our Moon would become “T-square” with those planets on its “full” lunar phase of August 11, 2014 (see /geocentric_orrery).  

The 2014 crop picture showed a similar letter “T” as in 2016, to suggest “T-square”. It also showed a “semi-circular arc” to suggest “one-half lunar orbit” before the described planetary arrangement would occur. Finally, it showed “three small dots” above the letter “T”, to suggest a tight grouping of three planets (Jupiter-Mercury-Venus) on an opposite arm of the “T” shape from our Moon, with Saturn-Mars at its base.

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